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  1. Greetings Dave, Mark here. You’ll just love the droid, easy as and will produce top quality brews that I’m sure will suprise. (You’ll find the Weissbeer is listed in the Brewprints under “German Weissbeer). Have fun and let us know how you get along. Cheers Mark
  2. Hi Arin, Mark here. The American Pale Ale is a good one for a first brew and you should really enjoy it. I keg all my brews into ss ball lock Cornelius 10l kegs. Are yours this style or the tall Ikegger type with a screw on top (spear) and ball lock disconnects? The difference will relate to how you force carbonate with co2. Hop addition, I suspect you have the liquid hops provided with the Brewprint and not pellets. I add the hops (pellets in a hop bag) when fermentation is complete by carefully opening the lid and leave for the 2 days keg mode before it goes into storage and then keg. However adding to the keg first then filling up is a good way to go and best with the liquid. Let us know the keg type you have and we can then go down the force carbonation route. Cheers Mark.
  3. Something not right, I’ve done 8 brews now with 1/2 tins with the longest fermentation at 9 days. If the EOF is not detected by the droid you should have a message “EOF NOT DETECTED”. You may have to check manually with a hydrometer. Unless there are heaps of fermentables, fermention should not take long with 1/2 a tin. What yeast did you use for each one? Did you have any “overflowl”?
  4. Sounds like it could be a substitute for a sleeping tablet. 😴
  5. The reactive laugh mojo was for the 8.5%, certainly not a session brew. Agree bottles and are best suited for strong % brews
  6. Know what you mean, sometimes glass just has that extra to it. It’s like Holbrooks Worcestershire sauce, just not the same in the now cheap plastic bottles. Bring back the glass I say.🙂
  7. You’d be ready to give this one a go? Will be interested in your evaluation.
  8. Hi Meredith, Mark here. You say “fall 2019” so I take it your in America? The pumpkin ale is available here in Australia at the moment but that may not help you. (Can you easily purchase the ingredients?) Perhaps contact the Brewart Store by email. Let us know how you go.
  9. What you expected Rob? I must do it but so many recipes.🤔
  10. 5 and a bit weeks in the keg, again a very nice drop. Bitter herbal finish to it, malt spice to the taste. Creamy head and another to be brew again.
  11. Thought I’d give this one a go (found on a spreadsheet under custom brews) :- Stone and Wood Pacific Ale 2 x E1; 2 x E5; 1 x X1, Y2 yeast, Ale mode. Dry hop 2 x H6 In the droid today (20/9/19) and will report when consumption occurs.
  12. Just kegged (20/9/19) the second brew of this in the new droid. Have put down a brewprint custom Stone and Wood Pacific Ale. (Will open a post in “Brewing Using Brewprints Ingredients” thread. cheers Mark
  13. What is the recipe for this one, did you use a full tin? And you reporting about bitterness in a another thread sir?
  14. No not really, usually 6 to 7 days for the “ready to keg” notification with ales. Have done lager but would suspect a bit longer.
  15. When the Beerdroid has gone into the keg mode a message will display on the units screen “move to storage” press that and away you go. cheers
  16. You can do it manually on Beerdroid unit or it will go automatically to store mode after 2 days when it’s in the ready to keg mode. Is your droid in a good position, distance for the wifi modem link? Do you have same issue with other wifi connections?
  17. Download this application https://www.diybeer.com/au/ 2 days left for September issue - recipes of the month and goods purchased over $80 free delivery. To access menu tap those series of line strokes top left had corner. Coopers tins under extracts, you’ll find your way.
  18. Oh and join up for the newsletter, each month you’ll get an email with recipes of the month (free deliver) and offer for free deliver on goods if you spend over $80 or sometimes $100.
  19. Hi fellow Fermentist, no one responded but a few active here now. How have things been going? Still with Ikegger gear? Cheers Mark.
  20. Sorry for late reply and hope your problem is resolved. If not, try turning your modem off and then on again to reset. Has worked for others. Your droid operation will not be effected by the wifi outage so in that respect don’t be concerned. Let us know how you got on. Cheers Mark
  21. I have done the Citra recipe before in a conventional fermenter and it is a refreshing drop and you can enjoy a few without having to go to bed early.🥳 On the tap and the drain plug I put keg lube each time for ease of insertion and removal. It also helps to seal. Liam will certainly help you out with replacement. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F292600956220 It is food safe. (Should also be able to get from local brew shop)
  22. 16/9/19 after kegging a Deutsch Lager have put down a what I call a Citra Australian Pale Ale. 1/2 tin Coopers Australian Pale Ale 250g light dry malt extract 13g Citra hop, pellet infused tea for 30min. ( you may say “why 13g?” - that’s what fell out of the packet onto the scales, not far off 10g 🤫) kit yeast (all of it) Dry hop 20g Citra pellets in about 5 days. Leave for the 2 days of “ready to keg” mode. Note: only 250gm of the malt as I wanted a mid range ale of about 3.8 to 4% alcohol. A nice spring/summer quaffing Ale. Will report in due cause when consumption has begun.🍻 Cheers Mark.
  23. Kegged this today after a 10 day fermentation period. Kegged to a 10l “holding” ss keg for maturing purposes. Will then do a sealed keg to keg transfer when wanting to consume 🍺. Will report at that time.
  24. I didn’t know you went to storage mode so Liam’s advice is correct. As you have chilled the beer thus cleaning up and settling yeast etc and ceasing any fermentation, if using liquid hop I wouldn’t bother waiting a couple of days at fermentation temperature. Just add to the kegs or if half and half add to the keg, fill, add to remaining 5 litres and then bottle. Reason, no difference in result whether the hops sit in the droid or in your keg due to the chilling process. Cheers Mark
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