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  1. It might be your method, as you know I run three droids and my procedure of kegging, cleaning the droid, sanitising and putting the next brew in is just under an hour for each.
  2. Glad your having an “ale of a time” 😊
  3. He’s back to where he was before is big knee injury, great to see and the feed into the forwards is so much better.
  4. I’m with you and as said before don’t use/like Facebook. Although I will not be responding I will admit I joined the Official site only so every now and again I can just see that we are not missing out on any BrewArt promotions, news ect as the promo for one mentions First Release Brewprints. I will of course report on that here. The people that are/have/will used this forum I feel have value. Good info, no crap, no abuse, good banter and topics are neatly layed out and it is fairly easy to find information. Response times to people’s enquires etc are in general quite quick. I also like the international input from mainly America and Canada. So unless this forum is dropped (doubt it now) I’m here for the long haul. Cheers to all and have a great Easter break.
  5. I’m sure Rob wasn’t meaning to be insulting. As I see it he was referring to a “thread” (new topic heading for discussion) not “posts” as done in threads. I had opened a Thread on the same issue and what Rob was trying to say was he’d respond to your thread and not mine as you don’t get many opportunities to do a thread as us other buggers tend to get in first. Im sure Rob will respond when he reads it. Cheers
  6. I also note the projected fermentation times differ, one is 9-12 days the other 9-20 days, can’t work out why that would be as hops don’t have an influence on that as after EOF. I do think hop varieties can play a part in premium consumption times due to the style, alpha acid % relating to potential bitterness thus more time to mature?
  7. Will be interesting but running two formates is unusual? Had to laugh at one part of the promo “Get the Right Advice” hope that’s a reference to the unofficial Facebook group cause we are all dam good here 😂😂👍
  8. I did this post earlier on https://community.brewart.com/topic/632-brewart-official-facebook-site/?do=getNewComment
  9. Unless ramping up the fermentation temps don’t see how the time could be shortened unless the EOF test is a bit slow/delayed. Hope won’t be a problem for bottling in glass. However shorter times is good.
  10. No, I don’t think so. As I don’t activate that part of the program I’m not quite sure, someone that does will hopefully advise/confirm.
  11. If you have used the hop addition to the program then yes. The program holds it at ready to keg mode for 48hrs then 48hrs in storage. It will then return to kegging temp.
  12. Wait for keg notification. The Shem sheet and recipe time lines are a guide only. Fermentation may continue due to sugar content of the pineapple juice, yeast quality etc
  13. No, don’t cold crash at EOF as this will minimise the effect of the hops, leave in the storage mode, you will have up to 48hrs before it automatically goes to cold storage.
  14. Hi DCM, you need to set this one on the Ale mode for the temperature and I’d dry hop at 8 days. You could wait to EOF and leave 24/48hrs. Be prepared for strong fermentation activity therefore probable overflow. Cheers
  15. An Official BrewArt Facebook site has been created. @BrewArt Team 1) does this mean this forum/site is to close? 2) if not then running between the two will be possibly a pain particularly for regular “input-ers” 3) quite a few of us don’t like Facebook, don’t like the general formate so hope it is a positive move. “BrewArt Official - AUS“
  16. Is that a meal that you think is something else but turns out to be a roast?
  17. Hi Stephen and welcome. Yes you certainly can but it will be flat uncarbonated beer.
  18. I do it all the time with no detrimental effects as I can note. Good flavour and aroma. Also have a look at the thread “Dry Hopping” in Advanced Brewing..... main forum topic. Cheers
  19. Prepared wort 8/1/21 and stored. In the droid 25/1, Kegged 1/3. It has the full bitter finish expected and a true ale. Very enjoyable.
  20. Again a lovely drop for a Sunday, easy drinking, refreshing and tropical.
  21. Know what you mean, Rob’s even turning cows to the drink!
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