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  1. It’s in the droid now, had to bring it forward on the list.
  2. Oh, got it now. Actually thanks for that, didn’t know you could do it. A handy function. 😜
  3. When I checked my kegs in the “Shelf” function on both my iPad and phone it shows the very first brew I did, over 15months ago and all brews can be scrolled down to the latest ones. Not sure why your shelf is restricted to 50.
  4. Well a top drop Rob. On my second, brew at 6 weeks and I say its just right.
  5. Barrelboy

    Dry July

    To be honest a Fri/sat only is very hard to do when your not having a drop sun,mon,tues,wed,thurs. That’s five days! It generally won’t work. Have the Fri and Sat, rest Sun, beer Monday , rest Tuesday , beer Wednesday, rest Thursday and away you go. Note:- drinking days don’t have to be “tons” but can happen.🤪
  6. To add to this when wanting to consume put the keg in the fridge (around 4C) and connect the co2 at serving pressure at about 8 - 10psi. 9.5l will take about 3 - 4 days.
  7. Fill the keg, seal with the ball lock cap then connect gas at 30psi and purge out the oxygen by using the gas release value 3 or 4 times. Remove gas lead and store keg until required.
  8. Great looking drop, could nearly drink the picture. The Belgian is certainly in my top ten.
  9. Barrelboy

    Dry July

    Very hard to do Rob with such good brews in the cupboard and Droids.
  10. Barrelboy

    Dry July

    Now with a few in me now (Camilla’s Folly PA) I question the point of 1 month, no drink, the suffering, the dry out liver damage (😊) etc. See I do weekly no drink, I don’t drink on Tuesday, Thursday and yes Saturday. Admittedly Sunday, Wednesday and Friday can get a “bashing” however Monday could be none, some or a few. ( I like the choice). I’m m not having a go at the 1 month non drinking approach, but why suffer for so long? I only suffer a day here and there😅
  11. Is life funny, my Revolution Dark Lager was ready to keg am today, earlier than expected so I missed the pre dry hop and didn’t want to wait another 24hrs, so in went 2 x H1 hop sachets. (my plan worked)
  12. Hopefully will hear from Tech soon however it is good to have a hydrometer and you could confidently confirm end of fermentation. So I’d go get one. If you don’t know how to use it ask at brew shop or here. Cheers Mark.
  13. So good that in the Droid again today. Will not alter recipe ie no X5 (dextrose) and dry hop with Continental not Hallertau.
  14. Interesting that this one was Kegged today after 8days fermentation, it was with a 2020 yeast date. Therefore check the yeast and if 2020 I’d dry hop at 6days.
  15. Mmm, are you bottling in glass or kegging for Beerflo? Do you have a hydrometer? If so take a reading. in the meantime I’ll refer this to the BrewArt Tech. @BrewArtTech, Hi Liam. Brett’s Droid has been in the fermentation mode for 20days now with a US Chiller lager. The yeast may have been a bit suspect. Could you please advise as don’t want to suggest bottling. Thanks Mark
  16. Good mix of hops there, compliment each other well. Would suggest 10g each? As a dry hop.
  17. Now that is looking really good and I bet it’s smells great. You certainly can get a kick out of toying with recipes when they turn out ok and to expectations. The first pour I suspect would contaIn some extra sediment that sits in the tap, the last looks a ripper of a brew. In 2 weeks you must have a try. Cheers, Mark
  18. Yes do the same now however I’m not down the wine nobs “the grapes were grown on the left hand side of the second hill starting 3 rows down....” with the hops (yet🙂)
  19. Has been reported as and used as:-
  20. Yes. To be honest I keep 2 x each H liquid hop sachets in case I run out of the hop pellets needed or miss predicting the end of fermentation but doesn’t happen often. I like the pellets as imo they provide a more intense flavour and you can increase or reduce the amount to suit. In general I dry hop with 20g.
  21. The Lawn Mower is a ripper and agree with the Chez Pils andLighthouse. Haven’t tried the Aztec Cerveza yet. Out of interest in the main thread “BrewArt Banterl the is a top ten spreadsheet your welcome to add too. Cheers, Mark
  22. Hi Don and welcome. Certainly is. What styles do you enjoy?
  23. Dry hopped with 20g Centennial, 24 hours before fermentation ended, longer won’t hurt. Which was day 6. Your certainly correct about the unit and ingredients. Accurate temperature control makes a big difference, so glad plastic fermenters and frozen bottles of water in summer and blankets in winter are gone.☀️🌨
  24. I think you’ll love this one Dustin, the hops are a must.
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