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  1. Due to @Rob Courtney and Liam at BrewArt, Barrelboy is now Captain 3 Droids. It happen through some fun and banter but Rob’s day will come. Beware the beard!
  2. Great drinking for a Sunday, only got a few pints left. Ps only realised these pints are 560ml, now I like that.
  3. Interesting. I haven’t done the Beerdroid hop mode yet but would suspect a sweeter smoother beer mainly due to the 2 days of cold crash. This would drop anything suspended in the beer (yeast, hops etc) to the bottom and harden the trub up a bit. Personally unless right up on stocks and nothing to fill I’m not prepared to add an extra 4 days to the brewing process for possibly a small gain to already top beers. I usually dry hop around 2 days before EOF. As stated it is a personal preference and the dry hop mode should not be dismissed.
  4. In the ingredients section “A convenient, no mess, no fuss way to accurately carbonate your BrewArt Kegs. Dosage required is one 30g bar per 5 litre BrewArt Keg. Ingredients: Sucrose Net Weight: 30g”
  5. Kegged today after fermentation finished yesterday so dry hopped 24hrs. (20 Simcoe , 20g mosaic) What’s interesting was 6 days to EOF with Y1 yeast dated 2019 whereas previous brew EOF was 12 days with 2017 yeast.
  6. Lawnmower for sure, Birra Lager and for an ale Coopers XPA.
  7. Thanks for the welcome (ha) you need to look at the thread “Community Suggestions”. It started with Rob accusing me of buying all the stock and named me Captain Three Droids. Then the BrewArt Team (Liam) suggested the name change and on we we went. Bit of fun but Barrelboy is not all gone. 😁
  8. Agree, didn’t realise the liners only $2 so not worth the bother. I think the foil is reusable via the reusable bin. You could blow them up a bit and hang from your Xmas tree?
  9. Have you tried to clean a liner yourself? Teaspoon of sodium percarbonate fill with warm water, leave min 6 hours, rinse well, sanitise. You could give it a go then test with 5l water as if beer (just in case). If all good you might get a couple of uses.
  10. Great stuff, glad BrewArt came to the party, they are tops.
  11. Yes you have to release the gas otherwise it will not fill (the beer will then replace the Co2). You can either just put on a gas disconnected or open the pressure release valve.(probably why not noted on other video’s) With your set up 12psi should be fine. I also use 4mm id beer line to a tap in the fridge door.
  12. Just to add, the sanitiser should be a non rinse type like Star San or Stellar San which will not effect the taste of the beer if used at the recommended mixing amount- 1.5ml/litre
  13. Greetings Neil, I’ve downloaded a video by Ikegger that shows one way of doing this. Although the kegs are different (mainly lid set up) the principle is exactly the same. https://youtu.be/ySvrF7KyvVU What Co2 and pouring method are you going to use as 12psi could be a bit high. Cheers, Mark
  14. Sometimes you just know something isn’t right, no citrus, earthy so I checked my fridge set up and found I was actually drinking California Steam, makes sense as to my comments other than the hops which is to do with the XPA. So I’m happy I could detect an issue but feel like a dumb.......😂. (I’ve now changed over to the XPA)
  15. @BrewArt Team the above is part your fault Liam, the Droids have taken over. 😂
  16. Just going on to 6 weeks kegged. Dry hopped with 15g centennial and 15g simcoe. The centennial from the pre dry hop mode recipe and simcoe from the new dry hop recipe leaving the Citra out. So not much citrus to taste, still throughly enjoyable with strong bitter finish, earthy. Not unhappy but wouldn’t leave the Citra out next time- all 3 I say. Actually as a rethink, 15g each centennial and simcoe with 25g Citra mmmm
  17. “Rob’s Special Brew” ( where recipe can be found) became “Rob’s Special Golden Lager”
  18. So you didn’t do the 48hrs of cold storage? It will be interesting to evaluate after carbonation and then a few weeks to mature. The flavours may develop further. Will wait to then. Cheers.
  19. Had a good laugh myself and though why not. After stuffing up the change by using my email address, Liam came to the rescue and all sorted. So Barrelboy is now Captain 3 Droids. (thanks Rob, will not be forgotten 😁.
  20. Look forward to it. (Excuse my user name, BrewArt sorting out. cheers Mark
  21. 2 x E5, X, X2, Y7, Galaxy and your there. Having a few extra ingredients is the way to go, then no disappointments.
  22. Number 2 is the option, your better half is drinking a proportion of your quota. Now we won’t have “no room”, there is always more room for beer production. “Divorce”? Well on the bright side will give you 1/2 a bed, wardrobe etc so plenty of room. Ha ha
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