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  1. Yes, has spewed heaps each time I’ve done it. Keg a Midlands PA today, it had a chuck moment but not as bad as the Ruby.
  2. Cunning Plan Part 3. I have recently started a 3 recipe rotation for each Droid thus providing I guess a top nine. I will take out and put in other brews after building up good stocks or to suit the seasons. (ie probably more lagers, lighter style beers late spring/summer) For interest, rotation as Droid A - Czech Pilsner, Revolution Dark Lager, Thomas Cooper Artisan Reserve Droid B - California Steam, Coopers XPA, The G-O-A-T Amber Ale Droid C - English Pub Draught, Little Creature Bright Ale, West Coast Pale Ale.
  3. Your so right Robert. I found an English bitter or the English Pub Draught just aren’t the same in any other glass than the dimple mug.
  4. Yes that would be fine, let us know how you go.
  5. With the tube, try with a smearing of keg lube, it helps to insert the tube and does act as a seal.
  6. For just pure simplicity, I’ve never forgotten just how great the Adelaide pie floater was (from the pie cart) particularly at 1am after a night out. I mean even a tub of the mash pies was a delight to walk away with.
  7. Thagomizer is correct. This recipe doesn’t need to dry hop, this would minimise the caramel and vanilla flavour
  8. Your lager (and looking good) is only 3 weeks in the keg, therefore not all the unfermentables have settle out to the bottom of the keg (trub) whereas mine was a lot longer in the keg before consuming and therefore clearer. How is it tasting?
  9. Good question. The 250g was to rectify a thinness issue but for mouthfeel, improve body the 80g for 10l.
  10. Put this in the droid today and will dry hop 15g ea of Saaz, willamette and Hallertau. Believe these will match up quite nicely.
  11. Generally carbonation and dispensing is between 8 to 12 psi depending mostly on your set up. As your tap will be attached directly to the keg (no beer line therefore no resistance) I’d start with 8psi. Carbonation under the “set and forget method” will take probably 4 days, test by pouring a drink to see if you need longer.
  12. They are a great hop, one of the favourites. Certainly a different style to the Revolution Dark Lager ha there great one) however I reckon you’ll love it.
  13. I was the same when first doing lagers (only every done them with BrewArt).
  14. Hi Scott and welcome. Good title, been upon a few “benders” myself 😊 What style of beer to you enjoy and do you BrewFlow, bottle or ss keg?
  15. In a way that’s a matter of opinion, I really enjoyed it at 4 weeks. However I use ss kegs and co2 gas therefore perhaps 6 weeks in the bottle and 6 to 8 weeks in the brewflo kegs?
  16. Good selection, might need 2 Session Ales?
  17. Ok, both good however you need co2 to maintain the carbonation and to pour the beer. If you initially just used the tap then you are using the Co2 pressure in the keg, lessening the carbonation and your beer will go flat. After a few glasses there will be no pressure to pour anymore.
  18. I’d say there are two issues here. 1) 2 weeks may well not be long enough for full carbonation (now note 10l ss keg). 2) The beer at 7C going into a warm glass would cause co2 to come out of solution (beer) and cause foaming therefore also making the beer flat. Chill your glass in the fridge or freezer and try to get your beer down to around 4C when ready to consume. Also what type of tap are you using on the keg to pour and what is your set up to dispense the beer?
  19. Hi K.C. It can be foamy and flat at the same time but to answer in your case need to know if BrewFlo kegs and carbonated with the sugar blocks or ss kegs and co2? Also what temperature beer poured at and was the glass cold? thanks
  20. If you were using fresh pineapple and juicing it then there may be an issue/concern however purchased juice like the Golden Curcle mention has already been treated. That’s why the recipe for Pineapple Crush doesn’t call for any particular treatment.
  21. I know I rave over this one, but hell, it’s a top simple ale, no dry hop requirements, EOF 6 to 7 days and it’s what you’d love walking into a pub. Photo a bit dark, Amber more to it.
  22. Just brilliant, Amarillo hops just right. How many brews can you put in a top 10? I’ve got 20+ so far. lol
  23. One of my favourites, on the list to do again. It’s an easy drinking ale.
  24. Can’t wait for this one, the 15g combination of 15g each of Saaz, Columbus and Centennial should be a blast. Only 2 weeks in the keg as we speak.
  25. A deliberate 3 months is a tough wait. Lol
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