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  1. While in Perth get yourself a champagne yeast as I believe this will create the dry cider outcome.
  2. That’s good to note and a plus for the Beerflo kegs.
  3. Have you done this yet? Wait on, do you have 2 droids? Can’t recall.
  4. Having one now as we speak, just over 7 weeks in the keg. The galaxy comes through beautifully.
  5. How are things progressing? The Mr Beers from Coopers are free delivery if you order 4 of any type.
  6. Sure it’s 4%? Your agreeing with yourself lol 😂
  7. A good rinse and turning the bag inside out helps. When next at a brew shop get yourself 1kg of pure sodium percarbonate (main ingredient in Nappy San). A teaspoon with hot water and a couple of hours of soaking will clean these bags up nicely.(rinse afterwards). Can also use a non scented bleach like White King.
  8. Ask away anytime, some and I say some brewhop staff don’t even homebrew and have limited knowledge or provide the wrong info.
  9. You could or if you go down the page on the Kegland reference I did above they refer to hop tubes, good for up to 150g. At 300mm long one should fit. You could also use hop bags (reusable) they come in all different sizes. Might be best to pop into a brew shop if handy.
  10. There are different sizes available, this one claims 30g however as with Rob, 20g well suited. https://www.kegland.com.au/stainless-hop-bomb.html
  11. I’m wondering if you need to steep some cracked crystal grain for this one or some addition amber to the Brewprint Spoke Amber Ale? Interesting.
  12. No, new you were a good South Australian, you stated visiting some top Adelaide historic pubs 😊. News states QLD is next to be cleared by SA so home soon. (sorry thought you were stuck in Vic)
  13. Some are like the the malt however the store warehouse for BrewArt and Coopers homebrew (tins/enhances etc) is just out of Brisbane as the cost to set up in Adelaide was to expensive both to open a warehouse and for state/overseas transport distribution. Australia Post in its cost cutting exercise (at the expense of SA customer service & jobs) basically closed the major distribution centre here in lieu of high tech computerised centres at Sunshine Vic and now QLD. Not meaning to offend but let’s face it the Eastern States don’t give a toss about SA, WA or NT.
  14. Bloody hell, now that is fast. Ordered mine on Tues, told expect next Thursday. Not unusual as boxes for Adelaide go to the Sunshine Vic sorting facility first and sit there for days and days etc. But no longer get pissed off as learnt to have extra stocks.
  15. Probably why I like the Stone & Wood Pacific Ale so much, same recipe as the Coopers Pale Ale accept for an extra E5. (Yeast the same.)
  16. Your right, great to have the variety. Do you have a dedicated beer fridge?
  17. With my kegs I have choice of 4 different brews, 2 connected to flow control taps however can connect the other 2 by simply changing the beer disconnects, 10 seconds at most. currently have choice of Coopers XPA, Coopers Session Ale, Lawn Mower Lager and Lord’s English Pale Ale. Enjoyment plus.
  18. The lid should be even all round, when you first put it on it should sit flat and you turn it clockwise to lock into place. I would say it would be very difficult for the lid to be warped so I suspect either the rubber seal is not totally in its place or could you have it the wrong way around. Standing in front of the unit the “B” on the handle should have the black down the bottom left and the white to the top right.
  19. Two weeks may not be enough for effective carbonation and time will tell. Tasting good means it’s not a waste, is it tasting flat? If the carbonation doesn’t improve you can mix with a similar ale, ie 2/3 of this in a glass top with 1/3 of something else.
  20. Great stuff, I’m interested in this one.
  21. I just love this, along with the Coopers Session Ale.
  22. “Bottled Beer Consumption Time“ in BrewArt Banter
  23. It is subjective and I believe the method used to carbonate and store the final product does have bearing. I think there is a difference in maturing etc with PET bottles vs glass bottles vs BrewArt kegs vs ss kegs in addition to the carbonation method, BrewArt primer vs sugar vs sucrose drops vs dextrose vs malt vs co2 gas etc.. so I’m not sure with all the variables whether the information would help in any great degree. As stated 6 to 8 weeks seems to be the general consensus. in addition, if patient enough the 2, 3, 4, etc week test as discussed in another thread would help individual assessments.
  24. Work out what hops you want, buy bulk with those you’d use most. See if you can set up a reliable courier service with the shop and inform others up your way may be interested in a bulk order as well if the service was good?
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