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  1. Eight days have passed and flavours are described above have developed further. Nice clean refreshing drop. Is this a drop an Englishman drinks? Anyone else brew it?
  2. Will do, kegged it today so probable be in the fridge 3 to 4 weeks time. Hope it’s not as bad as you say🤪🙂
  3. Had a look at this one Damian but thought it might be too sweet, seems not the case by your good evaluation.
  4. Well this turned out to be a another top drop. Sweet fruit and malt flavour( not over powering) and would say honey like. Slight bitter after taste with crisp refreshing finish. Will leave for another week to let flavours develop further, just my preference.
  5. Put this down on 10/4/19, fermentation started quickly and had some Krausen overflow, not much about 1/2 a cup. Kegged on 19/4 and replaced with a Highlands IPA Brewprint.
  6. Keg this one 1/4/19, now carbonated and in fridge ready to be drunk. Will advise out come.
  7. Tried to do another review on the Beerdroid but can’t as I’ve already done one after my first brew. Update reviews aren’t available so will do it here. I have no affiliation with BrewArt or Coopers but I do have a great appreciation of the Coopers kit products thus part of my reasoning in purchasing the Beerdroid. I’m into my 6th brew now in nearly 2mths and it has continued to produce top quality brews that are not only cheaper than equivalent slaps from bottle shops but imo better. I’ve done 3 brewprints/ingredients, 2 Coopers kit wort and 1 combination of both. Excellent results and the wifi information is just a big plus. I can keg (own ss kegs), clean unit/sanitise and fire up the unit for a new brew in just under an hour. Way to go
  8. Brewed a Hoppy Pale Ale- 1/2 tin Coopers Pale Ale 500gms Coopers light dry malt 50g crystal malt cracked- steeped 60mins 10gm cascade hop pellets 7.5g mosaic hop pellets both steeped for 20min dry hop 10g each cascaded and mosaic pellet hops. A delicious drop, will definitely do again soon.
  9. Had my first overflow of Krausen with a Brewprint Irish Red Ale. Not severe just seepage going half way down the left hand side of the unit as meant. Wipe it off with a damp soft cloth then sanitised the area with a damp cloth with starsan on it to avoid any infection from the initial clean.
  10. The Irish Red is absolutely magnificent, although “kit based” the Beerdroid brewed it to perfection.
  11. Hi Hugh, Mark here. When you have chilled your beer in the storage mode and want to keg, just pressure the keg mode then then the “tick” icon. Turn droid off and away you go. Looking at the graph as to temperature movement during Brewing I don’t think much power is used, sometimes the temp cycle takes near 4 hours and chilling back down is not very long. I’d say the most power used is the continual lighting of the screen. Should have on/off switch for this. To connect to wifi, select method, read and follow very carefully. If you have problems ring or email BrewArt Tech, they are great and respond quickly. Enjoy your brewing and let us know how you go.
  12. Sounds like good brew. I don’t Keg to beerflo but ss kegs so don’t know about seals etc however I assume your brew in storage mode would be 3 to 4C. Did you chill your kegs. If not then the cold beer going into warm kegs cold certainly cause foaming.
  13. Yes but only the the Australian Old. I have a preference for Coopers plus if your a member you get 10% off and free delivery each month if you purchase over $80 or $100 depending on the month. In addition BigW 3 to 4 times a year offer Coopers at 20% discount.
  14. Hi Rob, I halve the ingredients I would do for a 23litre brew and fill with water up to the 10 litres with water. I mix and dissolve the ingredients in a sanitised stainless saucepan ( or in your plastic fermenter and use tap to put into the Beerdroid) mixing well. Then sprinkle the yeast on top. I use the custom mode and set the propagation mode at 20C and fermentation at 19C. If using the Ale mode I generally up the fermentation once it’s started to 19C.
  15. Just kegged a Brewprint English Pub Draught and now fermenting a Coopers Brew de Ale ZE BUB using 1/2 tin of Thomas Cooper Brew A IPA, Coopers spray malt and Centennial hops.
  16. Through I’d try this one using the brewprint ingredients. Fermentation at 16C and recently just over 8 hours for the 2C fermentation swing to happen. Just great.
  17. As a precaution I’ve put two plastic ties around the spigot, trim off the ends. This should give some support.
  18. How did it turn out? I dry hop in the Beerdroid as soon as fermentation is finished a leave in the Keg mode for the 2 days. Just remove and replace slowly so you don’t creat “air movement” into the droid.
  19. As I’m not in a position to use a sink when cleaning the Beerdroid I wipe and rinse out into a bucket which works well however to assist I use a spray pump. Have the long nozzle off to get into the unit to rinse and attach nozzle if you want to spray. Can then also use the sprayer for sanitising. (The 5l Buy Right unit is $9.90 at Mitre 10)
  20. To dry hop by just dropping a hop bag in can have two issues 1) it will drop and block the tap for bottling or kegging 2) at the bottom the concentration of the hop may stay near the bottom therefore not evenly distributed in the bottles or the two kegs. So I’ve done this, sanitised before putting it in. Two pieces of tube to support the weight and float the hops on top.
  21. Great stuff Kaisersose, your certainly making some good brews. These droids are just great for brewing control, experimentation and producing high quality craft beer. I have 2 iKegger 10l (mainly use to mature and do keg to keg transfers), 6 ball lock 9.5/10l and 4 ball lock 12l. Like you I do hop teas for the wort and dry hop with a hop bag. Works well. Currently have Cooper English Bitter (23l) in the traditional 30l barrel. English bitter is my go to general ale and a Hoppy Pale Ale in the droid. Keep on brewing and experimenting, cheers.
  22. The demineralise water is only $1.60 and lasts for ages. I use it as I don’t like the initial cloudiness with Adelaide water, even when filtered. The demineralised water is crystal clear and is a good indication of your cleaning processes, that is impurities show up if your slack 🤭🙂 (it is cheaper per litre if you find the 4l container.
  23. How did it end up? Did you mix first?
  24. I buy the 2 litre (used to be able to get the 4l Diggers) of Coles brand demineralised water and add the 6ml of starsan via a 3ml syringe (no needle) available from a chemist or eBay. i fill a spray bottle for easy spray jobs and pour into kegs etc for larger use. As stated it is reusable. Remember it is not a cleaner but a sanitiser. It needs 2min contact and as it is a non rinse sanitiser you can be off and running in no time.
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