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  1. All back and working as at just now.
  2. Yuck. I assume you have removed the lid seal, pulled the tap apart and cleaned up the spout as with the drain bung?
  3. I think I meant bicarbonate (baking powder)
  4. 2 hours not long enough, 12 or overnight as suggested. I also believe sodium carbonate gets rid of odours. Not sure about the flo, someone will report. Cheers Mark.
  5. Sodium percarbonate. For your 5l keg half fill with water, put a table spoon of the sodium percarbonate in a saucepan and add some boiled water to really activate it. Pour into keg, then fill keg with water to the top. Leave about 12hrs, overnight, drain and then rinse out. Should be all good.
  6. No problems. I get the filters off eBay. The black valve on the tap nozzle changes the water flow from main tap to filter.
  7. I bottle for years and only ever used the Coopers carbonation drops that are recommended with the kit beers. About 30 drops for $3.50 (Big W) gives you 15 longnecks or 30 x stubbies. No mess, no measuring, quick to use and excellent results. There is an amount for the 5litre kegs on here somewhere. (Note - is less in kegs for equivalent number of bottles.
  8. No you aren’t a whinny arse, this is what a forum is about, helping each other. Do you rinse out the Droid after the BrewArt sanitising tab, including pulling the tap apart?
  9. I use filtered water, a filter attached to the kitchen tap that can be turned on seperate to main tap flow. (removes chlorine). I also don’t get any odd tastes or Diet Coke like effects. Alan, are you using the BrewArt sanitising tabs to sanitise the Droid??
  10. Time for an update. Now running 3 droids. First - 58 brews; Second - 41 and Third 33. Units are paying for themselves nicely and “touch wood” have been operating without fault nor rest other than the hour of kegging, cleaning, sanitising and fresh recipe in. Great units, great results from any wort used.
  11. Just a tad over 9 weeks, first one out of the keg. It’s crisp, refreshing and very enjoyable. Be a great drop by the bbq on a hot summers day.
  12. Don’t forget to update to P017 firmware. Are you using the new dry hop method?
  13. 7 weeks kegged, very nice drop. Full creamy head, a sweetness akin to crystal malt (caramel/toffee) with a pleasant bitter finish. A bit thin but I don’t mind that, it’s tasty and can enjoy a few of theses.
  14. Before filling I’d say. You don’t want to be unscrewing the cap etc after filling.
  15. Kegged today after 11day fermentation (another 2017 yeast). Looked and smelt great. Dry hopped 20g cascade and 20g mosaic in this one, day 6.
  16. I’m with you there. Honestly just didn’t know a glass could add just a bit more to some brews. Time to put another Belgian in the droid
  17. Have 10l untapped in the fridge as we speak. Will probably sample some soon.
  18. You could get another Droid now ha ha ha
  19. Hi Youngy. I don’t use those kegs however how much shorter are they? I wonder if they were cut short so as not to suck up any sediment that may be in the bottom of the keg. in any event will bring this to the attention of Rob, Beerflo keg trouble shooter. @Rob Courtney Cheers Mark
  20. There is something about citra hops, absolutely delicious ipa, 5 day dry hop just great
  21. Frustrations- with new recipe additions or even the first time you brew one , after kegging or bottling you wait 4, 6 + weeks to try. And you love it, but of course you haven’t brewed an other one as you needed to evaluate. Another bloody 4, 6 + weeks!!!
  22. I should clarify, these are the notification messages. I’ve checked settings and notifications for BrewArt app is activated.
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