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  1. Lucky bugger, must do another one for spring/summer.
  2. Great news Simon, and it is a great feeling to produce top brews. Always remember, clean everything well, sanitise everything including your hands and nothing can go wrong. Keep updates going or any questions/concerns. Cheers Mark
  3. Where abouts are you, could help with other information. Also look into the soda stream 400g bottle and the mini regulator adaptor you can get for the bottle. Will be a lot cheaper than soda bulbs if your going to stay with the mini regulator set up for a while. Cheers Mark
  4. Sorry Percy didn’t realise you were using a mini regulator and co2 bulbs. The 30psi method as it’s the regs maximum and bulbs won’t work well at all. Here is a link to the ikegger mini reg. method, hope it helps.
  5. Ha, forgiven 👍. Out of interest I run a stock list on excel, helps in working out what I need. I still have 17 tins of various Coopers in stock (34 x 10l brews) so ordering ingredients has to take them into account as well. (17 tins I hear you ask, earlier in the year BigW had a 20% discount special so for example a can of English bitter at normally $16 was $12.80)
  6. Just think Rob, your in a pub and have one pint of crap West End Draught for $7 (if your lucky), you could have 7 of your lagers for the same money. 🍺
  7. Yes, just do your ingredient calculations to match the 9.5l. Don’t put it too hot into droid, with chilled water I try it get it close to the target propagation temperature.
  8. Ha ha, you already asked that above 😀😳
  9. Now for the good news 10l = 26 x 375ml stubbies = 0.88 cents each = $21.12 a slab. 10l = 23 x 425ml SA pints = $1/pint Now where can you get that value elsewhere? And we are talking about top notch quality in the brews.
  10. Now into the trial 1 keg again, by ginkgo it’s not a straight clone of the kit version (as stated) but a bloody top drop. Might ask Liam what we can call it? (Ps for those who don’t know who Liam is, he’s the Coopers Brewart Tech guy, so helpful, so reliable for fast responses.)
  11. Bummer, another keg of this delicious easy going American Pale Ale down the hatch. You can’t lick kegs out, pity.
  12. 29/9/19 Liam’s English Bitter trial 2 as per brewprint above now propagating.
  13. Kegged with 2 x H6 hop 29/9/19 replaced with Liam’s English Bitter trial 2, Brewprint.
  14. “kicking myself at the 5 week stage not putting a bag of coffee beans in the droid for a few days“ Yes you have to be careful sometimes with assumptions and over thinking as with particular styles the changes over time can be quite surprising. It’s like my 7 year plus stouts (bottled), they could be considered a desert topping for ice cream. 🍦
  15. txt files, a good idea and then if tried evaluations can be headed under the recipe name.
  16. Now that looks darn good. Top stuff 👍
  17. Sure is a top drop, brewed twice now and will be a regular for sure. ( lucky to get carbonated it’s that nice 😋). I’m thinking of using one of the droids purely for repeats and do anything on the other?
  18. Great reading you guys. A few beers Rob, for mum will do her good.
  19. Can’t see an issue posting here. (Perhaps open up a new thread for the list?). I don’t have a Facebook account nor do I want one. There are some seasonal Brewprints eg. that are winter, fall or summer specific. (so these ones are worldwide but at different times). Might be due to sales data or ingredient availability or to tease us. However there are not too many of them. I’m fairly sure there is not an element or enhancer based on the Munich Dry Malt Extract however that does not stop you getting some from local brew store and adding yourself. Cheers
  20. It’s expensive- kegs, co2 bottle, regulator, beer/gas line, gas/beer disconnects, fridge ( dedicated?) etc etc. stay with and master the Beerflo system.
  21. But from your saying the Beerflo unit itself is not the problem. You just need to work on the kegs attachments. Going down the co2 route is expensive and I’ve said elsewhere if this had been available back when then Beerflo possibly for me.
  22. I think if your in an active fairly large brew club and all costs are shared and joint canning days happen then fine. But to be honest the offering to the general brewer is crap.
  23. I’ll be interested in your thoughts. A few people have trouble with the brewflo but I think it’s about teething problems, and all will workout.
  24. Well the results of the first trial (email copies):- “Hi Liam, well the English Bitter Brewprint trial was kegged on 6/9 (ss keg, carbonated co2 as with kits) so now 4 weeks.The mug on the left is kit English Bitter, the one on the right the Brewprint trial. Beer head for both very similar, nice and creamy. Brewprint lighter in colour, Amber with slight rosiness about it. (I’d say colour not overly important). Good and similar bitter finish which surprised me. The only thing missing to match the kit is the kit has a malt sweetness to it then finishing with the bitterness. The Brewprint trial is more dry and lacking that sweetness to the palate. Now it’s a good drop but if some sweetness could be added I’d say yeah, matches the kit version very closely. Await your thoughts.” Trial 2 :- Liam (Brewart Tech) “Thanks for the comparison and the description, it definitely makes my job a lot easier. The colour difference surprised me, my estimation was definitely off in the colour department. Looking at that there are a couple of changes I would make. I would substitute the E5 for a E3. This will add the colour and some more sweetness while maintaining bitterness. Also I’d exchange the Y4 for a Y2, the Y2 yeast has lower attenuation and will leave some more sugars behind. I would go with something like this: E2 E2 E3 X3 Y2 ALC% IBU EBC 4.5 30 48 I’m glad to hear that it is still tasting good, it looks like a nice drop. Please let me know how it goes. “ Action:- “Great stuff, I have one of the droids due to finish in a couple of days so I’ll put this one down and report back after 4 weeks in the keg. (It’s great having 2 droids, it gives you flexibility) Cheers” This to me is great stuff, can’t wait for next evaluation. Cheers Mark
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