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  1. It’s good to support your local. Love the trophy but don’t want to win it. 😁
  2. Correct except add a bit of cold water to each droid as you shouldn’t put hot liquid in first and cold water will also help to drop the temperature.
  3. Yes. (generally the kit tins give too high a fermentation instruction)
  4. 10l will be fine. For propagation 21C is fine however for fermentation I’d set it for 18C? If you used the Ale mode then all is fine.
  5. Nice drop but a bit too sweet for me. It is the style so that’s fine. Enjoyable, malt driven sweet ale with crisp finish.
  6. Put that nice drop in the Gallery.
  7. Bloody Australia Post. Two cartons (Droid and ingredients) picked up from Coopers QLD on Tuesday and two cartons acknowledged by Australia Post, Brisbane. Two cartons acknowledged by Australia Post, Melbourne on Thursday. Notification am today (Saturday) the delivery will be today. You beauty I thought. Guess what, ingredients carton delivered, Droid carton still in bloody Melbourne, delivery estimated next Wednesday. Bloody hopeless. They treat Adelaide with contempt, all eastern state parcels/cartons have to go through their sorting facility at Sunshine Vic, adds days on.
  8. I can see why, that’s a top looking drop. Another one for me to add to the brewing list. 🍺
  9. Just had a thought, If above doesn’t work can you adapt by using a suitable cork? Fashion one like suggested.
  10. Are putting the bung the right way up, the curved section must be up the top. Ensure bung is all the way in. You could try using some keg lube, that’s a food safe lubricant gel. Like this https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F292600956220
  11. Hi again. Sorry can not help with wine making equipment, this is a beer forum using BrewArt equipment. If you do not have this equipment then you really need to join a wine making forum, or if wanting to make beer, a beer making forum.
  12. I would certainly, will drink this one all year round. I actually prefer this to the well known Coopers Pale.
  13. With the answers to basic questions asked I think the limited English and understanding are unfortunately going to be too difficult or is this a bit of fun?
  14. Do you have equipment to brew at the moment, if so what. Or are you considering what’s available?
  15. Hi, Mark here. Welcome to the forum and hope you gain the information you seek. Will help as much as possible. Have you brewed before? Beer preferences, what do you like?
  16. Good comments and smart to do some keg trials for the Beerflo. I think Rob is fairly up to speed with those units and hasn’t reported any leak issues. He may well comment about that. Your right about brew friends and others not understanding that any wort can be used in the droid. Bought wort, all grain wort, any kit wort etc. This doesn’t restrict the unit and makes it versatile. There was even an official reviewer when first released that stated that the Droid was restricted to just the Brewprints. I don’t have/use a breerflo but I understand that the cradle for the droid does help and filling the keg in the upside down position has better results in the Beerflo pour. Regards Mark
  17. Well I think the unit is that good (about 20 brews now including a few Coopers kit/Brewprint ingredients) that I’ve ordered another one from the Father’s Day special promotion. ($100 off and free shipping) - Rob Courtney played a part in this decision, 🤗 have to blame someone to swmbo. Can’t wait and will be putting my normal plastic fermenters away.
  18. Coopers have just released the new XPA in a can. $62.90 a carton of 24 x 375ml! After tasting the first Brewprint version I know what XPA I’ll be drinking.
  19. I realise this post is a few years old however forum becoming fairly active now. “Deeks” is in/near Perth. Are you still brewing, hows it all going.
  20. Free shipping on again for short period, $200 spend required.
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