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  1. 46 minutes ago, Rob Courtney said:

    We were invited to join "their " competition, which they renamed.

    It is still their competition based on the "50 year deal" for the GF which was worked out with the CEO of just one club at the table ( no prizes for guessing that he really is everywhere)


    Good one for Eddie, and he’s not raving now after a few of his boys have got into trouble

  2. Can someone explain:-

    Port Power claims it was established in 1870 however AFL doesn’t recognise this as they have recorded only the one Premiership to the Power and not all those since 1870. Interesting as all the Victorian AFL Clubs have their VFL records included in the AFL stats etc.

    I think the reality is the Vic AFL Clubs should not claim their VFL records as that was the Victorian Football League and not AFL. But let’s face it it’s really not the AFL but VFL with “invited guests” 

  3. 55 minutes ago, Dustin Frothman said:

    Is there any functional difference between your two keg types or is it just how you designate them?

    The maturing kegs (as I call them) are kegs that don’t fit my fridge, 2 are barrel shape with too large a diameter and the 2 other are just too tall. The ball lock connections are all the same. They work well and stop me from drinking the brews to soon,  ha.27E40187-E239-4BA2-BFD0-C2ED543F694F.thumb.jpeg.91ca722c94eb75b3769b7733c8ef3a29.jpeg8482876E-7BCE-43CE-8456-CE1D69010E75.jpeg.bd78c2f76db54d498b0db6ff96513e3f.jpeg

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  4. 11 hours ago, Jared King said:

    @Barrelboy @Paul84 I’m new at the whole beer appreciation thing but this is ummm delightfully bitter but fresh at the same time and smells fkn lubbly. Good call @Barrelboy I used magnum hops as they didn’t have pride of Ringwood but they are supposed to be equivalent? Any how got a mate coming round so the 10l will be gone tonight 😂

    Sounds like it has turned out ok, the Magnum hops do have some similarities and are good for bitterness. Your choice I’d say is acceptable for this brew. Will await tasting and comparison report.


  5. 41 minutes ago, Dustin Frothman said:

    I'm also not usually a lager drinker but this one sounds really good. I'd be keen to give it a go and dry hop as per your recipe.

    Follow the Brewprint recipe however dry hop the 20g Amarillo Pellets at day 8. My fermentation time records indicate a 14 and 11 day fermentation. The 3 day difference I believe could be due to the yeast dates, 14 days = 2018 yeast, 11 days 2019 yeast.

    I’ve mentioned before I was not a lager fan as disliked those on pub taps and the over the top hopped craft bottled ones. However a convert for Brewprint lagers, you have to give a few a go and this one would not be a bad start however look at the top ten spreadsheet in Brewart Banter

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  6. 2 hours ago, clarence choo said:

    Hi all, I apologised if this topic was discussed previously. For any Brewart staff reading this, I sincerely hope Brewart will consider shipping orders internationally via UPS/Fedex/DHL. By doing so, it will just make the delivery process easier and the orders reaching us faster. Currently using shipping agents who will receive the goods in Australia and re-forwarding to international address. Not only will they use the cheapest shipping option (I have no issue with their business model), resulting in a longer wait before my order order reaches me (1 of my order took 6 weeks to reach me in Singapore, where ikegger took only 4 days via UPS). Your kind consideration on this is well appreciated.  

    Hi Clarence, Mark here and welcome. Will forward to the BrewArt team for you.

    Ps what do you enjoy brewing?

    @BrewArt Team

  7. I think I’ve come up with a good method to help mess/clean up of Droid overflow from the escape path on the left hand side of the lid. As I’ve just put down a Ruby Porter and a number of people have experienced over flowing with this recipe I thought “ be prepared”

    So using duct tape I’ve taped a folded chux wipe to the droid “barrel” just below the lid and a cloth at the bottom. The idea I think is self explanatory.

    Ps looking at photo will move it up so tape line is in line with the “barrel” top

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  8. On 01/05/2020 at 1:24 PM, Barrelboy said:

    Kegged this on 11/3 to a maturing keg, then for consumption a keg to keg sealed transfer, chill, carbonate and in the fridge to consume. So will be about 8 weeks, will report soon.

    Sorry, didn’t report on this, just drank it all because it is so good. It’s such a good drop I re-brewed it and kegged it today. Replaced with Ruby Porter.

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  9. 7 hours ago, Paul84 said:

    So i kegged this today . Got sidetracked by work and also wanting to hop this . I used the hop pouches you suggested @Barrelboy, but i also DH with some Galaxy hops (30gr) . So fingers crossed this is an enjoyable beverage in a few weeks 😅😅😅

    Should be good however the 30g of galaxy will change the original recipe attempt. Nothing wrong with that other than if it’s not to your liking , it’s your fault....ha ha 😂

  10. different people have different tastes ”  agree as at just over 4 weeks I find this an enjoyable drop, great flavour with an enjoyable bitter finish.

    Rob, 17 weeks plus? In fairness your a lager man and perhaps the ales are a bit too extreme earlier. This is not a negative criticism of opinions, it’s just like when I went to lagers being an ale man I did have to adjust my taste interpretations. I find some lagers great early, some later. 

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