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  1. My understanding is you don’t need to sanitise the keg as the liner goes in nor the other parts as they are new. Having said that I would sanitise the beer connecting tube from keg to tap just to be sure.
  2. Haven’t had that problem however it my well go away after a while due to the warming of the panel.
  3. Hi Glen, are your talking about the Brewflo keg/kit system or ss Cornelius type kegs?
  4. Interesting. Do you, other sanitise the keg before putting the liner in?
  5. Noted a new addition to the BrewPrints, American Ale. Thought I’d give it a go (profile seemed ok) and it’s in the droid as we speak. Could be an early drinker, 4 weeks +.
  6. No problems with the questions, it’s how you learn. Rob is correct, the brew will mellow, it’s a high alcohol brew. The ring around the upper area relates to fermentation and is from the krausen. The mud at the bottom is called “trub” and it’s the sediment from malts ect after the yeast has eaten the sugars plus yeast itself. Cheers Mark.
  7. Had few in that pub when working in the city, was a good old style bar. I like the fact that my brew and the purchased one look very similar, as if out the same tap.
  8. In the droid today with the correct ingredients (the other week I use E2 instead of X2 thus with a dry hop change became a West Coast Pale Ale)
  9. Another Goat kegged today, can’t wait for this one again and Dustin is close to sampling his.
  10. Your right Andy, as your doing the sealed method there will be no need to purge.
  11. Hi Andy, no let it age in the keg after you have purge it, removing most of the o2. When ready to consume, chill down to serving temp and then carbonate with co2. I normally purge at 30 psi. Cheers
  12. With this continual stuff up, I’m quitting bloody yahoo and slowly changing apps etc to gmail. It’s a bit of a slow process but do you want my bloody horror! Change the BrewArt over and wham, the droids are down, request to re connect wifi, re register, just as if starting afresh! Bloody hell I thought (actually worse than that) Lost, so on the phone to Liam, but he’s not there, so have to leave a panic message, can you fix it your end. Well whilst waiting for awhile for another reason I turned the iPad off the back on again. Did this and that, checked the BrewArt app, and all is back to normal. Liam I thought you beauty, so rang to say all ok. He answered and he informed he didn’t do a thing, checked account and change over all good. The beer droid gods are there, I’ve had to have some beers now.
  13. Ha, still not going right. I’ve exhausted googling, deleted yahoo mail, reinstated ect. The yahoo mail app has no filters to alter as suggest by some on the net. Got me buggered. Bloody computer bugs
  14. Your so right, I cracked a keg of it yesterday at 4 weeks, boy what a drop. But when can I brew it again? Help!
  15. Yes you can just put 10l in and you have to prime it, either with a priming sugar or Co2.
  16. Nothing blocked. I got a feeling this is a Yahoo thing!
  17. Any Apple iPad 2 wizards? For no reason I can work out my yahoo mail no longer goes direct to the inbox but straight to the bin box. Help please
  18. The 10 bucks was a good idea. Your right, some swear words are just part of adjective speaking. I’m look at the “f” word, there are many ways this word can be express, in a nice descriptive way (that’s a nice f.....g nice car), a pissed off way (f...k this gives me the ....), as a directive (f...k off) etc. However swearing has its right place and not for the young ones. Ps $50 for a Crows match isn’t hard to achieve even at 10c a pop, I can string 5 or more together unpleasantries for one issue.😩
  19. Already answered your previous question on this above “180g would be the go. Bring to the boil about 2 cups of water, add sugar and dissolve.” Is this what your after?
  20. You said you were doing 23l, so 180g for 23litres. This is for 23l of fermented beer, as ask it is for priming, to carbonate the beer. Not to just add to water.
  21. He’s an interesting one that actually turns out ok. Wanted to brew Little Creatures Bright Ale 3 x E1, E5, X2, Y1 yeast, 2 x H6 (Galaxy) dry hop, Ale Mode. However grabbed and use an E2 instead of the X2 - easy done I say. This with dry hop change to H1 (Amarillo) is now the West Coast Pale Ale recipe, which I love and just kegged. 😂
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