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  1. It would certainly appears that you enjoyed this brew but mentioned (as an aside) that “more hops would have been sweet.....”. I suspect you added at kegging time so next time try at fermentation end and leave for the two days in keg mode. Or would you add another sachet of the H4? Or just leave it and do what you did again?
  2. There you go, lighter in colour already. Must also have picked up settled hop material in the first two pours.
  3. Did some research to find that dry hopping can change the colour of brew particularly if original is light in colour, change darker, usually to amber. However over time the particles of hop will settle out and the beer colour will lighten if not to what it should be. Makes sense with this brew 1) as only been kegged for 4 weeks and in the fridge to chill for a couple of days. 2) taste profile fits fairly well to what is stated.
  4. With the extra 4 that’ll give 100 litres, a good stock and allows time for maturity purposes. To be honest I’d definitely have gone the beerflo way if it all this was about when I changed from bottles to kegs ( an expensive way to go). However my kegs and system works well and I’m happy to stay with what I have. Stay with your system and just build up your keg stocks........more more more.🍻
  5. Yeah I reckon it will be the hops. A hop tea is always relatively dark so dry hopping for 2 days could do that. Shouldn’t alter the recipe result to any great degree as it did fit with the recipe profile. One to remember when dry hopping or doing a tea.
  6. I’d say that would be the way to go. I believe the stouts are better bottled and agree in something like the US Chiller so you can just come in and grab an ice cold bottle after work or some activity. ( no not that activity).
  7. Looks refreshing, good on a hot day as well.
  8. Mmm the recipe calls for 2 x X1, I don’t think I used X3 by mistake however wonder if I accidentally used one X3 with one X1? Could account for the sweetness? However I’m fairly careful when preparing the ingredients. Could dry hopping with pellets rather than the clear liquid be the cause? That’s probably it.
  9. Your evaluation of this one Rob is pretty spot on. I’ve sampled this at only 4 weeks in the keg (note: I carbonate with co2 so no 2 weeks issue) having stocks depleted a bit by two adult sons on Fathers Day (bastards 🤗) Another top lager, clean, crisp, spicy, malty with a smooth bitter finish. Very drinkable now and would mature well but I don’t think that’s going to happen. A bit darker than expected, how was yours?
  10. Coopers September special, free delivery on orders over $80.
  11. Love top cuts of thick steak, rib eye being a favourite and done slightly medium to rare, nice pink in the centre. If you have a good butcher then we’ll worth keeping. Willunga has a down to earth country butchers and worth the drive for me. (I think vegans could be in one of his sausages sold as “vegan sausages” 🤫). Have not done the Monch Lager yet but with 2 droids now it could go on the list. So the ones your drinking now, 12 weeks? I’ll await your full report as it has matured further from your first sample.
  12. Oh, you can also use a heat pad for heating in winter and only have the fridge set to cool incase temp went above a set value like 22C for carbonation purposes. The heat pad could be set for 18 to 20C. Bugger all power usage. Cheers Mark
  13. Isn’t that the typical (the fridge). Now you’ve hit on an idea, look around for a cheap fridge/mini fridge (gum tree?) as could come in handy in summer as well. I run a mini fridge using one of these https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F232168791741 You plug the fridge into the unit and the unit to the power point then set your temp parameters eg 18 to 20C for carbonation or say 3 to 5C to chill. Takes over from fridge thermostat and has many uses.
  14. Sent an email as to outcome a couple of days ago but no response. (a response would be good as can perhaps help others). oh well.
  15. Had the same issue with my Irish Red and has been the only one to do this (touch wood). Are your bottles in boxes, crates? Can you put them in a confined space eg. in the bottom of a wardrobe with the doona or in an esky with a jumper over them? Note, lower temps, 16 to 18C the bottles will carbonate but will take longer, around 6 to 8 weeks. Cheers
  16. To dissolve the malt it’s best to put that in the pot first and add boiled water (from the kettle) to it and swirl the pot around. Don’t stress if it clumps a bit. Add goo, rinse tin out with boiled water and add. Then proceed as you say. Cheers
  17. Great to here Dave. Now Brewprints are the birthday presents us brewers like to get, I’m mean what good are socks? 🙂. Brewing going well here also.
  18. How’s it all going David, trust your brewing is on track and enjoyable. Cheers Mark
  19. Bugger, the 10l is gone. Have to brew again as soon as a droid is available (😛). Onto a nice fresh Highland IPA, another goodie.
  20. It’s not unusual for fermenting or just fermented brews to have a bit of a smell about them. Co2 and brewing ingredients odours are given off and with the Droid you can experience this when removing the lid or as fermentation is taking place, out of the overflow channel. Normally an infected brew really stinks, tastes like crap and has odd looking growths on top of the brew. Rob has brewed the Lawn Mower Lager and the Belgian Strong so expect he will gladly comment. Taste is a good indicator as to the outcome, Belgian Strong has a lot of ingredients so odours wouldn’t surprise. I’d say all is ok. Cheers Mark
  21. I think that could be the go with this one. Looking at the recipe with 750g of the X1 malt it should be more dominant by then.
  22. Agree. Two hours of waiting is two hours of not brewing. That’s not good 😭.
  23. I realise this post is old however was surprised that with over 800 views no one responded. You have probably worked out you can’t use the BrewArt kegs like normal kegs, so what did you end up doing? Hope your still active? Cheers Mark
  24. Just out of interest and to obviously brag 😊my turn around from kegging, to cleaning, to sanitising, to putting down a new brew in the droid is under an hour. Once you have your set repeatable process then it becomes easy. (Note: I keg into 10l kegs so quicker than the Beerflo ones I guess).
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