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    Dry July

    You buggers (I google with the lights out so you couldn’t see). I have trouble finding it now without having a “merkin” down there.😂
  2. Did another one, only 3 weeks kegged but boy nothing wrong with it. The challenger hops add that different fruity herbal touch.
  3. Follow the Brewprint recipe however dry hop the 20g Amarillo Pellets at day 8. My fermentation time records indicate a 14 and 11 day fermentation. The 3 day difference I believe could be due to the yeast dates, 14 days = 2018 yeast, 11 days 2019 yeast. I’ve mentioned before I was not a lager fan as disliked those on pub taps and the over the top hopped craft bottled ones. However a convert for Brewprint lagers, you have to give a few a go and this one would not be a bad start however look at the top ten spreadsheet in Brewart Banter
  4. So enjoyable in the droid today. As far as lagers go this is worth a brew. Anyone else done it yet?
  5. Keg into a maturing keg after a 7 day fermentation. Will keg transfer in about 4 to 6 weeks meaning consumption about 8 to 10 weeks. I think the Coopers Sparkling Ale needs some time. Will do a comparison with a purchased long neck. Replaced with a Revolution Dark Lager
  6. As at 6.20pm Adelaide time, all ok
  7. Just incase you haven’t :- https://brewart.com/101/wp-content/uploads/BrewArt-BeerDroid-Instruction-Manual-AU-.pdf https://www.williams-sonoma.com/netstorage/pdf/207349-BrewArt-BrewFlo-Manual.pdf
  8. Once you get going you’ll just love it. Have you downloaded the BeerDroid and Beerflo user manuals? It’s good to be familiar before the goods arrive. You can read them to your units. 😂
  9. Hi Clarence, Mark here and welcome. Will forward to the BrewArt team for you. Ps what do you enjoy brewing? @BrewArt Team
  10. I think I’ve come up with a good method to help mess/clean up of Droid overflow from the escape path on the left hand side of the lid. As I’ve just put down a Ruby Porter and a number of people have experienced over flowing with this recipe I thought “ be prepared” So using duct tape I’ve taped a folded chux wipe to the droid “barrel” just below the lid and a cloth at the bottom. The idea I think is self explanatory. Ps looking at photo will move it up so tape line is in line with the “barrel” top
  11. Put the Ruby Porter in the droid today. Did yours overflow @Paul84?
  12. Sorry, didn’t report on this, just drank it all because it is so good. It’s such a good drop I re-brewed it and kegged it today. Replaced with Ruby Porter.
  13. Should be good however the 30g of galaxy will change the original recipe attempt. Nothing wrong with that other than if it’s not to your liking , it’s your fault....ha ha 😂
  14. “different people have different tastes ” agree as at just over 4 weeks I find this an enjoyable drop, great flavour with an enjoyable bitter finish. Rob, 17 weeks plus? In fairness your a lager man and perhaps the ales are a bit too extreme earlier. This is not a negative criticism of opinions, it’s just like when I went to lagers being an ale man I did have to adjust my taste interpretations. I find some lagers great early, some later.
  15. This thread is great. I’m going to make possibly a good suggestion, for us on this forum who regularly purchase ( or achieve a certain $ amount) Brewprints and or ingredients over $200 ( due to free delivery) be given a rating that entitles free delivery over $200 at any time. Good idea? If you regular order, but not over $200 then perhaps a cumulative amount entitles a free delivery? @BrewArt Team
  16. I’ve decided to be permanently constipated, the bloody dunny roll hoarding and restrictions in sales is on again. What a joke. He’s got his, and he wears white pants??,!lol
  17. Great stuff, heaps better. Thanks
  18. Agree, Coopers exceptional customer service is so consistent and second to none.
  19. Not a silly question. The term generally relates to all grain brewing and as I understand it the end of the boil is when the grains etc tend to clump together and drop to the bottom? Adding hops at the beginning of the boil will promote bitterness whilst at the end promotes flavour and aroma.
  20. Correct, why I deleted the post. Got confused with X5. (and I haven’t had a drink😂)
  21. Two good things about Geelong, they gave us (Crows) Malcolm Blight, they don’t live at the MCG. Did you know Richmond players get “bus lag” when they go from the MCG to Docklands/Marvel stadium😂
  22. Confirm, all brewing equipment, even the hop bombs or hop bags. A bit of hot water at first helps to dissolve it, need to soak for a while (active about 6 hours but can leave overnight until required. Rinse off before putting away.
  23. Will do, funnily enough never had it on tap but will get a long neck to compare with. Ps you could be home soon? Sorry, those SA pubs you mentioned.
  24. In the Droid today, have not done the Brewprint before, will look forward to the result
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