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  1. 9 minutes ago, Andy said:


    I just finished my second brew (GOAT) which is also my first dry hop.  Added the pellets at the EOF per the droid.  It held for 48 hrs, then cold crashed 48 hrs, then back to kegging temperature.  Hooked up the hop filter and hose to my keg and during the entire kegging procedure I could see green fine particles that looked like hop material in the hose past the filter.  At the end of kegging.  The hop filter was absolutely clean and there was considerable hop material sticking to the side walls of the droid that must have been floating on top and deposited during the keg fill.  No hop material left was on bottom or in the filter so it must all be in my keg?

    What do you think went wrong?  The green mush on the side walls was way to fine to be caught in the hop filter mesh screen.


    thanks much as always for the help

    Hi Andy, that’s very interesting. It would seem the hop pellets broke down to a fine particle (like if you’d had put hop dust in). I would suspect not all the hop material would be in your kegs and any should not have any detrimental effect on the outcome. Remember some brewers put ss hop containers directly into their ss kegs and leave there when consuming.

    Whilst your keg is carbonating and maturing any hop sediment should settle to the bottom. Note this brew and let us know how it turns out.


  2. On 28/01/2020 at 1:33 PM, Shawn McKee said:

    Mr beer little brown keg 8.5 litre. Different from coopers craft kit. Check oz and usa site. Is a coopers brand.

    Just finished the pacific pale ale and bottled 27/01/20.

    Will leave 4,  2 weeks. Cleaned beerdroid same day and used starsan, this stuff is amazing!

    Just started mountain range ipa and I done this as a custom, propagate 24dc, ferment 19dc, keg 18dc, no dry hop yet, cold crash 4dc.

    The propagating went ballistic and started to overflow slightly which I am happy to see. Tells me yeast is good so therefore the beer should ferment rather quickly.

    Just an update atm. Will try 1st batch of pacific pale ale this weekend, then try 2nd batch next weekend.

    All the best lads and keep up the replies.

    How’s the brewing going? Pacific Ale turn out ok?

    Cheers, Mark

  3. 8 hours ago, Rob Courtney said:

    What are they?


    I know some brews you really enjoy won't make the list...I understand, Czech Pilsner doesn't make the list...and I love Czech Pilsner. Now, as my companies HR team would say...and they would...this list is organic..this is the same HR team that came to my branch and said "we'll get morning tea" and then came back with plant based bollocks.

    Anyways, what is your top 3?


    For me ATM it is Boho lager, Pale Ale and Lawnmower

    It was/is hard enough to do the top 10 however:-

    Lawn Mower Lager; The G-O-A-T Amber Ale; Hop-Sessed Session Ale. Then there is...................

  4. 1 minute ago, Andy said:

    Hello and thanks much

    guess that’s good news as I enjoy this so much but afraid they will get out of the business.  The more the merrier and hope the manufacturer prospers for many years.



    No way out of business, after a few teething problems this is a real success. The virus halted their move into Europe, and this will come. BrewArt is owned by Coopers, biggest home brew suppliers in the world, even own your Mr Beer franchise.

  5. 9 minutes ago, Andy said:

    I’m sipping wicked night night right now watching US football but can’t wait for GOAT.  On day 7 now and it’s Ambering up.   Barely bubbling in window but still in fermentation mode.

    Your on the football, I’m watching darts. Your sipping “wicked night”, I’m having a “goat”. What more do two guys want?


  6. 40 minutes ago, Andy said:

    Anyone know why the majority of brewprints are out of stock here in USA ?



    They are out of stock in Australia as well. Probably due to increase purchases for Xmas and due to virus home detentions. I know here in Australia they work over the weekend and stocks are usually back on the Monday or Tuesday. Not sure about the USA, hope it’s the same. 
    Ps some here blame me for it as I generally get my orders in early, before them ha ha ha.

  7. 1 minute ago, John Parry said:

    Hey Mark,

    So I am putting in a measured amount of sugar via a dedicated scoop. Not sure of the actual amount but I have been using the same amount in a Grolsch bottle for the liquid hops XPA (and every other brew I make) for years and the results has been a reasonable head. This is significantly more. Not really a big deal, I'll just get another scoop and adjust accordingly. The head is far better using the dry hops, much finer bubbles and it stays all the way to the end of the liquid. I do know how to pour!


