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  1. I find experimenting with hops both as a tea at the start and as a dry hop near the end quite enjoyable and an improvement on the liquid packets. However I believe you do need to produce brews per the Brewprint recipes so as to have a comparison base.
  2. Welcome Alan to the forum, Mark here. Glad you sorted it out. You certainly had/have a very active fermentation and yes the overflow is not a major issue and is designed to remove excess krausen. The Coopers XPA is certainly a top drop. Let us know how it turns out and ask away with any concerns you may have. Cheers
  3. Welcome Joe, Mark here and your on a top site. To be honest I haven’t found a dislike to any of the brews I’ve tried, however I will say dry hopping of pellets has made a significant improvement imo, but the Brewprint hop sachets do work well, and shouldn’t be ignored/disregarded.
  4. Sorry the tab is a cleaner so disregard my Ps comment, but the above that is all fine. Cheers Mark
  5. I’m drinking a Bohemian Lager now and your comment about a $75 slab equivalent just adds some honey to this brew in its total enjoyment. It’s a top drop for sure. 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝
  6. Most of use a non rinse like starsan, it’s reusable, 1.5ml per litre so very economical. Use in a spray bottle as well for the droid Inside, tap etc and other odds and ends. However if you don’t have any the tab will be fine but you need to give a light rinse as per when using on the droid. So only do it just before your going to bottle and all will be fine.Don’t forget to sanitise the caps, bottle seals as well. Ps the tab is for sanitising not cleaning.
  7. Or if you passed away when 85yrs of age if you hadn’t have drunk beer you would have lived until 2486?
  8. I’m with you, don’t like the Coopers XPA in cans nor the Coopers Session Ale. However I rate the Brewprint version highly and have brewed it 3 times. Without tasting and confirming with side to side samples I would say it is close to that on tap if not slightly better imo. Worth brewing.
  9. Cascade and challenger work well together and at 10 weeks I suspect they have mellowed out nicely. Seems you’ve got a bit of stock up now?
  10. Shem’s spreadsheet is great. You ask any questions, it’s all about helping each other. Cheers Mark
  11. Kegged today in a maturing keg, will try in 6 weeks?
  12. pale ale and galaxy go really well together. Always best to check your brew before offering to mates, they can be cruel 🤭lol
  13. With one of your Pale Ales dry hop with 50% vic secret and 50% galaxy, I think you’ll enjoy that.
  14. Percy how’s it all going, need any help? As it seems some of your brews are quite ok.
  15. Not a bad idea Jerry but not by much. Suggest 5ml only. You’d be surprised at what that could take up if needed.
  16. That’s good as if the sugar distribution is over in a particular bottle it will just “swell” tighter and perhaps be a “gusher” when opened however if glass you have the potential of bombs (exploding). Now here’s what I would do when you bottle tomorrow:- 1) with a sanitised spoon/ladle gently stir the brew, move it around (to even out the sucrose, don’t stir the bottom ie don’t disturb the settle sediment (trub) 2) Don’t add any further sucrose/sugar to the bottles. 3) bottle and store away. This should work out ok Cheers Mark
  17. The first pour out the tap will be cloudy etc as sediment would have settled in the tap. As time goes on (maturing) the brew will smooth out nicely. Don’t stir the droid contents, 1) you introduce unwanted and harmful oxygen and 2) you don’t want the sediment (trub) in your kegs or bottles. As the beer carbonates in your bottles, the Pilsner will clear up and by the looks of it will be a top drop.
  18. Hi Jerry, Mark here and a welcome to a great forum. After adding the hops wait 24 hours for the hop solution to infuse with the brew. ( in the ready to keg mode). Now if kegging add a sucrose pouch to each keg then fill. If bottling the easiest are the drops or you can add other forms of sugar to each bottle. Are you going to keg or bottle (if bottling do you have the sucrose drops?) Cheers Mark
  19. No bother at all. 1) can taste a sample if you wish 2) add hops (leave in ready to keg mode) is will auto go to store mode after 48hrs however you can change back to keg mode. 3) let it go to store mode if you want to drink “flat” beer from droid however If not doing that 4) after 24 hrs of the hops in the droid (ready to keg mode), press the tick, turn off unit and bottle adding the sugar drops or other sugar means for carbonation purposes.
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