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    Hop-Sessed Session, Lawn Mower Lager, The G-O-A-T Amber Ale
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    American Ale
    American Pale Ale
    Australian Premium Lager
    Aztec Cerveza
    Bavarian Lager
    Belgian Lager
    Birra Italiano
    Bohemian Lager
    California Steam
    Coopers Pacific Pale Ale
    Coopers Pale Ale
    Coopers Sparkling Ale
    Coopers XPA
    Czech Pils
    Deutsch Lager
    Dusk Cerveza
    English Pub Draught
    German Weissbier
    Golden Days Of Summer Ale
    Highlands IPA
    Hop-Sessed Session IPA
    Irish Red Ale
    Jolly Roger Pale Ale
    Lawn Mower Lager
    Lighthouse Pacific Pale
    Lion City Lager
    London's Own Ale
    Lord's English Pale Ale
    Midlands Pale Ale
    Monch Lager
    Rapid River Ale
    Revolution Dark Lager
    Ruby Porter
    Spoke Amber Ale
    Tall Tale Pale Ale
    The G-O-A-T Amber Ale
    The Original Pilsner
    Thomas Coopers Artisan Reserve
    US Chiller Lager
    West Coast Pale Ale
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    150 - 180 Brews

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  1. Nothing like a “Steam” another bloody top drop you just have to add to the brew list when you can. (Piss Had Sunday is all go with this one , ha).
  2. Glad you got the order right, “drinking cooking and...” (I’m too tired)
  3. “3/4” ID” to save confusion you meant 3/8” ID.😊
  4. “Rob, wake up. It’s you turn to bowl”
  5. Sorry, forgot to thank. Updated has been done.
  6. Hope this helps https://brewart.com/101/wp-content/uploads/17493BrewArtBrewFloInstructionManualAU_v1.1_2LR.pdf https://brewart.com/101/wp-content/uploads/BrewArt-BeerDroid-Instruction-Manual-AU-.pdf
  7. Welcome to the forum Tim, Martin has it covered for you.
  8. Haven’t brewed for a while, dry hopped today at 6days with 25g Hallertau and 1 x H5 (hersbrucker) sachet.
  9. But your a lot wiser now. Well done on great game today, enjoy your beers.
  10. @BrewArt Team, just had a thought, Telstra was doing broadband maintenance in the area the other day, could be reason for no notifications? Thanks
  11. This is one for long term ageing, if bottling in glass then that’s the go, if PET bottles I’d keg. Cheers
  12. @BrewArt Team, could you please look at this, all fine going, no messages and then suddenly it went into storage, no warning and the messages were not recieved. Something not right, thanks.( I changed it back to keg mode)
  13. Well, it’s on the tap now. Hell another great drop. Don’t brew this often but it’s worth a go every now and again,
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