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  1. Yes, can be drunk early, particularly the English Pub Draught. The longer the better but early can be good.
  2. Hi Roman. Both the Tall Tale PA and English Pub Draught (top drop) ferment out in 6 to 7 days. Cheers
  3. Great offer Andy, should sell quickly
  4. Did you have an overflow with the Pineapple last time? Have you tried the Hop-Sessed Session IPA yet? Haven’t tried the Point yet but the GOAT is certainly a favourite.
  5. I have a Coopers Session Ale brewing, and two Lawn Mower Lager’s. I have other stock however I don’t mind the lager consumed early 🤭
  6. Hi Beer Monkey, glad you have something to brew. Your could email BrewArt about the delivery companies if you wish. Cheers, Mark
  7. Well, with so many wonderful brew recipes that has been mentioned in causing mental stress on selection, I’ve come up with a cunning plan that unfortunately suits a 3 “droid-er” but could be adapted to 2. I have selected, for the time being, 4 brews to continually rotate through 2 droids. Lawn Mower Lager and Bohemian Lager in one, The G-O-A-T Amber Ale and the Hop-Sessed Session Pale Ale in the other. The other droid will accomodate what ever (an will cause the stress at a lower degree) This cunning plan starts now 😁👍
  8. This is a bright refreshing ale, a good one for quaffing outdoors during summer. Citrus/passion fruit with pleasant after taste. Will mature well.
  9. My understanding that an airlock/hose would effect the processes of the droid with regard to fermentation start and EOF advise. The lid system in part seals however any “excessive” pressure will be allowed to escape. There are a few recipes, the pineapple being one of them (from memory) that warn if potential overflowing. A few of us actually have taped to the side of the droid by the overflow outlet a Chux wipe cloth to catch any overflow and reduce mess.
  10. A very genuine ale, simple, enjoyable, the type expected from the Draught tap at the pub but better if you know what I mean. Easy to drink, nice firm bitterness and a touch of the hops, just a touch and just right.
  11. I’m not following the one each day rule but rather save a few up to relieve pressure on my droid consumptions 😁🍻. I won’t report on them all, perhaps the ones I really enjoy. I also appreciate they are all craft brews by craft brewers so will expect some surprises not necessarily to my liking. Just to start off, the first, an IPA (6.5%) was so fruity, dominated by passion fruit that I could state “was it an Alcopop” in a blind taste test. The second (7.7%) was so hopped, 6 different varieties that a hop tea could have been a better option. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s fun and not everything in the beer world has to be to your liking. I suspect some good ideas and potential cloning of a few will come out of this.
  12. Hi Andy, that’s very interesting. It would seem the hop pellets broke down to a fine particle (like if you’d had put hop dust in). I would suspect not all the hop material would be in your kegs and any should not have any detrimental effect on the outcome. Remember some brewers put ss hop containers directly into their ss kegs and leave there when consuming. Whilst your keg is carbonating and maturing any hop sediment should settle to the bottom. Note this brew and let us know how it turns out. Cheers
  13. Sampling now, oh what a nice easy drinking drop. Brew again, yes but with all the other top brews, when?
  14. How’s the brewing going? Pacific Ale turn out ok? Cheers, Mark
  15. Taste buds have been activated, in the droid and will dry hop 15g Amarillo and 20g Galaxy probably at day 7. This hop combination is slightly preferable to just Galaxy.
  16. Didn’t realise that, the Session is a seller now commercially.
  17. Stock back to normal here, in the USA?
  18. On stinking hot days do you have a large esky or foam box you could sit some in? Or wrap a wet towel around them, or if you have a laundry sink, sit a few in there with water 3/4 the way up.
  19. It was/is hard enough to do the top 10 however:- Lawn Mower Lager; The G-O-A-T Amber Ale; Hop-Sessed Session Ale. Then there is...................
  20. No way out of business, after a few teething problems this is a real success. The virus halted their move into Europe, and this will come. BrewArt is owned by Coopers, biggest home brew suppliers in the world, even own your Mr Beer franchise.
  21. Your on the football, I’m watching darts. Your sipping “wicked night”, I’m having a “goat”. What more do two guys want? Cheers
  22. They are out of stock in Australia as well. Probably due to increase purchases for Xmas and due to virus home detentions. I know here in Australia they work over the weekend and stocks are usually back on the Monday or Tuesday. Not sure about the USA, hope it’s the same. Ps some here blame me for it as I generally get my orders in early, before them ha ha ha.
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