    Thanks for the tip re the E2 content, maybe I'll try that.

    Sorry John, not meaning to be offensive about the pour but believe me there are a lot that don’t and the statement is only about the elimination of possible problems.

  8. 4 minutes ago, Rob Courtney said:

    yep 8gms each of the others, 10 of Saaz but i will be mucking around with those ratios a lot in the next year

    Looking at the hop profiles might I suggest 10g Spalt, 15g tattnang and 20g Saaz. I’d try it myself but don’t have any Spalt so might try with the other two.

  9. 16 minutes ago, John Parry said:

    I've brewed about 6 batches of XPA now using dry hops, tried my first bottle yesterday after 12 weeks in the bottle.  First  impressions are that the hops improve the flavour a lot over liquid hops (although I thought the liquid hops was great too). One thing I immediately noticed was that the head was huge, I think I need to halve the amount of sugar in the bottle to reduce it somewhat. It appeared to be much more bitter. Head retention was excellent.  I bought a stainless steel hop container because I was fed up with messing with the leaky adapter (see dcm's post above), and so was able to bottle straight from the droid.

    However, does anyone know whether the alcohol content has gone up ?  Half way through my first bottle (Grolch size) I I could feel the alcohol kicking in, after two I was finished. Yes, I know I am a wimp. If I wanted to reduce the alcohol content what would I have to do?

    Hi John. The XPA is at 5.5%. You could reduce this to 4.5% by dropping off one of the E2 sachets. With the amount of hops I don’t think this will alter the taste to any great degree.

    Are you putting in 2 sugar tabs per bottle? If so I’d  stay with that. Are you using a chilled glass, slow pour with steep angle to start with? Are the carbonation bubbles small and appear not to be excessive?

    Cheers, Mark.

  10. On 27/11/2020 at 5:46 PM, Rob Courtney said:



    Second time drinking this, it is the depth of flavour now in the beer that has me really happy. Reckon this is a dead set 12 months of experimenting to get the hop mix right ( and the only way to tell is to do exhaustive research) but you can actually tell the three different hops flavours in the mouth. Think the added variety of hops brings this closer to the Czech beers I like ( not that there is anything wrong with just Saaz) so reasonably stoked with this and gven it is about 5 weeks, interested to see it develop


    You used Spalt, Tettnang and Saaz?

  11. 12 minutes ago, Andy said:

    Started GOAT as my 2nd all time brew 4 days ago and somewhat puzzled by the color (or lack there of).  Through the droid window it appears light like an IPA or pale ale.   Will it turn Amber with additional fermentation, conditioning, or dry hops?  My fermentation has also really slowed down compared to the Wicked Night...it’s barely bubbling in the window.   Just hoping something wasn’t left of out my brewprint as I threw the pouches away and memory isn’t good enough to check against the recipe now.  Will check what in the box against recipe in future but it may be OK? 

    Only 4 days in, it will develop, so no worries at this stage.🤗

  12. On 19/10/2020 at 7:48 PM, Rob Courtney said:

    Meh, we knew you'd have it under control, it is just annoying knowing @Barrelboy is at home whilst the rest of us are at work, just means whe we get a chance to order, "Captain Three Droids" has bought all the stock.

    Maybe, as a suggestion, disable his account for the first six hours a special offer comes on so everyone gets a go :)

    Order in Rob, no soup (I mean ingredients) for you today! ( for those that don’t know the “no soup for you....” is a famous episode of Seinfeld - “The Soup Nazi”.

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  13. 44 minutes ago, Andy said:

    Well guys waited one month after complete fermentation of my first home brewed Beerdroid Wicked Night.  Tapped for our Thanksgiving.   I am simply amazed at the pumpkin spice flavor, smoothness, and unfortunately can’t get enough of it.  Only negative that may be a positive is the alcohol content is much higher than what I’m accustomed too soo if some of Thiz post doznt reed whell then thatz yhy.😁😁😁


    Looks a nice drop Andy. Unfortunately 10l is sometimes just not enough but your right the high alcohol % can limit consumption so it does last longer.

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