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  1. I’m drinking another keg of this, enjoying so much another batch in the droid today. As I’ve stated a great Draught beer, simple recipe with no worries about hops, is ready to keg in 6 days (all my brews so far) and it’s not expensive, only $16 using the BrewPrint ingredients. Recommend having a go now, and not leaving for winter consumption.
  2. You can do either (before or after beer added) however I think most do before the beer. However they will drop to the bottom like the sugar tabs do when bottling. This is not a worry as it will dissolve and the yeast will quickly attack it to produce the carbonation/co2. Cheers
  3. Have a look at the topic “Brewing using Coopers cans” in page 2 of thread Beerdroid General. Of course you don’t necessarily need Coopers cans but if you can get them or Mr Beer they are top products.
  4. Hi Robert and welcome. You can ferment any wort in the the droid, that made up from cans (kit brews), purchased wort, all grain wort etc. Just ensure you make the wort first to 10l, pour into the droid and sprinkle the yeast on top. The is a thread on non Brewart brews. Cheers Mark
  5. Greetings Don. Nothing wrong with what your doing, I take it you are consuming them early so there would be too much maturing. I keg, leave at room temp for a couple of weeks then proceed to chill etc. How have you found them when drinking, that is the main thing really? Cheers
  6. This one does definitely sit well early, a good one to brew if your stocks are low. See my post 27 March.
  7. A merry Xmas to the whole BrewArt team. The service and responses to many a question here in Australia and the US have been exceptional and noted by brewers. Orders for Xmas are at a close as far as deliver is concerned but ASIO has provided me with the following:- Xmas deliveries Liam’s work area Warehouse in Qld A job well done @BrewArt Team
  8. At 4 weeks such an enjoyable brew. ”......did a fair amount of yard work...” yeah yeah
  9. Kegged and maturing. Another in the Droid, at day 5 no Galaxy so have dry hopped with 23g citra and 7g Amarillo. Should be just fine.
  10. Plan started, Bohemian Lager in the droid. So Droid A -Bohemian Lager, Droid B- Lawn Mower Lager, Droid C- Rapid River Ale. When Droid B kegged then the GOAT will go in.
  11. Ferment 6 days, drink at 3 weeks, oh what another ripper.
  12. Just out of interest couldn’t you put a brew down, go to Perth and if necessary due to time let it go into keg then store? Already fir your return.
  13. Yes, can be drunk early, particularly the English Pub Draught. The longer the better but early can be good.
  14. Hi Roman. Both the Tall Tale PA and English Pub Draught (top drop) ferment out in 6 to 7 days. Cheers
  15. Great offer Andy, should sell quickly
  16. Did you have an overflow with the Pineapple last time? Have you tried the Hop-Sessed Session IPA yet? Haven’t tried the Point yet but the GOAT is certainly a favourite.
  17. I have a Coopers Session Ale brewing, and two Lawn Mower Lager’s. I have other stock however I don’t mind the lager consumed early 🤭
  18. Hi Beer Monkey, glad you have something to brew. Your could email BrewArt about the delivery companies if you wish. Cheers, Mark
  19. Well, with so many wonderful brew recipes that has been mentioned in causing mental stress on selection, I’ve come up with a cunning plan that unfortunately suits a 3 “droid-er” but could be adapted to 2. I have selected, for the time being, 4 brews to continually rotate through 2 droids. Lawn Mower Lager and Bohemian Lager in one, The G-O-A-T Amber Ale and the Hop-Sessed Session Pale Ale in the other. The other droid will accomodate what ever (an will cause the stress at a lower degree) This cunning plan starts now 😁👍
  20. This is a bright refreshing ale, a good one for quaffing outdoors during summer. Citrus/passion fruit with pleasant after taste. Will mature well.
  21. My understanding that an airlock/hose would effect the processes of the droid with regard to fermentation start and EOF advise. The lid system in part seals however any “excessive” pressure will be allowed to escape. There are a few recipes, the pineapple being one of them (from memory) that warn if potential overflowing. A few of us actually have taped to the side of the droid by the overflow outlet a Chux wipe cloth to catch any overflow and reduce mess.
  22. A very genuine ale, simple, enjoyable, the type expected from the Draught tap at the pub but better if you know what I mean. Easy to drink, nice firm bitterness and a touch of the hops, just a touch and just right.
  23. I’m not following the one each day rule but rather save a few up to relieve pressure on my droid consumptions 😁🍻. I won’t report on them all, perhaps the ones I really enjoy. I also appreciate they are all craft brews by craft brewers so will expect some surprises not necessarily to my liking. Just to start off, the first, an IPA (6.5%) was so fruity, dominated by passion fruit that I could state “was it an Alcopop” in a blind taste test. The second (7.7%) was so hopped, 6 different varieties that a hop tea could have been a better option. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s fun and not everything in the beer world has to be to your liking. I suspect some good ideas and potential cloning of a few will come out of this.
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