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  1. Great value, that’s 13 x 375mm stubbies for $9, ha can’t get that a Dan’s.
  2. Sorry Rennce but I don’t have a beerflo as I keg into stainless ball lock kegs. Hopefully someone will responded but in the meantime send an email to the Brewart tech support. They are great and reply fast. let us know how you go.
  3. Interesting. Can’t find on eBay or gumtree so another selling site?
  4. Great bargain with the beerflo plus the accessories. You will throughly enjoy and be amazed at the quality results you will get from the Beerdroid. Good info on this forum and if you need info etc then feel free to contact. I’m looking for a second unit, no second hand ones here in SA and most interstates won’t post. I do prefer new so will await a brewart special. What brews/styles are interested in? Have you brewed before? (Checkout here and Brewprint reviews for some responses.) Cheers Mark
  5. Just can’t believe you have no takers David. Can you advertise elsewhere for free like eBay etc. such a waste for recycling but you can only try. Good luck
  6. His review really tells you nothing other than easy to drink, recommend leaving in secondary for 4 weeks and will brew again.
  7. I’ll be interested with this one. This could work out well as have it sitting in a ss 12l keg that I use for holding/maturing so will leave for a couple of months.
  8. Th be honest besides the huge expense, I generally find pub beers on tap hard to drink. Usually I’ll buy a stubbie of Coopers Pale Ale or try some exotic craft crap so I can brag about my own a bit more. SA’s West End Draught on tap (or in the can/bottle) isn’t fit to be called a beer, it even smells like crap.
  9. Haven’t done this yet in the droid although I kegged a 12l clone on the 5th of this month (in 15l plastic fermenter) without brewart ingredients other than the yeast. Sometimes I do this to get and idea and if enjoyed will do in the droid. Information about brews from people like yourself are of great value. (and you have someone to blame if crap🤗
  10. You can say that again. Correct again with the $17 beers. I find all the recipes end up being a reasonable price for the quality.
  11. Thanks for response David, didn’t consider voltage etc. With a converter and freight and the risk of “rough” handling doesn’t make it worthwhile. As said, great offer and I’m sure will be snapped up. Thanks again Mark.
  12. Yes, for a tasty hop flavour. As the dry hop part is only for 2 days I find it is not over powering.
  13. Is it feasible to ship to Australia? If so for postage costs I’m at Noarlunga Downs, South Australia post code 5168. Great offer by the way. Cheers Mark
  14. This is another top drop. Kegged on 16/6/19 so well settled. The recipes and performance of the Beerdroid are excellent. This is a sweet malty Pale Ale with a dry finish rather than bitter.There is a hint of “toffee” as the promo states. Enjoyable brew again drink.
  15. I use a wooden door wedge and put it under the back of the droid so it tilts forward. Then I wipe down the sides, rinse and let about 1/2 litre of clean water sit in the bottom for about 15mins to loosen the sediment. With a bucket underneath I remove the tap and bung, drain out the sediment using more fresh water.( refer thread on “Cleaning Tips for Beerdroid”) When done, check the inside and wipe clean with a dry clean Chux wipe (up the tap spout as well). Lid is cleaned and dried. I then spray the lid (ensuring the seal is done) and inside of the unit with Star San non rinse sanitiser. The tap and bung have been cleaned and sanitised. Replace and away we go. It’s a thorough job, worth while and doesn’t take long. Ps. When I got the unit it had the troublesome red bung tap, emailed and was sent a new version within days. Great service
  16. Hi Damian, appreciate this is an old post however I’m interested in that you used 11 litres in the Beerdroid rather than the 10. Can you recall if you had any problems with this like overflow of the krausen? Have you done many more brews at 11 litres? Thanks Mark
  17. Thanks Hugh for the response. Liam was correct, forgot about the yeast cake at the bottom. Do you brew regularly and are you only using Brewprints (for the cocktail sugar 😋) or mixing the brewart ingredients with other ingredients?
  18. Hi BBB, sadly no one replied however activity here now. Did you try it out? If so how did it turn out? I would suspect ok as bulk priming in a secondary fermentation container often done particularly with all grain brews. Cheers Mark.
  19. Two droids, great. Thinking about that myself. Rob, winter is a good time to practice drinking for summer. 😋. Turn your heater up. So you can follow the Brewprint recipes do you know what hops are for the H 1 to 7 range. There is this info somewhere in this forum. I’ll try and find it if you don’t know.
  20. Review just published today in Brewprint. “ “Put this one down on 28/5 and kegged on 7/6/19. This is a really crisp enjoyable lager. Sweet malty flavours backed with a slight herbal finish. This a brew anytime drink.” Its a great drop and hoping the Belgian Lager you like is just as good. I would brew this one if I were you.
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