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  1. If your using your liquid malt then personally I wouldn’t bother with the X1. The full tin plus 2 x E5 will give you about 6.1%, with an X1 as well will bump it another 1% and X2 another 1%. Up to you. Hop and yeast selection will be just nice. Mark
  2. Hi Alan. You could just do as you say ie mix the liquid malt in hot water, cool, add to droid, water to 10l, yeast and press the ale mode. Dry hop later on. However In a lot of cases liquid malt is used like you would use a dry malt extract ie add to either a can of a particular brew (1/2 can for 10l) or mix the liquid in hot water, put in droid, add water, add yeast, add E elements from a recipe that requires X1 ingredients. Now what you have is an excellent malt and at equivalent weight = 1.5kg = 6 lots of 250g of X1 sachets. You probably don’t want to add all that, use 50%, replace cap on tin, fridge for next time. Cheers Mark
  3. Hi Mick, Paul84 a couple of posts up likes to increase temps etc for “banana”hum. He will no doubt respond to your post. Cheers, Mark
  4. This glass is so good, noted they had 3 left for sale but when going through for purchase it was going to be 3 x $12.50 plus 3 x $12.50 postage = $75. So I sent the seller a message for all 3 at $60 including postage. Accepted, paid for and have tracking #. Can’t wait and really happy at $20 a glass. They are brand new so a bargain in my book. Why the extra? Love rotating glasses through the freezer, with only one of a style means you have to change.
  5. Out of interest the Shem Sheet compares this (opinion only) with a Hahn Premium, do you still lean towards Southwark Premium?
  6. Welcome, with any questions and inf about your brews.
  7. Hi again. Yes you can. I run three droids and keg all to 10 and 12l ss ball lock kegs. I place sanitised tubing over the tap nozzle (can use small diameter and push up inside the tap spout.). Works well and is quick. Cheers Mark
  8. Hi Debra, Mark here and welcome to the forum. Plenty of help here. Yes you can without internet/wifi. On the first main thread topic of this forum “First Time BrewArtist Basic Operation“ you can download the Beerdroid full manual so you can be ahead of the game before they arrive. Cheers
  9. After 9 days fermentation got a message to add the hops (wasn’t going to as already done with a ss hop ball) however it asked to give the tick when done. So I suspect will sit for 24hrs the go into storage. I just ceased the program and kegged. Word of warning, as I keg to ss kegs if fermentation is not quite complete it will finish off in the keg and no harm done however bottles = potential bombs, Beerflo kegs = potential over carbonation. So if you choose the the hop mode route and you bottle/Beerflo keg then follow through until at least gone to the storage mode.
  10. So you’d stay with half the hops, the 30g?
  11. Agree, will tag the team. @BrewArt Team can the manual posts be “pinned”? Thanks, Mark
  12. Thought I’d put a dedicated place for these:- https://brewart.com/101/wp-content/uploads/BrewArt-BeerDroid-Instruction-Manual-AU-.pdf https://www.williams-sonoma.com/netstorage/pdf/207349-BrewArt-BrewFlo-Manual.pdf Cheers Mark
  13. “Being new it also means I don't have to worry about sterilisation.“ not worth the risk, stanitise and your 100% sure. Remember if using starsan or stellasan non rinse sanitiser it is reusable and cheap to use at 1.5ml/litre.
  14. 1) An alternative to H6 (galaxy) would be H1 (Amarillo) or Citra or Simcoe which are not in the H series. 2) Personally I’m not into cold crashing (storage mode) with these recipes and wouldn’t be sitting tea bags in the droid for 48hours per recipe. I’d make a tea by pouring just boiled water onto the tea bags (250ml) in a sterilised container (dedicated coffee plunger is great for this and hops. Allow to cool with tea bags still in and place in the fridge. Do this the day before your going to add it to the droid. As the recipe states 7-10days for fermentation I’d add it (liquid only) on day 6. You can then keg or bottle when fermentation is complete. 3) Add the hops at the same time. 4) If you want to go the cold storage 48hrs road then add the hops and tea at end of fermentation and press the storage button. Trust this helps, Mark
  15. Jack, just in case you haven’t I’ve down loaded the full droid manual so you can be up to scratch when the unit arrives. Cheers Mark https://www.williams-sonoma.com/netstorage/pdf/207350-BrewArt-BeerDroid-Beer-Brewer-Manual.pdf
  16. As per Rob. You’ll love the droid and we are here to help. I got a droid last year on a Father’s Day special. But I had to pay for it, mmmm....
  17. Yes they are reusable. Just make sure you sanitise them and screw on tight. Cheers Mark
  18. I’ve never forgot when my the 5yr old lad came into the house (about our cat) and said “dad, ginger is asleep on the other side of the road” to which I replied “well he’s probably a bit tired and having a rest” to which he relied “but he’s got ants coming out of his ears” It was a sad day for the family, we buried poor old ginger under the lemon tree.
  19. Another great favourite, easy drinking.
  20. My Stella Artois 500ml glass arrived, brilliantly packaged. Now I have to admit with you other Stella that my Belgian Lager does taste a better in this glass, perhaps it’s the poshness?🤔
  21. Well edited. Lager to larger is easily done, sometimes auto corrects will just do it for you. Anyway that’s a nice looking lager, 14days, carbonated well.🍻
  22. If you haven’t used the custom mode and turned the dry hop feature to on then I’d use the liquid hop sachets for this brew. If you did, use the dry hop sachets when told to which have been set at 25g.
  23. Top drop, What can one say, Belgian Lager
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