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  1. Order placed, will get me through Xmas.
  2. Great Sondre, you will not regret the unit. Remember you can use any wort in the Droid, kit, purchased, all grain and from the BrewPrint recipes purchase your own ingredients locally. Let us know how you go and contact BrewArt about posting ingredients. Cheers Mark.
  3. @BrewArt Team Know your busy and this is not urgent but I’ve noted the Calendar function is not used although reference is made in the “First Time Here” - “Calendar Check back here for BrewArt events, promotions and recommended brew times for various holidays.” It would be good if promotions, sales issues, BrewArt events and others like International Beer Day, Beer and Pizza Day (ha) could be noted. Cheers Mark
  4. Here it is “ Set propagation temperature k Use the  and  arrows on the control panel to adjust the propagate temperature (max: 30°C/86°F, and min: 5°C/41°F). The temperature will stop flashing if the temperature is adjusted. k When the desired propagate temperature has been reached press the  on the control panel to save. BEERDROID INSTRUCTIONS Set fermentation temperature the control panel to adjust the ferment temperature (max: 30°C/86°F, and min: 5°C/41°F). Set kegging temperature the keg temperature (max: 30°C/86°F, and min: 5°C/41°F). The temperature will stop flashing if the temperature is adjusted. the store temperature (max: 7°C/45°F, and min: 3°C/37°F). Cheers Mark
  5. Welcome to the forum. Rob is correct, no EOF is rare and “touch wood” haven’t had it in over 147 brews. As long as you cleaned the unit and sanitised (including the tap, lid and bung) an infection is rare. Sometimes the appearance on top doesn’t look all that pleasant and if you are unsure before you dump it a photo (if able to) is a help to determine if it is infected. Cheers Mark
  6. Highest temp? Not sure perhaps 30C. Lowest temp as per storage mode 4C. The manual for the Droid is in BrewArt 101
  7. Hop-Sessed Session IOA was so good, in the droid again today.
  8. No problems however has this answered your concerns?
  9. Great stuff Matt, it will be worth the wait. Good one Greg and Liam.
  10. No, although you can use sugar, with the stainless kegs (like iKegger) co2 is best, it’s wether you want fast carbonation with the co2 or slower carbonation (around 3 to 4 days for 10l.
  11. You can fill most stainless kegs from the Droid. IKegger have videos on how to fill and carbonation methods. It’s best to view the videos as carbonation can be done several ways- set and forget (connecting co2 at serving pressure), forced carbonation from being ready within about an hour to a bit slower 24 hours. Cheers Mark
  12. Hi Sondre, welcome. Yes the Beerdroid has a mini compressor that heats and cools just like a reverse cycle air conditioning.
  13. You may have seen it already but Rob had done a video on the keg/cap assembly ref thread in the main thread “First time.....” Keg liner cap onto a keg liner video By Rob Courtney, May 24 in First Time BrewArtist: Basic Operation
  14. Paul’s right. Found the “Shem sheet” a great aid. https://community.brewart.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=427
  15. Thanks Alan. Do the one that blocked the tap so you can “beat it”.
  16. Yeah heard on the news am, 40C for Pt Headland, the positive being great/fantastic drinking weather. The negative can be brewing, but you must go on and as Dustin has basically said, drink it.🍺
  17. A review that I’ve put in, it’s so nice and Rob, try this away from lagers 😁👍👌🤗😂 A Goat to be Had Near on 6 weeks in the keg and just an exceptional ale. This brew is bitter sweet, great crisp finish with a strong sweet bitter aftertaste, so nice. The Galaxy hops work a treat, citrus passion fruit to the palate. Boy another BrewPrint ripper.”
  18. Thanks Robert. I think you’ll love the XPA with the centennial and will go down a treat. Cheers
  19. Bummer, do you think you overfilled, over primed or just a crap cap as Dustin mentioned?
  20. Fact : mowed the lawns and cleaned the bbq am today so why wouldn’t you lager yourself?
  21. Rob finally accepts his work’s offer and has a wifi modem and mobile phone system installed.
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