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  1. Some foods and sauces can spoil a good drink whereas others really enhance. Example, a wood fired margarita pizza with Birra Italiano, a top match. There is a main thread on food and beer pairing.
  2. Keg the Pilsner on 19/11 so will have to wait awhile.
  3. Yes you could put your other kegging peripherals inside the droid during the cleaning process. Be careful not to scratch the internal wall/base and make sure you rinse everything. I’m not sure about the steamer as to whether it will effect the tubing or not but it does sound like a good idea. One thing though, many people get confused about cleaning and sanitising. After cleaning you should sanitise all that may come into contact with the brew. Most of us a product called “Star San” or “Stellasan”. It mixes at 1.5ml/litre, is non rinse, reusable and doesn’t have and effect upon the beer. Dipping stuff into a solution for a few minutes and a spray bottle of the solution will be your best friend. Don’t forget to pull your tap apart, clean and sanitise. Cheers, Mark
  4. Hi Steve and welcome to the forum. You are correct, there was recently a change from the liquid primer to solid. As you state, one for each keg and not in the droid. Cheers, Mark
  5. I confess. Two weeks and a bit kegged and carbonated (by co2). In the fridge where it should sit for at least a week before consuming. However a taste today, just a taste has lead now to 3 x 560ml dimple mugs. Can one ever stop, can I change to another of the 3 kegs in the fridge? Some how I don’t think so, not today. 😁
  6. This is an exceptional amber ale, rated up there with the best.
  7. Kegged into a maturing keg after an 8 day fermentation. Boy, this was the hardest so far to manually clean the internal dry krausen ring. (and do this straight away). Should have got the vinegar in hindsight.
  8. Yes it can be fixed. I’ll refer this through to @BrewArt Team and they will certainly help. I believe the repair can be done yourself but info by them is needed. Cheers, Mark
  9. Hi Brett. Are you here or in America, it helps with actions. Haven’t had that problem and not good.
  10. Not so sure however can’t comment unless you tried. I note the Pumkin is 8% and the Rock Juice at 10%. Unless you sip, the night could be quite short lived.
  11. You have enough supplies until then? I’m waiting for this month’s offer and will order to cover me through until February.
  12. Missed this brew, rated it high (like 99% of these recipes/results) so in the droid today.
  13. Just kegged after 6 day fermentation. A fairly large krausen ring inside the droid so was fairly active.
  14. Good points Rob. And to get that selection commercially say 6 x 6packs would cost you an absolute fortune. I run 4 different kegs in the fridge, and just looking at the selection each time is a buzz. That’s why with bottles if you have the fridge room the selection can nearly be endless.
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