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  1. Nothing blocked. I got a feeling this is a Yahoo thing!
  2. Any Apple iPad 2 wizards? For no reason I can work out my yahoo mail no longer goes direct to the inbox but straight to the bin box. Help please
  3. The 10 bucks was a good idea. Your right, some swear words are just part of adjective speaking. I’m look at the “f” word, there are many ways this word can be express, in a nice descriptive way (that’s a nice f.....g nice car), a pissed off way (f...k this gives me the ....), as a directive (f...k off) etc. However swearing has its right place and not for the young ones. Ps $50 for a Crows match isn’t hard to achieve even at 10c a pop, I can string 5 or more together unpleasantries for one issue.😩
  4. Already answered your previous question on this above “180g would be the go. Bring to the boil about 2 cups of water, add sugar and dissolve.” Is this what your after?
  5. You said you were doing 23l, so 180g for 23litres. This is for 23l of fermented beer, as ask it is for priming, to carbonate the beer. Not to just add to water.
  6. He’s an interesting one that actually turns out ok. Wanted to brew Little Creatures Bright Ale 3 x E1, E5, X2, Y1 yeast, 2 x H6 (Galaxy) dry hop, Ale Mode. However grabbed and use an E2 instead of the X2 - easy done I say. This with dry hop change to H1 (Amarillo) is now the West Coast Pale Ale recipe, which I love and just kegged. 😂
  7. Just kegged this one and put down another one - by mistake. Will report in Brew@rt Banter under “Brewing Mistakes”
  8. Great stuff, let us know how this progresses. Got a cloth ready for potential overflow due to 11 litres, full can? (This is no major concern) cheers
  9. Agree, I said somewhere else here that I would have gone the flo way if it had come out many years earlier, before I bought all the kegging gear and set up. However the system I have is tops and wouldn’t sell to change over.
  10. 11 days is from the droid being turned on until EOF notified. Sometimes brews just brew quicker than another batch, reason why the recipe BrewPint generally states a wide range in the fermentation days.
  11. WelcomeRoman. I’ll link this to the BrewArt Team and you should get an answer very soon. Hi @BrewArt TeamRoman has a problem with contact and delivery. Thanks, Mark.
  12. Welcome to the forum Luke. xpsTech is right. I’ve done 2 Jolly Roger brews now and EOF took 11days each. Brewart Team will sort you out. Cheers , Mark.
  13. No where near, 3 bar = 43psi, your carbonation pressure will be about 9psi.
  14. Good to see your looked after. Mrs Dustin?
  15. Couple of coldies up in the overhead locker, connect keg to the oxygen mask drop down with some tubing, “bobs your uncle” as they say.
  16. Well packed. Good weather here in Adelaide, the beers will go down well.
  17. xpsTech, is spot on, don’t add any sugar primer if going to use the Co2. Ps is the wife’s and family intervention about drinking some of your beer?😂
  18. 180g would be the go. Bring to the boil about 2 cups of water, add sugar and dissolve.
  19. If you are using the set and forget method (carbonate at dispensing pressure) say with 9psi and the keg chilled to 4C (40F) it will take about 8days. To do 23l in a 30l keg quicker can be done but I’m not sure of the rates. With the keg at the 4C, 20psi and rolling the keg back and forth- 230secs may be right. However as you are new to this the set and forget method is your best option. Cheers, Mark
  20. Looks good Alan, glad it has worked out well and will await your review. What’s going in next? $29 for two brews is top value.
  21. “.........even packing moving boxes is somewhat enjoyable” if you think that then you haven’t had enough of that nice looking Jolly Roger.😂
  22. It is hard not to open/stir at first until you get some confidence but these units are the best. Never stir the ingredients, I just cut the corner off the pouch top and gently pour over the yeast and water surface. 6 pouches does take a while but things will be happening.
  23. Hi Andy, the ingredients do sink and dissolve whilst the yeast “eats” the sugar. You should not see the top through the sight glass as such but you could be seeing fermentation activity, called krausen. I would suggest all is ok. You put the yeast in first? Cheers Mark
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