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  1. Sampling at 4 weeks, dry hop with 25g each of cascade and citra. Wow delicious hop hit and great after taste.
  2. Fair enough, can you see bubbles via the viewing window?
  3. Mmmm, did you dry hop? I’m wondering with the cold ambient temperature in the room when opening the lid to put the hops in if this doesn’t change the the temp in the Droid head space thus giving the Droid a false it’s EOF reading? Just a thought?
  4. Interesting, the keg finishes with a 1/2 or 1/4 a pint( glass), new keg in, do you drink the half filled/quarter pint? Or do you top it up with your next connected brew. Well I do the later and the results are quite surprising.
  5. Spot on, I’ve mentioned this elsewhere, as I keg to ss kegs it doesn’t matter, however bottles particularly glass could be a problem
  6. That was a copy of the whole post by Pursya in 2017, he had the #861 not #86 (didn’t copy it right), but how he got #1421 back then?
  7. Interesting post from 2017 Report post Posted August 26, 2017 I had a dead Droid first up. Ran for about 2 hours. My replacement Droid serial is #1421, supplied January. The Droid I purchased two weeks ago is #86
  8. What’s the go, Mildlands Pale Ale for starters, with the Match Play darts of course.
  9. Xmas Beer Swap List- just quote this post and add the next number and name 1 Captain 3 Droids 2 Paul84
  10. Hi Parky Pete, welcome to the forum. I don’t have a BrewFlo however there are some knowledgeable people here that will assist. Nice selection of brews, love the Bavarian Lager and Dusk Cerveza. Actually love them all. Watch the Ruby Porter as it tends to overflow. Most of us tape a bag or chucks wipe to the Droid just where the lid outlet is (left hand side).
  11. Paul84 has mentioned this in another thread but what a good idea if enough interest. I would suggest that:- . The swap be in pairs, with numbers allocated to members and drawn out of a hat (on video) . Brews sent in PET bottles? . Draw date Sat 27/11? (address via message mode) . Send by Sat 4/12? . Evaluations to be given as soon as consumed? If interest please enter your name and any suggestions to above or additions. I’m in Captain 3 Droids Paul84
  12. Paul, what a good idea, a Xmas bottle swap. If enough interested we could pair up. I’ll start the topic in the “Banter” thread.
  13. Droid A - 0237; Droid B - 0260 and Droid C - 0692
  14. With the Droids in the brew room at ambient temperature of 13C the Droids heating function are required.❄️❄️❄️🔥
  15. Out of interest - For a while now when looking at the dedicated BrewPrint recipes the “D” hop recommendations are different from the original “H” hop recommendation (both are mentioned in the recipe details) . So I’ve been doing both eg Jolly Roger Pale Ale calls for D1 - cascade & D8 - mosaic or alternatively the 2 x H1 amarillo. So In that recipe I’ve done 15g each. Works well so far.
  16. Well I do have a few kegs to fill…….
  17. I wilted 🤭, built the stocks up for a long haul. Lockdowns do this. 🤗
  18. Looks a treat, bottle or flo? And yes, Strop a legend of true comedy?
  19. Don’t need $200 plus at this stage, next one will be the go.
  20. Well nothing wrong with this, using the lager yeast in the ale mode hasn’t hurt anything. Hop present is strong and at 3 weeks+ it is very enjoyable. Will let it sit for a while.
  21. Free shipping on orders over $200 however limited time, Friday to Monday ie finishes 26/7.
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