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  1. Thanks Alan and no issues here. We all learn from each other, that’s part of the fun. Cheers 😊
  2. Sorry Alan, I wasn’t assuming you didn’t know about exploding bottles, it’s part of the conversation and part reference to “Dump stuff together and just hope for the best” Cheers, Mark
  3. xpsTech, in the interest of experimentation are you in a position to weigh the kegs before they are filled and then after as to confirm the amount of beer in each. Don’t get me wrong I’m not disputing your method and understand the principle. I have 2 x 5l water containers that I use and this records exactly on the 10l droid mark. Now the ingredients after settling on the bottom of the droid should displace and increase the height of the fluid to above the 10l mark by the sediment depth/volume in mls. If this being the case then filling the first keg to the 5l mark would in fact be over 5l?? Consequently the experiment should confirm your deductions in the initial filling of the droid. An interesting experiment?
  4. An example of a simple sugar measuring device for various bottle sizes, should be able to get from homebrew shop. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/292054297395
  5. No problems with your thinking however would say that the amount of priming sugar can be the difference between flat beer, over carbonated wasted frothy pours or bottle bombs, particularly with glass. (highly dangerous). So in that I’d note and stick to fairly accurate measurements of the carbonation sugar. Cheers, Mark h
  6. Looks a nice drop Alan. If that’s with the 3 sugar cubes then not bad. Do you know the weight of each cube, off memory 8g (.28oz) per the large bottle. Cheers
  7. Let’s face it, your spoilt. I suppose the good women is getting the Tiger beer? Or is the Brewflo next to you?
  8. Will be interested in that. I like the Czech Saaz hops but always like to play around as well. Report soon.
  9. Haven’t brew for a while (like so many), do enjoy it. In the droid today.
  10. Hi Scott, welcome to the forum and sorry under rotten circumstances, but these things can happen and if any positive you learn from them. You may not have seen but Rob has done a video on liner/cap connection. Under the main forum “First Time BrewArtist: Basic Operation” there is a thread “Keg liner cap onto a keg liner video” There are other discussions about this as well. I see the cap broke so it may well be worth your while talking to the BrewArt team Tech (get people/service). I’ll do the link for you. Pat the dog (give him/her the beer) and keep on brewing. Honestly it it is well worth it. You in Australia or US? Cheers Mark. Info/attention for @BrewArt Team, if you can help. Thanks
  11. You and me need to sit down and talk about priorities, some sacrifices are just not worth it. Perhaps if you play half tanked 🤢, hangover etc you won’t get picked again. 😊 Ps As you retired, you are a registered paid up player?
  12. I think you’ll really enjoy this one. If not make one of your G-O-A-T curries.
  13. Ambient temperature of the room for 5 weeks ranging probably around 18C, 1 week in the fridge before using at 3/4C.
  14. Glad to here, only wipe the outside with a damp soft cloth, don’t spray. Cheers
  15. My understanding is you don’t need to sanitise the keg as the liner goes in nor the other parts as they are new. Having said that I would sanitise the beer connecting tube from keg to tap just to be sure.
  16. Haven’t had that problem however it my well go away after a while due to the warming of the panel.
  17. Hi Glen, are your talking about the Brewflo keg/kit system or ss Cornelius type kegs?
  18. Interesting. Do you, other sanitise the keg before putting the liner in?
  19. Noted a new addition to the BrewPrints, American Ale. Thought I’d give it a go (profile seemed ok) and it’s in the droid as we speak. Could be an early drinker, 4 weeks +.
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