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  1. Sounds right, the woody/earthy top notes will dissipate as the ale matures and the fruitiness of the Galaxy will strengthen.
  2. Not a bad point. I’ve been thinking of selecting 2 recipes for each Droid and just rotating them with the droid for a while. That would give me a top 6, easier on the mind.
  3. As your only in the propagation mode you mix it in say 250ml water and add it now. Lift lid slowly and all will be ok. Don’t forget to sanitise what you mix it in and the spoon.
  4. As your only in the propagation mode you mix it in say 250ml water and add it now. Lift lid slowly and all will be ok. Don’t forget to sanitise what you mix it in and the spoon.
  5. Bloody hell, that’s a few $ks worth but don’t have to order so often
  6. Things went from bad to worse when they basically shut the sorting facility here at Newley. Yeast, good idea. I built up my yeast stocks and have a total of 62 packets across the range in the fridge. Via excel stock and usage issues those yeast used more often obviously I have more than others. Also over time I’ve built up stock of element and enhancer requirements. I don’t order per BrewPrint ingredients but by usage thus I just brew what I want as I have the ingredients. I initially ordered to BrewPrint recipes but built the stock up over time by ordering a few extras.
  7. Yes, Aust post a sore point with me. The goods have to go to the Aust Post sorting facility at Springvale Vic before here, reason for excessive delivery time. BrewArt however do pack so well.
  8. I got this one, has some really good features and has worked well on all my vac seal requirements. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Vacuum-Food-Sealer-Dry-Moisture-Machine-Storage-Sous-Vide-Fresh-Kitchen-Bag-Roll-/132737251122?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286 and $10 off using voucher see pic
  9. 80g of maltodextrin dissolved and added to the droid water prior to yeast etc. It is non fermentable so no increase in alcohol % but adds body, mouthfeel and helps with head retention.
  10. Kegged today, 10days to EOF and held over for 24hrs. The hop aroma was exceptional, can’t wait to consume.
  11. Put this down today and plan to dry hop on day 5 with 15g each of citra, simcoe and Nelson sauvin. Can’t wait.
  12. Keg another 10l today after a 11days fermentation. Dry hoped on day 6 with 30g Czech Saaz. Now the wait.
  13. From the Hazy IPA thread. “Ok , got this Hazy IPA recipe from Liam, to try. I have been asking Brewart to release this as a Brewprint. I think this is my favorite so far. Really nice Hazy. E5 (x3), X2 (x3), Y2, D6, D7 Brewing Program: Propagate: 22°C, Ferment: 18°C, Store: 4°C, Keg: 18°C, Dry Hop: Yes.”
  14. To help ease you mind “So, how long do hop pellets last? When properly vacuum-sealed, hop pellets should retain their flavor and bitterness for up to five years in the freezer, two to four years inside the fridge, and about four weeks at room temperature. After that, the flavor and aroma will start to degrade noticeably.l
  15. They certainly should be ok, I assume the fridge is around 4C, you extract most of the o2, all good to me.
  16. I do exactly the same as you. Remember chilled or frozen hops (like food) have little aroma until room temp (also in a compact pellet form). Bit like your beer, as it warms up flavour and aroma intensifies.
  17. Put in a jar with star san sanitiser for a few minutes, wring out with sanitised hands, put pellets in and away you go.
  18. I use these, goog for 30g:- https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/265031537666. ( note there are different sizes) With the Droid I’ve used both the ss ball and hop bags and never had the tap inlet block. I always drop to the back.
  19. Haven’t brew this one but will due to your high praise of it.
  20. Far Side and Insanity Streak are great cartoons, you picked a good name.
  21. Cracked this at 10 weeks, it has mellowed well. Very smooth easy drinking.
  22. Not all as a custom brew unless you want to use the dry hop notification function in the custom mode selection. Times for brew fermentation vary according to the recipe and yeast. As a guide you need to read the recipes in the BrewArt Print app where it tells you the what brewing mode to use and gives a rough indication to fermentation times, eg 9 to 12 days. Also look at the reviews further down the recipe page where brewers advise of their fermentation days. Once fermentation is complete it will stay in the ready to keg mode for 48hrs and then go to storage.
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