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  1. Correct, very observant.
  2. Have 2 of these “you guts” beauties. 750ml Luigi Bormioli Birrateque. Great to drink from, keeps the beer fresh.
  3. I hoped no one would notice. Not problems with my age, “err.. where am I. Who am I? 🤪😂
  4. Well I never, nearly 150 BrewArt brews and never forgot the yeast yet. Well always a first time I suppose. No harm done as this ale was premixed, ie no ingredients sitting on top and the wort nicely sealed up at 17C. Cancelled program, and downloaded the new firmware P16, a bonus to this error of mine. Have now set the custom mode and set the dry hop to on. Will be interested in this as to my thoughts on adding the hops. Might be the first droid to use this, never know but doesn’t matter anyway.
  5. Don’t for getting to update the firmware program, cannot be done whilst brewing. I’ve left a note on the lid to remind me to do it when each brew finishes and is ready for the next one.
  6. Great stuff, a welcome addition to the BrewArt brews. Hops, filter, new recipes and firmware upgrade, you beauty. Well done
  7. Galaxy and Citra hops are a great addition to the Session Ale, I’d say you will really enjoy it.
  8. Hi Geoff, welcome to the forum. What styles of beer do you mainly enjoy? Cheers Mark
  9. Have done the second half and will dry hop day 6 10g of simcoe and 10g Mosaic
  10. Found this in ebay if it helps, you’ll need to ascertain American cost/postage https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/313166986673
  11. Don’t forget the hop quantise are based on 20-23l so halve them unless you want it strong.
  12. No not really unless you want stronger hop flavour or to use the liquid hop sachet up. You can keep the liquid sachets for future use.
  13. Hi Mick. I only do either, that is the hop pellets or the liquid. If kegging hop liquid to be added to the kegs when ready to fill (they will infuse during the carbonation period etc) if bottling add to the droid. Of course you can do both (pellets and liquid), if doing that do both at the same time. Cheers
  14. still going down so well, utube music clips up loud (swmbo in the bath 2 doors away reading). Bed early? About 8 I’d say haha
  15. Enjoying a few pints of this at 6 weeks kegged. Bloody delicious drop, with only one H6 sachet or in my case 10g of galaxy, really lets the flavours of the elements and X2 enhancer come through. You need to give this a go, even lager drinkers 😁.
  16. Hi Rod, Mark here and welcome to the forum. Good mob here and plenty of help. Are you referring to the liquid hop sachets from BrewArt? If so if you are kegging you add one to each keg just before you fill them. If bottling then you add both to the droid when fermentation has finished and leave for 24hrs to infuse. (You can add earlier if you wish, a day or two before you think fermentation will finish. If using hop pellets then use a sanitised hop bag or sanitised stainless hop “bomb” to the droid for min 24hrs whether kegging or bottling. Hope this help. If not ask away. What styles do you like to brew?
  17. Have done this before and rated highly - In the droid just now. BrewA IPA - Citra. 1/2 tin Coopers BrewA IPA, 250g dry amber malt, Thomas Cooper tin yeast (7g), will dry hop 20g of Citra pellets day 5. Simple recipe (and will use the other 1/2 tin with Y2 yeast, 250g ldme and dry hop either Galaxy, Amarillo, or perhaps Vic Secret.)
  18. If your using the plastic bottles (PET) then 12 months is really pushing it as they tend to leech the co2 and allow for o2 contamination. 8 months would be a maximum in my opinion however 6 to be safe. Now glass bottles are different, you can store for 12mths however a lot of lagers and low alcohol brews are best enjoyed earlier. Stouts and high alcohol % beers can be stored for years. Any storage should be out of the light, in a box, cupboard etc. Ps what do you end up doing for the priming?
  19. Yes a good drop indeed, however I couldn’t wait 3 months, 2 at the most for me.
  20. Is your mystery box getting out of hand🥳? “....found 6 stubbies...”
  21. Is this the start of your pub crawl? Wheatsheaf next? Good to be in good old Adelaide again?
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