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  1. Good looking drop Alan. The colour will lighten a bit over time but it’s close to what is expected.
  2. Nearly 6 weeks kegged, a lot better (not that it was bad) when I drank this a bit early. It’s not in my top 10 but to be fair hard to get in there with all the other brews. It is enjoyable and tasty, rich flavours and certainly worth brewing.
  3. Looks like the whole lot been shifted 🤭
  4. Thought to open this up for general banter, abuse 😊 on sports related matters.
  5. In the BrewArt Banter main thread I’ve opened up a General Sports Banter thread for fun banter and general abuse 😊🤗. Does @BrewArt Team want to shift the latest posts there?
  6. Ha, we had the best of him. Why you got rid of him in the first place is the joke. Lol 😂😂
  7. Just short of 4 weeks, very enjoyable drop.
  8. I’m a Crows one as well. Enough said, but I’ll hang in there.
  9. Well decided to give this one ago, in the Droid today however cut the 3 x X1 back to 2 x X1 making it 4.5%. Hopefully won’t stuff up the flavour but sometimes I just don’t want 5.5%+ beers and can have a few more at 4.5%-. It’s another reason why I enjoy the English Bitter- full of flavour, at only 3.8 to 4.1% top quaffing brew for long sessions 🤗🍻
  10. Hell, have drunk that, good thing I put another down and kegged it today. How things can get away from you.
  11. Sometimes you may run out of/or delivery delayed of BrewPrints or ingredients for a brew. Now here is a great backup tip. The Coopers Mr Beer range are brews for 8.5l capacity however easily acceptable for 10l. If you are a Coopers member (free) only $15.26 per tin and delivery anytime is free for 4 tins or more (any combination). Also there are some top recipes in the Coopers download. (filter for 8.5l or 10l). My latest order as an example. There are some other choices. Subtotal $61.04 Shipping & Handling $0.00 Grand Total $61.04 Mr Beer Bewitched Amber Ale (1.3kg) SKU: 1977 1 $15.26 Mr Beer Diablo IPA (1.3kg) SKU: 1975 1 $15.26 Mr Beer Long Play IPA (1.3kg) SKU: 1979 1 $15.26 Mr Beer North West Pale Ale (1.3kg) SKU: 1976 1 $15.26
  12. Good idea, watch out for specials, BrewArt have had the Droid out twice this year so far for $499. My last one I pay via Zip, $40/fortnight + $6 monthly admin. (made easier in convincing the wife).
  13. Good question, I use to only use the hop bag, however cleaning was a chore and sanitising the bag Pissed me off to be honest. However the ss bombs are great, easy to clean, simple to sanitise and do the job well. For large amounts the ss tube would be the go if the 300mm length fits which I think would. But 40 to 60g of hops, two bombs for me.
  14. It will initially sink however when the pellets swell it will float to the top. Not a problem as it will then leach the hop flavour down through the brew. Surprisingly the ss hop bomb to 30g will also end up floating to the the top. (Not sure with the chain as don’t use it).
  15. While in Perth get yourself a champagne yeast as I believe this will create the dry cider outcome.
  16. That’s good to note and a plus for the Beerflo kegs.
  17. Have you done this yet? Wait on, do you have 2 droids? Can’t recall.
  18. Having one now as we speak, just over 7 weeks in the keg. The galaxy comes through beautifully.
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