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  1. Agree. My fridge to tap beer lines are 1 metre long (4mm id) and are left connected all the time without issue. Clean and sanitised about ever 6 weeks whilst the tap nozzle, in and outer gets a sanitise spray after every drinking session.
  2. Your so right, enjoy now with the brew on 6 weeks kegged. A top drop, a real favourite PA and the Amarillo hops just stand out, as you say and so nicely.
  3. If it’s one or the other, kegs come first.
  4. Haven’t brew this one for a while now, in the Droid as we speak. So hard to keep up with brewing the favourites/new releases. No! I’m not getting a fourth droid! (but what if a new one comes on the market cheap? or a used one as a backup/catch-up unit? mmmmm)
  5. Unfortunately equating to $5 a 375ml is fairly reasonable compared to most cafes/restaurants etc. On a real bright side your 26 equivalent cans from 10 litres is worth $130. Not many slabs at that price.
  6. Haven’t brewed this for a while, must put on the list. My ratings were very favourable on the 3 batches already done and happily consumed. Not in my top 10 but well with only a top ten, can’t have them all.
  7. I’ve been thinking about this. I’d say there probably would be an issue with a delay if you just drop the hops in before EOF, however I haven’t experience that (or noted extra fermentation time) over many brews when a hop bag or ss hop ball is used. When just dropping the hops in loosely this may effect the EOF performance due to the surface area being covered with hop debris? Thoughts? Cheers Mark
  8. If things haven’t changed you should get a quick response from the Tech Team. I’ll give this thread a reference as well- @BrewArt Team
  9. Hi Shane, Mark here. Sorry about your plight. Are they leaking up the top near the thread, or the liners splitting. Are you in Oz or US? Cheers
  10. Were/are these liners from a particular batch, the same order? Have they leaked from the same spot each time? Cheers Mark
  11. You can use a priming sugar in the keg however Co2 is far better and 1) duplicates that of purchased cans, bottles, pubs etc. 2) personally it gives a crispness/freshness to the brew. 3) by forced carbonation can have a keg ready to go within a couple of hours if previously chilled to serving temperature Out of interest if the liner leaks can you salvage the beer? You will need Co2 bottle to dispense with in any even, although there are bulb or soda stream setups. Cheers Mark
  12. Sorry forgot to answer on kegs and secondary. With the ss kegs you purge them to remove O2 with CO2 (30psi) and store for the brew to mature. Then to the fridge and connect to CO2 to carbonate. You can get ss kegs of different sizes to suit the 10l Droid capacity. 5l, 10l or 19/20l. A setup isn’t cheap.
  13. No hijack here and glad to help. The tubing is silicon 12mm (1/2”) inside diameter and 18mm (23/32”) outside diameter but the imperial conversion will suit and od size not overly important. You could take the tap with you to a suitable hardware or brew shop. In my case it’s a metre long (39”). ( get food grade) Stainless kegs in the US are a lot cheaper than here in Australia. Getting a complete package may be the way to go however you have obviously invested in a Brewflo unit and associated gear so endeavouring to sort the leaking keg issues out may be the best option. A member has posted a video on how to get the lid on correctly. Fire away with any questions. Cheers Mark
  14. Is there anything on the Droid screen like pressing the tick button when you have put in the hops? If not it would seem it will auto go to EOF and then storage (cold storage 4C) Cheers Mark.
  15. Well, will be ready to keg tomorrow- Saturday.put a follow up in a Droid today.
  16. You don’t want to over do but a bit extra (.5ml) won’t do an harm. Out of interest I use a reusable 3ml syringe from a chemist. Good for 1 and 2 litre volumes.
  17. I have some starsan in a jar but you could use a bowl. Dunk the whole bag in, remove, wring out and then use. No need to let it dry
  18. I’m starting to get fairly accurate since logging fermentation times for each brew and have nearly all 2020 yeast sachets. To me if you put your hops in a bit early it doesn’t hurt as the vigorous fermentation period is over.
  19. Just had a few English Pub Draught which are not dry hopped and most enjoyable as a beer. Now poured a Hop-Sessed Session IPA, bloody hell what a kick. Going in my top ten is this one.
  20. @BrewArt Team, please forget 2) above as the android screen changed back to show it is testing. ( no I’m not made or drunk ha ha)
  21. Hi @BrewArt Team . I have downloaded the updated firmware P017 on my three droids and have now noted 3 things. 1) notifications no longer going to my iPad 2 (Apple) but still go to my Samsung Android phone 2) I’ve just noted that the BeerDroid screen is stating a fermentation temperature whilst the app states it is still testing 3) no big deal but sometimes it takes several goes before the password is acknowledged Thanks, Mark
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