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  1. Well, will be ready to keg tomorrow- Saturday.put a follow up in a Droid today.
  2. You don’t want to over do but a bit extra (.5ml) won’t do an harm. Out of interest I use a reusable 3ml syringe from a chemist. Good for 1 and 2 litre volumes.
  3. I have some starsan in a jar but you could use a bowl. Dunk the whole bag in, remove, wring out and then use. No need to let it dry
  4. I’m starting to get fairly accurate since logging fermentation times for each brew and have nearly all 2020 yeast sachets. To me if you put your hops in a bit early it doesn’t hurt as the vigorous fermentation period is over.
  5. Just had a few English Pub Draught which are not dry hopped and most enjoyable as a beer. Now poured a Hop-Sessed Session IPA, bloody hell what a kick. Going in my top ten is this one.
  6. @BrewArt Team, please forget 2) above as the android screen changed back to show it is testing. ( no I’m not made or drunk ha ha)
  7. Hi @BrewArt Team . I have downloaded the updated firmware P017 on my three droids and have now noted 3 things. 1) notifications no longer going to my iPad 2 (Apple) but still go to my Samsung Android phone 2) I’ve just noted that the BeerDroid screen is stating a fermentation temperature whilst the app states it is still testing 3) no big deal but sometimes it takes several goes before the password is acknowledged Thanks, Mark
  8. One thing that did suprise me was that Gibbs was carried off by two Carlton players! I thought at the least, one of each team. It would seem a person whom rang a radio sports show stating that “Gibbs left his heart with Carlton and only brought his body to the Crows” was correct?
  9. Could sent you a tape? errrr CD. errrr USB stick.
  10. Recently sampled a few at 4 weeks, very nice indeed. Personally I don’t leave this particular brew for too long as I prefer young before the “banana” gets a foothold. In saying that I still brew this ale as it is a nice drop.
  11. Thanks. It’s not overly bitter as a “bitter” ale would be, I think it’s hop driven type bitterness in the final after taste, and I like that. On the bitterness scale it sits mid way, and I’d agree.
  12. Did a review in the Brewprint as follows:- “Kegged after a 12 day fermentation, dry hopped the Simcoe and Mosaic at day 7 (manually) using ss hop bomb. Just over 3 weeks and it is certainly a “session-able” drop. Very clear golden colour, white healthy head. Fruity flavours, earthy and with matching aroma, the hops sure come through. Bitter finish with the hop domination. Boy I like this one, it’s up on the Coopers Session Ale, up on the Coopers XPA so a good addition.” Doubling the hops would be too much for me, 25g of each suits me well. Alan, sorry forgot. To manually stop the fermentation just press the tick button and switch the Droid off. It won’t record the kegs being stored as it thinks there is a fault.
  13. I know the weaker teams have to be made stronger but draft priority picks have sent a lot of excellent young talent to clubs that are really not offering anything to enhance their skills and why a number leave as soon as their contract is up. The other side of the coin is like GWS where millions were invested by the AFL, priority picks galore and you have a new club that rapidly passes all the long term, doing it hard clubs up the ladder.
  14. Have to agree about Gibbs. He failed under two coach’s and just couldn’t get that spark back he had at Carlton. Even Eddie Betts at the Crows didn’t lift him.
  15. You must find space, 2 brews - wife happy - wife drinking your beer. She needs her own Droid. 👍
  16. Can’t have this one not bottled or kegged. Put it in the Droid today and will follow up soon with another one. ( once you have these mower brews in the fridge it’s hard to stop, even if you haven’t mowed the lawn).
  17. Kegged the XPA today. @Dustin Frothman how did the Dark Ale go?
  18. From your other post it seems EOF has finally been achieved however for the record if EOF is not detected after 20days the Droid will advise that and auto go to the keg mode. (use of a hydrometer is recommended if kegging/bottling then). However if left in the keg mode it will go to store mode after 2 days as per normal or you can press the store mode to avoid the 2 days wait.
  19. If you really like a hoppy beer then 50g of each will suit. I generally like to conform to the recipe on the first run then can decide on my likings/adjustments for the next batch. Will be sampling soon (it’s in the fridge carbonated) so will let you know.
  20. “Sadly I won't have the space for a while.”. Throw the microwave out😂😁
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