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  1. Sorry, yes your in the U.S. 1) If you like a strong robust stout go with the enhancer as well. (shake in the packet to mix up a bit and add 1/2). This would be great for maturing purposes as well (keeping for a year(s). I have glass bottled stouts over 7 years, you could put it on ice cream 🍦.😛 2) yes, you still have to start the carbonation process after fermentation.
  2. No as it needs to be done before the yeast is added. With Brewprints the only way to get a true OG is to premix the ingredients, add to the droid, top up to 10l then take a reading before adding the yeast. But be warned, prefixing of the sachets is a bummer, very easy for all the ingredients to “clump up”. To be honest with the Brewprints, Coopers statement on alcohol % with each recipe would be accurate. The pack quantities are precise and their research/testing etc would be spot.
  3. In my above post I meant FG not OG reading after fermentation. Just got my brain in order. With the Brewprints I can’t see how you can measure the OG as this should be done before the yeast is added. You will be ok with any wort premixed, put in the droid and measured before the yeast.
  4. I would think that after only 12 hours the ingredients hadn’t completely mixed. Also if you took the reading from a sample straight out of the tap without discarding the first bit (ingredients settled in the tap) the reading would be inaccurate. When I first got the unit I did a OG reading of my first couple of brews to be satisfied that when the droid said fermentation was complete, it was. I’m now convinced of it’s accuracy and don’t do it anymore. Mark
  5. Your well on the way now. Don’t let the kegs get much cooler as carbonation will slow if not stop. Wrap a towel or cover with a t-shirt. 18 to 20C is ideal.
  6. https://www.diybeer.com/au/customer/account/login/referer/aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZGl5YmVlci5jb20vYXUvY3VzdG9tZXIvYWNjb3VudA%2C%2C/?SID=kqomg4pec5elm8tl5125m9hoj1 https://www.diybeer.com/au/
  7. Barrelboy

    I love to propagate.

    The start of a Bohemian Lager
  8. Set up in the brewing room
  9. Have cracked the keg after 5 weeks. Have to say an impressive drop. Malt flavour with citrus background . Delightful bitter hop driven finish. This is another one to add to the re-brew list. Boy I need another droid, Father’s Day? Mmm. Wife dear...........😍😇
  10. Just great all is going well for you. Your right in the process is easy and haven’t had a bad drop yet. Thought the American Pale Ale was just delicious. You like your stouts so let’s start with a good easy one. You will get two brews out of this. In a sanitised stainless steel pot (just for the brew room think about the 19l stainless pot with glass lid from BigW for $20) put in 2 to 3 litres of just boiled water and add 1/2 a tin each of the Coopers Irish Stout can and the Thomas Coopers Dark Ale Malt (liquid). Stir until dissolved. Add a couple of litres of cold water to cool it down or have some cold water in the Droid before you tip in the hot solution. Fill droid to the 10 litres and sprinkle the yeast that came with the tin on the surface. Set droid to the Ale mode. Now the two 1/2 tins will keep in the fridge best in a plastic bag, vacuum sealed or in an air tight container. Will be ok for your next brew. When you do this use either Y2 yeast or Safale so-4 yeast. Doing the batches in a row gives one for drinking and one for maturing (if you can, ha ha) I’m a long term Coopers product fan as I believe the quality is always there and never had an issue however you may want to use other brands. Cheers Mark.
  11. How’s your brewing going? Have you sampled the American Pale Ale yet? What’s in the droid now?
  12. Highlands IPA kegged, Bohemian Lager now in propagation mode.
  13. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed and the larger tins are of better value. Have you joined the Coopers club for 10% and monthly free deliver of either above $80 or $100 purchases. (Not on Brewprint packs or ingredients)
  14. I note that all the Mr Beer tins now don’t call for any malts as the base recipe. However strong brew recipes are available in the Coopers recipe site. (Eg the American Rebel Amber Ale). So yes you can just do all the tin on there own. cheers Mark
  15. You are correct. The Mr Beer series are concentrated brews. Whilst other Mr Beer can call for malt additions the Winter Ale doesn’t and the required fermentation sugars are in the tin. Mr Beer are 8.5l recipes so no problems with the 10 litres will just drop alcohol % a bit. It can get confusing at first however it’s just different recipes/different products.
  16. Actually a good way to consume it.
  17. The best part about the Corona is the lemon. Your right it’s like a crappy Carlton Cold. 40degree heat, mow the lawn and I suppose it might be better than water- might be🤪
  18. At the least the kids enjoyed it. I’d use the Coopers tabs in each bottle and calculate for the remainder you keg. Just drop the tabs in the keg as you would for bottles.
  19. Thanks. Great, your First brew. 1) Did you dry hop the H7 2) Are you using sugar tabs for the bottles? Sorry to be mosey but checking your on the right track.
  20. Fair enough Terry. Not a bad idea to just use 1/2 tin, then you’ll have a better idea of what is needed or not with the other 1/2. This will be interesting so please let forum how it all goes. Best wishes with the pre-diabetic, diet control and good beer will keep it in check. Mark
  21. If your going to use a whole tin of Morgan’s Dark then I’d use just 1/2 a tin of the extract however remember its for 10l so that will be a fairly high alcohol %. (You Brew guy was probably thinking of 23l). You could us about 1/3 of the tin. The remainder will keep in the fridge if you put it in a plastic bag or air tight container or if you have a vacuum sealer then better still. Won’t hurt to give it a go.
  22. Now you just can’t beat an approval like that.
  23. No I haven’t just brewed a tin without some malt. If you take the Coopers English Bitter tin/recipe for example it requires 500g of light dry malt extract. This will give an about 3.8% alcohol for 23 litres. So I’d say 200g of the malt for 10l would give about the same. A tin on its own would certainly be of a low alcohol % but I think a little watery?
  24. Yes have to agree. It’s funny that with the Coopers tins, enhancers ect they offer free postage every month for spending either over $80 or $100 but the Brewprint offers are irregular and the last one over $200. My understanding is both products (tins and Brewprint) are in the same warehouse in QLD. I did ask the question if the Brewprints and/or ingredients could be packaged with the tins but got a definite no. That’s ok but had to ask.
  25. Lol. Must be as bad as us in SA where everything by Aust Post on the Eastern states goes through their sorting facility in Sunshine Vic.
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