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  1. I like a bitter beer and the kit version suits me fine. Looking at the Brewprint ingredients I think the bitterness will be less than the kit and as Liam stated in an email that the recipe may need some adjustments. The comparison tastings will decide if it is an issue. (an addition of English Kent Golding hops may be needed?) However time will tell. Do you enjoy bitter beers? Cheers Mark
  2. Put this in the droid on 30/8/19 and kegged today (6/9/19). Already have a kit English Bitter to compare with and both will be compared in a few weeks. Will advice further.
  3. Southwark Premium, memories. My old man was a Southwark man but in hindsight anything would do if required. He was a pub “pint” man and I learnt quickly not to order schooners if pints were available.
  4. Nothing wrong with mid week sessions, don’t won’t to be labelled a weekend binge drinker 😀🤭
  5. 16c is a bit low, carbonation will occur but take much longer. 18c makes a big difference in carbonation time however if you have it around 20c then that’s ideal. Putting a blanket/quilt can make a big difference particularly where you are. Cheers
  6. If your brew does go to storage you can change it back to “keg” and it won’t revert back to storage again. 17c + tops for carbonation.
  7. What a ripper this one is. Smooth, crisp, easy drinking. Slight hop herbal finish, subtle malt in the taste. Will be in my top 10 of brews.
  8. I can certainly understand that. Just had a look at the recipe ingredients, just a light dry malt brew with no hop additions. Your opening comments support this, a Corona. There are 4 top rated reviews for it and that’s ok, it’s just not for you and me.
  9. Have joined - cleaned, sanitised, wifi connected and now in propagation mode as I type. A hopefully nice “The Golden Days of Summer Ale”.
  10. In propagation mode
  11. Rob is correct. Contact Brewart info as he suggests, they are great. Connection is easy however I believe the modem frequency has to be correct? You can use the BeerDroid without being connect but I would wait until your spoken to brewart. Let us both know how you get on. Try not to be too disappointed, they are a great unit and produce top brews. Cheers Mark.
  12. Bloody iPad, “you don’t want nasi you want Nadine!
  13. Glad you enjoy it. Interesting with the Aztec reference as the recipes are different and the Birra has hop additions where the Aztec none. Some people tend to forget what they have tasted. Ps. Nadine Goreng, your spoilt.☺️
  14. As an update how’s your brewing going? After a while in the bottle did the American Pale Ale turn out better? Cheers Mark
  15. Yes it is normal, the brew is continuing as it should. It goes up in temperature near the end of fermentation for the yeast to “liven up” a bit, and improve cleanup of fermentation by-products. Cheers Mark
  16. Meant to be “check” (Bloody ipad does what it wants)
  17. It should reconnect once the server is back on board with the modem. Do you have any of the symbols on the Beerdroid screen, that is the wifi and world globe symbols? My internet connect when off the other day for about 20mins and everything back to normal when it reconnected. Chevy the modem to ensure its back on board. Either way I’d turn it off and back on again to let it reset. (The modem not the droid). Let us know how you go. Ps your brew will continue as normal and if not connected the screen will tell you when it changed to the keg mode.
  18. Well said sir, us brewers must drink on for the good and well being of others. Sacrifices must be made.
  19. With all the great recipes Brewprint or own ingredients the brewing schedule does make it difficult for repeats. Once I’ve got through a few I may settle on the top 10 for a while.
  20. I don’t connect with Facebook so not aware of debacle however I add the hops when the fermentation is complete but leave it in the keg mode for the two days before the storage mode (although you can still revert back to the keg mode if longer required). I find this time allows for further yeast clean up and gives the hops some semi active time. I think the difference is notable. Ps there is no detrimental effects to the brew if the droid lid is lifted and replaced slowly so as not to create turbulence above the brew. If using the Brewprint liquid hops, gently release all over the surface, don’t stir.
  21. For me stouts in bottles are best left to mature over a long time (have “brew in a bag” versions 7 years old- delicious). With your batch suggest you hide a few and do a 6 monthly and yearly sample $ if you can, ha. Do the comparison with the Guinness can, brewed in Ireland as the bottles are brewed here under license and to me not the same. Also check out the pubs/RSL to ascertain if they have a Guinness on tap.
  22. I do personal ratings on each brew out of 10. I mainly do this so I can establish a list of the top ten for ongoing brewing preferences. (there is such a big ranch of quality, so need some control 😋)
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