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  1. Is there a time limit on purchases? Thanks
  2. Tops to you, forum getting better all the time and good activity. Thanks
  3. I haven’t got the email yet, can a copy of the full email be posted here without compromising your security.
  4. I wonder if keg lube on the threads etc would help a bit. I find it’s great for a lot of the ss keg components. Eg. https://www.ikegger.com/products/food-safe-keg-lubricant
  5. Can you remember your thoughts?
  6. Well done BrewArt, great response. Thanks
  7. Hi Christopher and welcome. The graph looks fine and after 4 days + is acceptable. Estimates of fermentation times for each recipe is on the BrewPrint profiles just after the Brewing Program statement. For the American Pale Ale it’s 6-9 days. I’ve brewed it twice, once at 9 days the other was 10.The age of the yeast can play a part in fermentation times. Feel free to ask away and enjoy your brewing. Theses units are great. Cheers Mark
  8. Barrelboy

    Dry July

    All’s quite on the Western Front (old saying for you young whipper snappers). How’s it going at the half way mark Paul? Surviving ok we trust.
  9. Your right, Aussies in general like a bitter brew (at least us older one) however craft style hopped brews are now the go particularly with the younger set. The number of craft micro brewers in Australia Is quite huge but sadly the virus implications have closed a few. Yes the Nacri has 5 x E5 and personally wouldn’t/haven’t brewed it because of this. It is really only providing 5% of the 7.5% brew. I blame dextrose for that “twang” complaint many have with home brew kit and kilo recipes. The mango add to the Nacri is a good idea.
  10. Did only one bottle explode? Or was this the only bottle that was over filled? When I was bottling (for years) never had a concern about the drops. I believe the drops are sucrose. Next time you bottle do 50% with the drops and the other with sugar (mark bottles) and compare.
  11. I fill bottles to when they are just about to over flow and when you remove the filler tube the space left is ideal. 1/2 to 3/4 inch is just fine. I agree the air in the bottle should not have effected the taste. I am not a supporter of dextrose (E5) it’s really just an alcohol % booster and I leave out or substitute with X1. Generally an exploding glass bottle can be down to 3 things:- . fermentation not complete . infection . fault in the bottle eg hair line crack Cheers Mark Ps nice looking drop
  12. It’s in the droid now, had to bring it forward on the list.
  13. Oh, got it now. Actually thanks for that, didn’t know you could do it. A handy function. 😜
  14. When I checked my kegs in the “Shelf” function on both my iPad and phone it shows the very first brew I did, over 15months ago and all brews can be scrolled down to the latest ones. Not sure why your shelf is restricted to 50.
  15. Well a top drop Rob. On my second, brew at 6 weeks and I say its just right.
  16. Barrelboy

    Dry July

    To be honest a Fri/sat only is very hard to do when your not having a drop sun,mon,tues,wed,thurs. That’s five days! It generally won’t work. Have the Fri and Sat, rest Sun, beer Monday , rest Tuesday , beer Wednesday, rest Thursday and away you go. Note:- drinking days don’t have to be “tons” but can happen.🤪
  17. To add to this when wanting to consume put the keg in the fridge (around 4C) and connect the co2 at serving pressure at about 8 - 10psi. 9.5l will take about 3 - 4 days.
  18. Fill the keg, seal with the ball lock cap then connect gas at 30psi and purge out the oxygen by using the gas release value 3 or 4 times. Remove gas lead and store keg until required.
  19. Great looking drop, could nearly drink the picture. The Belgian is certainly in my top ten.
  20. Barrelboy

    Dry July

    Very hard to do Rob with such good brews in the cupboard and Droids.
  21. Barrelboy

    Dry July

    Now with a few in me now (Camilla’s Folly PA) I question the point of 1 month, no drink, the suffering, the dry out liver damage (😊) etc. See I do weekly no drink, I don’t drink on Tuesday, Thursday and yes Saturday. Admittedly Sunday, Wednesday and Friday can get a “bashing” however Monday could be none, some or a few. ( I like the choice). I’m m not having a go at the 1 month non drinking approach, but why suffer for so long? I only suffer a day here and there😅
  22. Is life funny, my Revolution Dark Lager was ready to keg am today, earlier than expected so I missed the pre dry hop and didn’t want to wait another 24hrs, so in went 2 x H1 hop sachets. (my plan worked)
  23. Hopefully will hear from Tech soon however it is good to have a hydrometer and you could confidently confirm end of fermentation. So I’d go get one. If you don’t know how to use it ask at brew shop or here. Cheers Mark.
  24. So good that in the Droid again today. Will not alter recipe ie no X5 (dextrose) and dry hop with Continental not Hallertau.
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