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  1. Kegged today after 8day fermentation, very lucky? no overflow but it tried. 🤭
  2. If it’s bubbling in the window then fermentation is happening. The app should also show a rise in temp and then cooling down again. (I’m about to keg a Ruby Porter, it didn’t overflow as expected but it tried.)
  3. The yeast out of the fridge for a couple of weeks will have lessened it’s strength so to speak, it kind of attacks itself. So the start of fermentation would have been quite slow, perhaps as much as 3- 4 days to really get going. ( always keep in the fridge) The good thing is fermentation has/is happening. The bubbles on the surface would suggest a bit more to go. I leave for another day and see if after the next Droid Test Mode what it states if anything. Let us know as your close to kegging/bottling.
  4. Hi Brett, Mark here and welcome to the forum. Lots of good help here. Now the US Chiller Lager Brewprint states fermentation from 9 to 20 days. Although this is a general guide it does seem a bit long at 15 days. The fact that it states “unable to detect fermentation” is a worry as it suggests the brew has just been sitting there. Are you sure you added the yeast as the first ingredient into the 10l of water. To check the possibility that fermentation has occurred slowly remove the lid (not if in Test Mode) and look for 3 things:- 1) is there condensation on the underside of the lid? 2) is the a ring of sediment (krausen) at the line of and above the brew level? 3) are there any small bubbles on the surface? Slowly put lid back on and I will advise further when I receive your responses. Cheers Mark
  5. Update:- In the Droid 24/5 and kegged 2/6 into a maturing keg (will clear it up as well) after a 9 day fermentation. Transferred to a 10l “consuming” keg today after 4 and a bit weeks. Will be 2 to 3 weeks before main fridge unless I move it forward. 6 weeks about right @Rob Courtney? Ps when releasing gas from the keg it smelt absolutely delicious.
  6. “DH is also something I would do for it next time........“ So your not going to DH this time?
  7. Good one for Eddie, and he’s not raving now after a few of his boys have got into trouble
  8. Can someone explain:- Port Power claims it was established in 1870 however AFL doesn’t recognise this as they have recorded only the one Premiership to the Power and not all those since 1870. Interesting as all the Victorian AFL Clubs have their VFL records included in the AFL stats etc. I think the reality is the Vic AFL Clubs should not claim their VFL records as that was the Victorian Football League and not AFL. But let’s face it it’s really not the AFL but VFL with “invited guests”
  9. The maturing kegs (as I call them) are kegs that don’t fit my fridge, 2 are barrel shape with too large a diameter and the 2 other are just too tall. The ball lock connections are all the same. They work well and stop me from drinking the brews to soon, ha.
  10. Kegged today into a maturing keg and will leave for about 6 weeks then transfer to consuming keg which in the keg cycle will be at about 10 weeks+ when first pint poured.
  11. Sounds like it has turned out ok, the Magnum hops do have some similarities and are good for bitterness. Your choice I’d say is acceptable for this brew. Will await tasting and comparison report. Cheers
  12. And a St Kilda defender kicking 2 goals mmmm. The way things are going with tha Crows you might jet Gibbs back😂😂
  13. Well prepared, the 3 hop choices will work well together.
  14. Looks good Bert. What’s brewing now?
  15. @BrewArt Team. This seems to happen when responding to a number of posts, can the limit be removed? Thanks, Mark
  16. Barrelboy

    Dry July

    All the best for your mate Paul, good cause. A few bob from me won’t go astray.
  17. Barrelboy

    Dry July

    You buggers (I google with the lights out so you couldn’t see). I have trouble finding it now without having a “merkin” down there.😂
  18. Did another one, only 3 weeks kegged but boy nothing wrong with it. The challenger hops add that different fruity herbal touch.
  19. Follow the Brewprint recipe however dry hop the 20g Amarillo Pellets at day 8. My fermentation time records indicate a 14 and 11 day fermentation. The 3 day difference I believe could be due to the yeast dates, 14 days = 2018 yeast, 11 days 2019 yeast. I’ve mentioned before I was not a lager fan as disliked those on pub taps and the over the top hopped craft bottled ones. However a convert for Brewprint lagers, you have to give a few a go and this one would not be a bad start however look at the top ten spreadsheet in Brewart Banter
  20. So enjoyable in the droid today. As far as lagers go this is worth a brew. Anyone else done it yet?
  21. Keg into a maturing keg after a 7 day fermentation. Will keg transfer in about 4 to 6 weeks meaning consumption about 8 to 10 weeks. I think the Coopers Sparkling Ale needs some time. Will do a comparison with a purchased long neck. Replaced with a Revolution Dark Lager
  22. As at 6.20pm Adelaide time, all ok
  23. Just incase you haven’t :- https://brewart.com/101/wp-content/uploads/BrewArt-BeerDroid-Instruction-Manual-AU-.pdf https://www.williams-sonoma.com/netstorage/pdf/207349-BrewArt-BrewFlo-Manual.pdf
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