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  1. Hi Nicholas, welcome and great you have got the Beerdroid and Brewflo, top units. The American Pale Ale is direct from BrewArt Is is top drop. You don’t have to worry about dextrose with the BrewArt ingredients as it is the X5 and not to many recipes call for it. If they do I substitute an X1. A lot of us don’t purchase the Brewprint kits as such but just buy the BrewArt ingredients. Cheers Mark (and ask away with any questions) Ps where abouts are you.?
  2. Proof is in the pudding, next time you do a can (think you like Morgan’s) do a recipe that calls for dextrose and substitute it for light dry malt extra or X1.
  3. Hi Terry, hows it all going? Did you eventually do the English Bitter? Enjoying one now.
  4. With this Coopers Session Ale rather than just 20g of galaxy I dry hopped with 18g of galaxy and 12g of Amarillo. Boy at nearly four weeks this has a powerful but lovely fruit/passion fruit after taste with a nice bitter finish. Will leave for another week or so if I can 🤭🤔
  5. You’ll probably find the head will be less after the first couple of pours. If your not doing it I find with a bit extra carbonation if I tilt the glass at nearly 90 degrees to the tap and slowly straight as it hits the lip the head will be reduced quite a bit. Plus very cold glasses. It certainly looks good and the molasses would give that Trappist tone to the flavour. Cheers Mark Not to late to brew another if you rate it highl6.
  6. Still a few weeks before I try it, will be interested as to the Co2 carbonation via bottle gas will have. I’ll stick with 12g of each hop for proper evaluation.
  7. Thought I raise this thread up again. As things are starting to open up so to speak in Adelaide me and the good women had a counter meal at the Middle Pub, Willunga (Rob will know) top meals around the $19 mark however for once in my life I didn’t complain about the craft brewery Pilsner on tap at $9 pint, 1) it was a top drop 2) the pub first opening deserved it 3) just happy to be out so who gives a s...
  8. What a bloody top drop, 5 weeks kegged.
  9. How’s it all going Daz, how did your 50/25/25 turn out? Put the Lighthouse in the droid today, going to dry hop day 6 with 50/50 galaxy and simcoe.
  10. Kegged today after a 9 day fermentation, nice and slow and easy. Will look forward to this particularly without the dextrose. (imo opinion dextrose plays a big part in that home brew “tang” with can kits. When I substitute it with malt the difference was so noticeable)
  11. Hi Nicholas, Mark here and another welcome to you. It’s all a learning curve and this forum is good for pre or post questioning. Mistakes happen and we have all done them. As you put the primer in at the beginning of fermentation the yeast will have “eaten” it as it’s a sugar. Suggest with the last keg you add the 40g of sugar as suggested by Paul, wait 2 weeks and give it go. Ps. Being in America is no problems with keeping in contact, some times the difference in the time zone can delay replies but it still works. Cheers Mark.
  12. Just finished 10l of Stone and Wood Pacific Ale and tried simcoe rather than the galaxy for dry hopping. Don’t get me wrong galaxy is a top hop however a lot of the recipes call for it so I’m trying other hops that are comparable. The simcoe was a pleasant suprise and will certainly use it again. Quite strong in fruit/berry flavour. 20g of pellets suited fine.
  13. Will be interested in your opinion as I’m not sure about “extra” esters.
  14. Droids love sugar, just ask the overflow. I enjoy a nice draught cider every now and again. Do you need apple juice for the kit?
  15. Agree no to US Chiller but the Czech, Bohemian, Belgian and Deutsch lager are all top drops.
  16. German Weissbier in the droid today. Second time but forgot to comment on the first, however brew log tells me I rated it highly. Look forward to it again.
  17. Sorry a bit lost (not unusual with a few beers) where are you referring to 5%?
  18. Oh Paul, like you I wasn’t a great lager drinker until this, you have to try some of the others. If you don’t do you’ll never know.
  19. No, normal, as it happens have a Lion in the fermenter now, start as a lager 12C, then it ramped up to 15C, now at day 7 it ramped up to 17C. All normal all good.
  20. In case you don’t have the full Beerdroid Manual https://brewart.com/101/wp-content/uploads/BrewArt-BeerDroid-Instruction-Manual-AU-.pdf The Beerflo manual https://www.williams-sonoma.com/netstorage/pdf/207349-BrewArt-BrewFlo-Manual.pdf If you don’t have dextrose use white sugar. I take it you have the Beerflo unit as you mentioned kegs? Once you keg or bottle it’s 2 weeks in general for carbonation so try one then. Most wait 4 to 6 weeks and build up stocks. You’ll love the American Pale Ale. Feel free to ask questions as you like, what we are all here for Cheers Mark
  21. Fred, in the main Forum page under the thread at the bottom “Brewart Banter” there is a discussion post “Using Dextrose”
  22. Hi Fred, Mark here and welcome to the forum. No you haven’t ruined your brew. The hops will infuse and provide some flavour and perhaps a bit of bitterness (no issue). The primer being a sugar will be consumed by the yeast and therefore increase the alcohol % (again no real issue). So let the brew continue until ready to keg. Now when kegging or bottling you will need to do the primer again as this is what provides carbonation. You could leave the hops or add 1 or 2 sachets again. What is the brew? Are you bottling or kegging? If you don’t have spare primer there is an thread/posts here about sugar/dextrose dose amounts. Ps Thank the good women, she must be the head brewer. 🤔lol
  23. I find experimenting with hops both as a tea at the start and as a dry hop near the end quite enjoyable and an improvement on the liquid packets. However I believe you do need to produce brews per the Brewprint recipes so as to have a comparison base.
  24. Welcome Alan to the forum, Mark here. Glad you sorted it out. You certainly had/have a very active fermentation and yes the overflow is not a major issue and is designed to remove excess krausen. The Coopers XPA is certainly a top drop. Let us know how it turns out and ask away with any concerns you may have. Cheers
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