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  1. Oh hum, thought there might be some offer on for Australia Day? Not too late for January specials.
  2. The keg seems to be over carbonated. Is there a way to release any of the pressure? When over carbonation happens with a ss keg, you release the pressure via the pressure release valve, wait about an hour, test pour, still frothy, release again, test etc until the pour is good. That way not much beer is wasted and you end up with good beer.
  3. Understand fully. Keep the forum informed if you would, we like to help each other out, banter a bit and just pass on info and opinions. Sorry couldn’t help further with the clone. Cheers Mark
  4. I stand corrected, the Brew Shop guy is correct in that they are best stored in the freezer after opening. I’ll change my procedures as of now. They are ok to store in the fridge before opening but the freezer will be best practice from the start. Thanks, learn something new every day. (at least no real harm done)
  5. They come in vacuum sealed bags. After opening I put the bag in a sandwich press seal bag and back into the fridge (stops the hop smell in the fridge although nice).
  6. 7-8 bucks for 25gs is very expensive. Appreciate your support of the local brew shop but that’s adding a fair bit to the cost of your brews. I buy local, generally 9-12 dollars for 100gms, that gives 5 brews. I also buy of eBay. Just search hops, heaps with free postage. Direct from Melbourne or Sydney most of them.
  7. I thought you got into hop pellets and your ball and chain set up?
  8. No I didn’t add any hops, only hops would be in the 1/2 a can of Coopers Draught I used. I’d say the Hallertau would work well. Give it a go. Say 20g?
  9. Sorry but don’t want to appear silly but what’s a LBK b4. You “pitched the yeasts couple of days before hand.....” A yeast starter? No problems, just need to understand.
  10. Good stuff. Personally I wouldn’t use the dextrose as I believe it adds to that “tang home brew taste”. Add extra malt. Now Starsan is great and is reusable, so don’t toss it. Now if you talking about the 23l plasict fermenters, don’t have to wait if you have a laundry sink or a large tub/esky the fv will sit in. Freeze a 2lt plus drink bottle, put the fermenter in a large garbage bag (protects the tap), put in the sink etc and fill half way with water, drop in the frozen drink bottle. You’ll be surprised how good this work. Obviously the trick is to have another frozen bottle so you can keep changing over.
  11. Welcome Dale, Mark here. Trust you’ll get the leak fixed, Rob’s the Beerflo guru. What styles of brew do you prefer?
  12. Can you easily cross thread them Rob?
  13. Hi Jason, Mark here. I’ve commented above in response to Rob but I found this on utube. Now I haven’t watch it so not sure if it will help you. Always remember, any wort can be used in the droid. Let’s us know how you go, good forum this with helpful people. Cheers.
  14. A Blue Moon clone starts to get a bit complex with flaked oats, dried orange peel, yeast selection etc. You really need to do a partial brew in the bag but I’m no authority on this style.
  15. Totally agree, in my top 10, my 3rd one fermenting as we speak.
  16. Initially with these “new” brews we are producing there needs to be some trialling as I believe some are better consumed early/fresh, others around the 6-8wks and others longer (usually the stouts and high alcohol %). For that purpose I’m making manual notes. My results may differ from someone using a sugar primer to carbonate as I use co2 and I believe this does give a fresher/crisper result more quickly. That being said if the Brewflo had been available when I changed from bottling to kegging I’d be using the Brewflo unit and bottling. (Bottling 6-7 longnecks a lot more tolerable than 30 with a 23l brew)
  17. Put this one down today so will compare in about 6weeks+
  18. Rob general bottles half and kegs the other, seems to work well for him in stock building and maturing purposes.
  19. You have a great trip, relax and be merry. We will require run downs on the various beers available on your return.
  20. Thanks Paul for the appreciation. Only to happy to help.
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