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  1. My December Xmas Advent Calendar beers from Beer Cartel arrived today. Never had these before and somewhat spoilt however a nice birthday/Xmas treat. What’s good about this one is there are 25 cans of craft beers from Australian craft brewers with only one style from each meaning 25 different brewers. I’ll make some notes on each one and then perhaps look at cloning the favourites? (with BrewPrint ingredients of course) Out of interest I may report some of the evaluations here. Cheers
  2. It is hard, it’s like “I’ll have a couple before lunch” and lunch ends up being combined with dinner. However the Lawn Mower is such a moorish lager.
  3. With so many top brews to choose from I said “l’ll try something new, stuff it”. The Mountain Goat Fancy Pants clone came from the Custom section on the Shem spreadsheet. E2; 2 x E5; X2; X3; Y7 yeast, ale mode and dry hop 50g Galaxy on day 5. I googled the brew to look at reviews and profile, should be a nice drop. What is pleasing a carton of 24 cans will set you back $77 whilst BrewArt ingredients plus own hop pellets puts it at $25, a nice $52 saving. Will report further.
  4. Kegged today after 10day fermentation. Smells nice and won’t be too long before I try this one.
  5. Yes the droid will perform without connection but you will need to view the screen from time to time to ascertain when ready to keg comes up. As the wifi is flashing and no globe you are correct in you have lost connection. Ps - the program firmware is P017 in case you are not aware. Cheers
  6. Hi Nick, did you find this one? https://community.brewart.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=427 Cheers, Mark
  7. Nice looking drop. (correct me if I’m wrong but chilli dishes should be like a top whiskey, warms you up from the inside and not burn your palate and tongue to that of crackling)
  8. Hi Phillip and welcome to the forum. It would seam your iOS app hasn’t yet caught up with the droid. You app is showing the original lager temp range whereas the droid is shown the temperature change that occurs to “clean things up” which is normal for lager brewing. The droid temp would be right, you may need to reboot your iOS app to get it back on track. Cheers, Mark
  9. Sorry Sondre but I thought we have already gone though the Beerdroid you should have got etc, why not talk to a local electrician? Where did you get it from? Arrived very quickly when referencing your other posts.
  10. If you haven’t got the filter yet, you can dry hop using a hop bag or ss hop bomb. Even clean, sanitised cheese cloth with the hops tied in a bunch will work. Make sure you check the firmware program and update to P017.
  11. Somewhere here, “shemsheet” there is a reference that the Aust Premium is more a kin with Hahn Lager? Your thoughts?
  12. Glad you didn’t do that, they are exceptional units and the results just the best.
  13. Are you near a homebrew store? If so and you need to brew, get a tin of one of the Mr Beer choices, dissolve it and add to the droid to 10l. add the yeast and dry hop later.
  14. It has to be acknowledged, well done again BrewArt.
  15. Great stuff Scott. Honestly, get over a few hiccups and you’ll just love it all. Keep the positive attitude and with service like from Liam you can’t go wrong. Keeps us updated on your progress. Cheers
  16. When I bottle/bottled place in a box and put an old jumper on top or blanket. However I normally allowed 6 weeks before consumption so things generally ok.
  17. Hi Robert. Three weeks can be a bit “weak” on carbonation, depending upon storage temperature. It will approve as the brew matures. The kegs can take a bit longer due to the larger volume and again the storage temperature. If bottles or kegs are stored 16C (61F) or lower carbonation will slow and take longer. Cheers Mark
  18. Kegging guys on here have recommended and use 30 to 33g per keg.
  19. Hi @BrewArt Team, two members in the US, Andy and Beer Monkey above are having order/contact problems. Can you assist? Cheers.
  20. Hi Beer Monkey, Has the issue be solved? If not I’ll refer to the BreaArt team for you. Cheers, Mark
  21. That’s been a great idea for you and I will adapt it when we get to heatwaves here in Adelaide. (saves chilling water). At the moment enjoying a Bohemian Lager whilst watch taped World Cup Darts, ho how hard life is at times. ☺️
  22. I’ll reference through to the BrewArt team for you. @BrewArt Teamcan you help our American friend, thanks Mark.
  23. Not sure here. The app on my Samsung Galaxy has been ok however I tend to use the iPad and that’s been great. I think BrewArt is looking into the issue. Cheers
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