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  1. There is something about citra hops, absolutely delicious ipa, 5 day dry hop just great
  2. Frustrations- with new recipe additions or even the first time you brew one , after kegging or bottling you wait 4, 6 + weeks to try. And you love it, but of course you haven’t brewed an other one as you needed to evaluate. Another bloody 4, 6 + weeks!!!
  3. I should clarify, these are the notification messages. I’ve checked settings and notifications for BrewArt app is activated.
  4. Hi @BrewArt Team. Just letting you know I’m no longer getting Droid messages on my ipad2 eg “ready to keg” however still get message when a keg has conditioned. Thanks Mark
  5. Kegged The G-O-A-T Amber Ale today after 12 days fermentation. As mentioned yeast of 2017 took 2 days to register fermentation. BrewPint details state should be finished by 10 days. Not worried.
  6. No that’s correct, it’s 12hrs from propagation zone to fermentation 12.01pm to 12.01am (every brew 12hrs). Good quick fermentation start, good yeast. Cheers Mark
  7. Out of interest Alan can you check how long it took for the droid to advise that it had detected the start of fermentation? I’ve been noting yeast dates and have found those dated 2017 and 2018 can add up to 2 days thus prolonging the EOF time.
  8. Interesting in how that will go Alan. Your lawn mower at 12days seems a bit long. I’ve done 3 brews with 7, 8, and 7 days for EOF. Did you use the new Dry Hope mode?
  9. Currently a total of 80g in hops for a 10l batch and wonder if an extra 20g of galaxy will dominate and over power the other hops and base malts?
  10. Note - some clone recipes can differ a bit with the base, eg you could use the American Pale Ale base E and X ingredients.
  11. No specific experience with these brews. What I generally do is search for clone recipes and work out the base. In this particular case the base is a can of Coopers Pale Ale. Therefore from the Brewart recipe ingredients the E and X values are selected. The recipe then calls for the addition of light dry malt extract so add the extra X1 for 10l, then the hop recipe requirements (converted to the Brewart D range), halved for a 10l brew. Then the yeast conversion. Does this help?
  12. 24 to 48 will be fine. Just add or bag will be ok. Got the filter, just add. Cheers Mark
  13. This may get you close 2 x E1 1 x E5 3 x X1 Y1 yeast (about 6.5%) Now at a slow boil 10g each cascade - D1, Simcoe - D4, citra - D6 hop pellets for 20min, at the 10 min left mark add 10g of each again. Cool and add this to the Droid water, yeast and ingredients. Ale mode. Dry hop, about day 6 or 7 - 20g galaxy hops.
  14. And the Vics don’t slag us 😂, nothing like good old interstate banter.
  15. Just read in the paper the MCG members want an extra 2 years of the Grand Final at the MCG due to the lose to QLD.. So the greedy Vics aren’t satisfied with the current 2057 time line. By the way no interstate club was consulted about the 2057 date when it came into being. As I say “it’s not the AFL it’s the VFL with invited quests”.
  16. The young brigade of Crows have been looking good for a while unfortunately not for three quarters. It would seem Nicks plan of play is starting to take shape. Looking good for the future I’d say. Good to see (ha ha bull) that the first Grand Final out of VFL, sorry AFL Victoria is going to a traditionally non Australian Rules State. The argument Qld deserve it is only brought about by a matter of circumstances. However it does give the Vic teams a home ground feeling, sun, surf and that holiday feeling 😀
  17. To be honest not sure, I suspect you have to tick ✔️ when hops added however if you don’t I suspect it will go auto to cold storage as normal after 48hrs.
  18. Yes add to the Droid and it doesn’t really matter as to how long.
  19. Sorry Dustin, was typing whilst you were. Ha ha
  20. Hi again Robert. If using the kegs a sachet is to be put in each keg then fill and can be done at the ready to keg stage. If bottling the 2 liquid sachets are to be tipped into the droid and left for 24hrs. The dry hops need the filter on the tap if not using a hop bag or stainless hop bomb. If using either of those then 24 hrs in the droid before kegging or bottling. This can be done at the ready to keg stage or a day or so before you reckon this may happen (more than 24hrs will not harm. Using the storage mode is a matter of choice however is used if you follow the new dry hop mode and procedure. Refer video. Don’t forget to update the firmware to P017 before you start your next brew. Cheers Mark.
  21. BrewArt have released another update P017 to fix up some bugs particularly about the dry hop mode. So don’t forget to update after you have kegged and things should be ok.
  22. Good looking badly poured lager. Now lots of beer in Japan, how was your karaoke performances? You forgot to mention that.
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