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  1. Well edited. Lager to larger is easily done, sometimes auto corrects will just do it for you. Anyway that’s a nice looking lager, 14days, carbonated well.🍻
  2. If you haven’t used the custom mode and turned the dry hop feature to on then I’d use the liquid hop sachets for this brew. If you did, use the dry hop sachets when told to which have been set at 25g.
  3. Top drop, What can one say, Belgian Lager
  4. Thanks for the responses, appreciated. Your recommendation with the stainless and force carbonation makes a lot of sense and the keg can then be stored to mature and until needed.
  5. Hi dcm, Mark here. Personally I’d run with the Y4. Although a bit more vigorous both are ale yeasts, both ferment out clear, Y1 highlights hop characters whilst Y4 enhances hop aroma. Cheers
  6. You could have a valid point as bitter ales are fairly typical of Australian and British tastes. To some degree you either enjoy bitter beers or you don’t so fully understand. I have not experienced any plastic taste and have three droids. Distilled water and a dislike for bitter beers may well be the issue. Does your brother have similar thoughts about the taste/bitterness? Cheers, Mark
  7. “We've been working on the Dry Hop Filter for a long time, so it's nice to finally have released it. The new Firmware update will ensure there's no guess work. It'll advise you to Dry Hop as fermentation is tapering off, then it will automatically cold crash for you, and let you know when it's done. It will make things a lot easier.” I thought this might be the case as it would seem some extra time is being added (as with liquid hops if bottling, leave for 24hrs after fermentation has been completed.) Personally not sure about the cold crashing, down to ? degrees then back up to 18C to keg/ bottle. Have one going now with the new dry hop program so will check out.
  8. Just put this one down after updating the droid firmware. Used the custom mode set the dry hop addition to on. I’m wondering, as if bottling using the liquid sachets you need to add to the droid and wait 24hrs if this dry hop setting is not adding 24hrs to when fermentation has actually finished. Time will tell.
  9. In my review of the XPA on the BrewPrint description I stated there was a “delightful bitter finish support by strength in hops” So I’m not sure about your “odd backend taste”. It could well be due to the distilled water, spring should be heaps better. Will be interesting. I use filtered tap water, works well.
  10. Ha ha. Which one of you and your brother is the “gooner” ang the “punk”?😂
  11. Sure, we all do it and it is worthwhile to follow the development overtime. However just pointing out your bitterness concern.
  12. Looking good however 21days is quite early and would suggest the bitterness would be attributed to this. The English Pub Draught is good at about 6 weeks, the bitterness should go and be replaced by some malt sweetness. Leave longer if you can ha ha
  13. Page 15 should help however BrewArt have a number of videos. Go to BrewPrint download, BrewArt 101.
  14. Hi Patrick and welcome to the forum. The Droid manual is https://www.williams-sonoma.com/netstorage/pdf/207350-BrewArt-BeerDroid-Beer-Brewer-Manual.pdf. Trusts this helps Cheers Mark
  15. Noticed the same but logging out and back in does correct it. I think this can be common with a number of app updates
  16. I was a bit simplistic, Barrelboy A, B & C
  17. Good stuff. After connection don’t forget to update your firmware to P16. You’ll find it in My BeerDroid. You can’t do this if brewing so suggest writing a note and putting it on the lid.
  18. Imperial pint dimple mugs, great for Draught style ales.
  19. Hi William and welcome to the forum. I’ve done chilli beers before and this method worked well. Roughly chop up the jalapeño and bring to the boil in about 500ml of water (more if loads of jalapeños) and simmer for about 5 mins. Turn off heating source, place lid on top and steep for 20min. Using a sanitised strainer add to the water in the droid, then yeast/ingredients ect. Or you can strain an amount into each keg if kegging Or add to droid at end of fermentation and allow 24hrs if bottling. (At the beginning is my preference) Cheers Mark. Let us know what you do and how it turns out. What beer styles do you enjoy most?
  20. Thanks Rob, now is it all lagers best drunk in this glass? Or recommendations. Thanks
  21. You can’t beat the look of lacing in a glass, stubbies just don’t do that. Or you can’t see and appreciate. And it can tell how big a gulp your taking 😋
  22. You two got me going, managed to secure a 500ml Stellar, not used but as a display, out of Melbourne for $10. Postage the killer, $12.50. However still a bargain?
  23. Welcome ausmetal94. Rob will guide you through but I’ll put up here the set up from the manual that I use.
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