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  1. With the answers to basic questions asked I think the limited English and understanding are unfortunately going to be too difficult or is this a bit of fun?
  2. Do you have equipment to brew at the moment, if so what. Or are you considering what’s available?
  3. Hi, Mark here. Welcome to the forum and hope you gain the information you seek. Will help as much as possible. Have you brewed before? Beer preferences, what do you like?
  4. Good comments and smart to do some keg trials for the Beerflo. I think Rob is fairly up to speed with those units and hasn’t reported any leak issues. He may well comment about that. Your right about brew friends and others not understanding that any wort can be used in the droid. Bought wort, all grain wort, any kit wort etc. This doesn’t restrict the unit and makes it versatile. There was even an official reviewer when first released that stated that the Droid was restricted to just the Brewprints. I don’t have/use a breerflo but I understand that the cradle for the droid does help and filling the keg in the upside down position has better results in the Beerflo pour. Regards Mark
  5. Well I think the unit is that good (about 20 brews now including a few Coopers kit/Brewprint ingredients) that I’ve ordered another one from the Father’s Day special promotion. ($100 off and free shipping) - Rob Courtney played a part in this decision, 🤗 have to blame someone to swmbo. Can’t wait and will be putting my normal plastic fermenters away.
  6. Coopers have just released the new XPA in a can. $62.90 a carton of 24 x 375ml! After tasting the first Brewprint version I know what XPA I’ll be drinking.
  7. I realise this post is a few years old however forum becoming fairly active now. “Deeks” is in/near Perth. Are you still brewing, hows it all going.
  8. Free shipping on again for short period, $200 spend required.
  9. Yes certainly great value Rob and for such high standards in quality. Spring, summer drinking is something to look forward too however nothing wrong with autumn, winter drinking.🍻
  10. Terry confirmed that the droid only works on the 2.4ghz channel.
  11. Nearly 6 weeks in the keg. This is a strong finishing pale ale with hops and citrus to the palate. If you enjoy bitter ales then this will suit. Flavour is strong in the malt, citrus and fruitiness department. An enjoyable ale.
  12. Liam’s on the ball as usual. He thinks the following will be close:- 2 x E2 1 x E5 1 x X3 Y4 yeast (will give about 4.1%) Will let you know how it compares with the kit version (nearly always on tap).
  13. An observatory, now that would be something to have. Viewing would be great up to about the 5th drink? 🥴🤪🙂
  14. No haven’t tried myself but as the norm is to can already carbonated beer apparently it can get messy as you have to “overflow” the can (overflow mainly froth) to eliminate oxygen then secure the top quickly. Have also heard some have canned before carbonation and added a sugar drop like with a bottle. For the home brewer I think it’s costly (also cans best bought in bulk) and messy however believe some brew club members have shared the cost and have all in canning days. U Brew It in some State branches have canning facilities but you have to brew your beer there.
  15. Good stuff, will be interested in your thoughts.
  16. Are most people pouring beers at 3C or higher.
  17. Painting a front fence in Mt Gambier at this time of the year, lucky your not frozen!🥶 Must admit it is nice when you finish a keg of brew you enjoyed, knowing there is more 🤗
  18. Good idea, I think the Ruby Porter (King Crimson) Brewprint may be close and with some adjustment? Will let you know.
  19. I’ve been adding hops for a while now, both tea and dry hop and feel fairly confident in the use of them. However “baby steps” are important in the beginning to get an understanding of their flavour and strength in addition to your own personal liking. I’ve been caught where in adapting a 23l recipe for the 10l Droid I forgot to reduce the hop additions to suit. No real harm done other than I don’t like over the top hopped brews.🙄
  20. Depending upon the recipe but hop teas certainly add something special to the can brews. Again depending upon the recipe have done both, the tea at the beginning and dry hop at the end.
  21. I use hop pellets in a mesh hop bag and put that in the droid when I think it’s ready to go to the keg mode. Leave for the 2 days, remove and keg.
  22. Now have my 20th brew in the droid (includes about 6 Coopers cans/ Brewprint ingredient brews). The unit is great, quality outcomes ever time. So good have ordered a second unit and the normal plastic fermenters can be put away!
  23. Possible challenge, love the Coopers tin English Bitter (tin plus 500g Coopers ldme). What ingredients from the Brewprint list would you think could closely duplicate this. Cheers, Mark
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