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  1. Ok I see. You should buy a long neck of the Coopers, carefully remove the top, consume, clean and sanitise and then fill when the brew has fermented, add the sugar for carbonation, Carefully recap, let it mature and then put it in the fridge in Adelaide as if you bought it. If it’s a poor response then it’s Coopers fault haha lol👍
  2. To be honest I don’t think the good woman will be disappointed with this. As it’s only at 4.5% I’d give it 8 weeks for for peak time however wouldn’t be far off at 6 weeks. Ps Where are you going to put it all?
  3. Sorry Percy was typing my reply as you were😀
  4. Hi Mick, - those ss steel bombs are fine, just make sure they are clean and sanitised as well as your hands. - cold crash using the droid can be done in the “store” mode. When fermentation is complete and you have the “ready to keg” go ahead you can press the “store” button or wait 48hrs and it will do it automatically. The default temp in storage is 4C but you can change it. - yes it will improve clarity as it will allow any yeast and/or ingredients to settle out of solution and form hard sediment at the bottom. I don’t think a lot of people do it as with storage in bottles/kegs it does a fairly good job with these ingredients/recipes. Cold crashing can be important with all grain brews.
  5. Order in. The free shipping saving of $15 might not seem much but I look at it as say 5 packets of E1 for free.
  6. Here’s a pleasant shock for you:- Dan Murphy’s is selling a slab of 24 x 330ml for $81.99 ($3.41 a can). Now converting that to 375ml = 21 cans therefore = $3.90 a can. As you get the equivalent of 26 x 375ml from the droid 10l = $101.40 of value. Deduct the recipe costs and your so far in front it’s not funny.👍👍👍👌
  7. I drink and eat first, then I can’t ride. Ha ha
  8. I think Paul84 at Pt Hedland waited over a month. I’ve been ordering extra ingredients so as to build up a bit of stock for extra brews not accounted.
  9. Very good choices in pubs. Is stop 4 bed? 🤢😂
  10. Top stuff BrewArt Team @BrewArt Team
  11. Not hard to get hooked, and the Brewprint recipes/ingredients are first class imo. Haven't done the Celebration Ale, will be interested in your opinion . Cheers Mark
  12. Great it turned out, and your right about the carbonation. Hopefully will build up over the next few weeks.
  13. Correct, recipe states ingredients before the yeast, at end only stipulating what yeast to use. Can see the confusion a bit🤔🤭🤫lol
  14. Good move, need to do a Deutsch Lager myself, thanks for the reminder. 🤔🤗
  15. 6 weeks since kegged, hallertau dry hops are a real treat in this one. Very enjoyable and deserves the top 10 placement.
  16. Is it free delivery time? I’m out of E2, how did that happen! Still have other ingredients to brew with.
  17. A week later and the flavours still intense, an ale to be had.
  18. Sorry can’t help you, fair but to it going from all grain recipe on Google.
  19. Now that does look like a nice drop, good head and carbonation. Impressive pour from the Beerflo.
  20. Ps Forgot to mention, don’t do whilst droid is testing or in heat/cool mode
  21. W-34/70 yeast would be a good choice however talk to the brew shop.
  22. I dry hop during the fermentation process generally near the end and carefully opening and closing the lid has been no problem. The important thing is to lift and replace lid slowly so as not to create a push of air into the fermenter thus replacing what co2 coverage you have. If all is prepared, lid off, hop bag/ss bomb in and lid on will only take a few seconds. Note: whatever you use for the hops must be sanitised and so should your hands in preparation and placement. (US starsan is a top sanitiser) Cheers Mark
  23. Sediment in the first pour is due to it sitting in/close to the tap. You can pour off a bit in the beginning to avoid this. The XPA is fairly dark and I’d say 5 to 6 weeks is a reasonable time for the hops to infuse and flavours to develop however as you have bottled it is good to follow the development by having one at 2 weeks, 3, 4, 5 and 6 weeks. In the main topic list under BrewArt Banter there is a thread titled “Bottled Beer Consumption Times” which may help.
  24. Good looking drop, but honestly you’ll love the the XPA. I’ll await your assessment. Cheers Mark
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