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  1. You can certainly do that. Is the BrewArt problem recent as I had the dry option advice work on a brew a week+ back?
  2. Put down today, looking forward to it.
  3. That’s the go. Have put down the Jolly Roger and done a post for it.
  4. It took 2 days 1hr for the droid to detect fermentation (suspect started a bit earlier) however I’m noting this length of time correlates with the age of the yeast. This brew’s Y1 yeast purchased late 2019 is dated 2017. No major issue but yeast dates support different EOF times for the same brew.
  5. The Jolly Roger is my next one in, have to try all these😛😍🤪
  6. Just put this one into the droid. Interesting ingredient combination. Dry hop with 2 x D7 (50g galaxy) probably day 6. mmmmm....will do this rather than 25/30g and see.
  7. Just kegged this after stopping the brewing process at 12days fermentation. No sign of the dry hop function activating yet. The appearance of the brew suggested no fermentation activity and suspect the Y1 2017 yeast (which recieved in 2019) had something to do with this lengthy fermentation process. Look and smelt great, can’t wait to taste. Warning :- as I keg into stainless steel kegs if fermentation hasn’t quite finished then it will finish off in the keg with no harm done. However if you bottle you have the likelihood of “bottle bombs” or if using BrewFlo kegs the likelihood of over carbonation if not excessive swelling of the keg.
  8. Now you should note that somewhere so next time a 13 day try it is. I note the fermentation days for every brew thus gives a good indication when to dry hop. Works well, so far. Ps A nice looking drop, good carbonation.
  9. “must know roughlywhen a brew is ready in secondary or at least give a minimum days.“ They do, 2 weeks from when the carbonation primer is used. It is standard in all brewing forms where a “sugar” is used for carbonation purposes taking into account you are storing at around 18C + . You are correct in that it is subjective as to when you drink a particular brew, sample testing, which is noted somewhere *, over the years has given me a good indication as to when to drink to my liking. Cheers Mark *Bottled Beer Consumption Time? in BrewArt Banter thread
  10. The default setting is 2 weeks and you get a message at that time telling you the particular brew has finished conditioning. If you set your own number of days then you get the message when that time is up.
  11. No, wouldn’t disagree. From the hop descriptions they are similar but Hallertau German/European roots appear to be a bit stronger. I will try this on my next Belgian. This is the great thing about homebrew, the changes/adjustments you can make and so simply with the Droid set up.
  12. Your so right. Keeping up with the recommendations is hard and I run three droids and now there are the Brewprint additions. Don’t you just love it?
  13. I know I go on a bit about the early drinking when co2 keg carbonation is used but this 3 week in the keg Lawn Mower is just exceptional. I mean, what can I say, bloody delicious.
  14. You’ll have to try one in each pub Dustin! 🥳
  15. Can help you there:- Coopers releases Hazy IPA August 4, 2020 By Alana House Coopers Brewery is launching Hazy IPA, a limited-edition seasonal release that will be available in kegs and 375ml cans across Australia from August 17.
  16. Now that’s worth bragging about! Great collection.
  17. Great, love these styles as well. Recipes came out fairly quickly (I think) with the release of the Coopers XPA.
  18. Alan, we love “over bragging” motivates a lot of us😁
  19. One does have to brag, arrived today by express post. Packed to perfection.
  20. Awesome looking beers Alan, have the porter awaiting its turn in the fridge, can’t wait by the looks of that. The Lawn Mower can take the hops so “crapola” it.😋
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