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  1. Stock back to normal here, in the USA?
  2. On stinking hot days do you have a large esky or foam box you could sit some in? Or wrap a wet towel around them, or if you have a laundry sink, sit a few in there with water 3/4 the way up.
  3. It was/is hard enough to do the top 10 however:- Lawn Mower Lager; The G-O-A-T Amber Ale; Hop-Sessed Session Ale. Then there is...................
  4. No way out of business, after a few teething problems this is a real success. The virus halted their move into Europe, and this will come. BrewArt is owned by Coopers, biggest home brew suppliers in the world, even own your Mr Beer franchise.
  5. Your on the football, I’m watching darts. Your sipping “wicked night”, I’m having a “goat”. What more do two guys want? Cheers
  6. They are out of stock in Australia as well. Probably due to increase purchases for Xmas and due to virus home detentions. I know here in Australia they work over the weekend and stocks are usually back on the Monday or Tuesday. Not sure about the USA, hope it’s the same. Ps some here blame me for it as I generally get my orders in early, before them ha ha ha.
  7. Sorry John, not meaning to be offensive about the pour but believe me there are a lot that don’t and the statement is only about the elimination of possible problems.
  8. Looking at the hop profiles might I suggest 10g Spalt, 15g tattnang and 20g Saaz. I’d try it myself but don’t have any Spalt so might try with the other two.
  9. Hi John. The XPA is at 5.5%. You could reduce this to 4.5% by dropping off one of the E2 sachets. With the amount of hops I don’t think this will alter the taste to any great degree. Are you putting in 2 sugar tabs per bottle? If so I’d stay with that. Are you using a chilled glass, slow pour with steep angle to start with? Are the carbonation bubbles small and appear not to be excessive? Cheers, Mark.
  10. So right Rob, just finished my keg yesterday being at 8 weeks. I now realise I have none in stock ahhhhhhhh, will be the next one in.
  11. Only 4 days in, it will develop, so no worries at this stage.🤗
  12. Order in Rob, no soup (I mean ingredients) for you today! ( for those that don’t know the “no soup for you....” is a famous episode of Seinfeld - “The Soup Nazi”.
  13. Thanks, appreciate. Now the cheeky bit, any chance of free delivery on say over $200 before then? (however if you don’t ask, you may not get)
  14. Looks a nice drop Andy. Unfortunately 10l is sometimes just not enough but your right the high alcohol % can limit consumption so it does last longer.
  15. BrewPrint/ingredients etc orders to beat Xmas rush, has a close off date been set? Thanks @BrewArt Team.
  16. 40 plus for the next few days here in Adelaide, have plenty to drink until the Pilsner is ready. Do you have a recipe for the clone? Cheers, Mark
  17. Some foods and sauces can spoil a good drink whereas others really enhance. Example, a wood fired margarita pizza with Birra Italiano, a top match. There is a main thread on food and beer pairing.
  18. Keg the Pilsner on 19/11 so will have to wait awhile.
  19. Yes you could put your other kegging peripherals inside the droid during the cleaning process. Be careful not to scratch the internal wall/base and make sure you rinse everything. I’m not sure about the steamer as to whether it will effect the tubing or not but it does sound like a good idea. One thing though, many people get confused about cleaning and sanitising. After cleaning you should sanitise all that may come into contact with the brew. Most of us a product called “Star San” or “Stellasan”. It mixes at 1.5ml/litre, is non rinse, reusable and doesn’t have and effect upon the beer. Dipping stuff into a solution for a few minutes and a spray bottle of the solution will be your best friend. Don’t forget to pull your tap apart, clean and sanitise. Cheers, Mark
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