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  1. Deutsch lager, could be trouble 😵‍💫
  2. At 6 and a bit weeks a very refreshing drop and the 40g of dry hop Hallertau really shines through.
  3. You sure that’s the right terminology? 😂
  4. Ale mode and make as per recipe. Note, this is a high alcohol brew, 7.5% and the ingredients would suggest a probable overflow so prepare for that.
  5. Now that sounds a lot but putting into simple turns that 620l take the 160l of keg stock = 460l divided by 26 weeks = 17.7l per week dived by 560ml pints =31 pints divided by 7 days = 4.5 pints av per day. No dehydration here 🍺🍻🍺
  6. I’m sorry, not sure about the Way orders are filled in the States. The email and phone number relate to Australia. You should have received an order number. If you go into your BrewArt account, and orders you should have a status notification like “processing” or complete. Ringing them is probably your best bet now. Let us know how you go
  7. Did that acknowledge the order by email? Has the money been deducted? You should email the BrewArt store - store@brewart.com or ring them 1300853152 Where about are you?
  8. Welcome Aaron, you asked for help and we are very happy to oblige, however as Rob stated, need to know the ingredients.
  9. Ha, already ordered, the Shem “online helper” is great to keep check of your stocks, what you have used ect.
  10. Free shipping on orders over $100, yes that’s $100! BrewFlo $200 off at $499 and kegs now available. Closes 8/7
  11. Kegged today after EOF at day 6 (used ale mode accidentally instead of lager-see EOF thread) however left in keg mode for further 2 days. From all appearances, smell ect I don’t think there will be any major issue however time will tell. Fortunately Y7 lager yeast can tolerate higher temperatures.
  12. No, Y7 lager yeast, however luckily it will tolerate higher temperatures.
  13. To add to this, I’m drinking an original Pilsner, in the Stella glass great, in the Bitburger just better.
  14. 5 weeks and just delightful, the Saaz hops give a real boost. Did 25g pellets and one H4 in the keg.
  15. Never noticed myself however would suspect a heat issue like a house compressor etc. where were you feeling it on the unit?
  16. I’m going to leave 48hrs then cold crash 24hrs, return to keg temperature and keg.
  17. Oh what a twit I am, well solved BrewArt. It wasn’t deliberate. Sorry all, but problem/reason ascertained which is great and explains everything. It’s always a learning curve. How do I feel (😂)
  18. Here’s something of interest. The BrewArt recipe details advise the Chez Pilsner will, as a guide take 8 to 11 days to ferment. I have in the past brew this 7 times with the following fermentation time 9; 11; 10; 10; 11; 11; and 10 days. However the one currently in the Droid has advised EOF ready to keg after 6 days!? I was going to dry hop on day 7 (tomorrow) however have done it today. On removal of the lid there were numerous bubbles on the surface and I would say fermentation isn’t complete. (I will leave for 48hrs) To be honest since the new dry hop program that predicts 2 days prior to EOF to add the hops I have been suspicious that although not using this program some EOF’s are finishing earlier than before. (supported by my recordings and brewing appearances on kegging). Now this also seems to be supported by @Dustin Frothman experiment that for him at least has solved over carbonation, frothing of the BrewFlo kegs by leaving the beer for 48 hours after EOF notification. Other opinions? @BrewArt Team for your thoughts
  19. Different primers can to some degree depending on what is used eg sucrose, honey, malt, dextrose ect. In addition they will slightly increase the alcohol level, 0.5%? I personnel feel the beer is crisper using co2 gas and tends to have a tighter head. Over carbonation of co2 gas can result in an increase bitterness. I’ve have had bottle sucrose tablet bottle beer and kegged of the same brew and would only say that if consumed early (2-3 weeks there is a taste difference (not detrimental to either) however after longer maturing the taste evens out. However this is bottled vs kegged and haven’t compared keg vs keg with the different priming methods.
  20. Had the same issue with the Midlands
  21. Good comparisons. The slightly darker from the ss keg could be due to picking up some sediment from the bottom of the keg or if it was filled first from the droid
  22. Out of interest I still do it the normal way except after I’ve given a basic wash down with the spray pump, a wipe out with a few wet paper towels, removes 80%, then spray again etc etc. However Dustin it would be good to fire up number 2 (you slack ………)😂
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