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  1. They are brilliant, use a non rinse sanitiser like Star San. (Star San is reusable and only 1.5ml per litre).
  2. Good way to go, your right in once you start the keg. I’m lucky in the fridge takes 4 kegs (2 x 10l and 2 x 12l) and I have another 6 x 10l and 4 x12l ready to be chilled, carbonated and consumed. So usually the “youngest” keg in the fridge is 6 to 8 weeks before hooked up to the tap. (sometimes earlier, depending on the brew). Have you every poured a glass side by side from each (keg & bottle) to compare? If so is there a difference between what is kegged and what is bottled?
  3. I have marked down the Deutsch Lager for my next brew after the Now fermenting Highlands IPA (had to do this one again) however on your recommendation I’ll do the Bohemian first (lager not the girl). Sounds a ripper, good review as well by Spence.
  4. There could be a big difference in the water quality from where you are to Adelaide. Sometimes you can smell the chlorine in the tap water. Isn’t yours from underground aquifers?
  5. I find they stack up really well if you use either liquid or dry malt extract. With some recipes it might be some light dry malt with say some dry amber and/or dry wheat malt extract. I find using the Brewprint yeasts a bonus, you can work out the lager, ale and stout/dark ale ones. Add hop teas, dry hop and you’ll be surprised at the results. There is no doubt the beerdroid’s temperature control plays a big part in the end result.
  6. To be honest if the Beerdroid and Beerflo were around when I switched from bottles I would go down this path rather than the 10l+ keg route. Your right, there are the kegs, dedicated fridge, taps, co2 bottle, regulator, disconnects ect ect. With the BrewArt systems I would have built up a good 5l keg collection and just brewed and brewed. (🍻) Bottling when needed. The brew print packages are great but remember you can just get the ingredients you need or use any wort for the Beerdroid. Eg. Kit and kilo preparations, purchased wort, biab (brew in a bag) grain preparations, mixture of Brewprint and own ingredients. I love the Coopers extract ranges of tins and do make up 10 litres of wort by using 1/2 of the recipe ingredients. (Keep the other 1/2 of the tin in the fridge - other thread/posts here about this). However to get your processes and confidence starting off with the Brewprints is a good idea. regards Mark
  7. Good question. I now keg into stainless steel ball lock kegs (12l and 10l) and carbonate with co2 after many years of bottling. Bottling is a lot more work in terms of cleaning, sanitising, filling, capping ect. Also takes up a lot of room if building stocks and leaving to mature. However I believe there is still a place for bottling when kegging and that is with stouts and high alcohol specials (eg. strong Scot brews). These are best left for maturing purposes, I have stouts in bottles that are just past 7 years and are absolutely delicious- confirmed by others). Why bottle them? When holding for a long time you are not tying up a keg, you usually only want a bottle or two and there is just something about glass. (PET bottles are not for long term storage, 9 months at best) A keg (ball lock kegs) set up can be quite expensive but you can do it in stages. When I went to kegs the BrewArt systems were not around. Depending upon finances and consumption the Beerdroid and Beerflo are excellent set ups. The down side is if you entertain or have others consuming your brews you do need to build up a number of 5l kegs for maturing and stocking the fridge. However you can start off with both, bottles and kegs. Hope the above helps, regards Mark
  8. That’s good. Would say it will be a fine drop.
  9. Good. Out of interest let us know how it is. Thanks Mark
  10. If the storage temperature was a 4C per default then you should have no problems ( often done with lagers). What is it and have you had a taste out of the tap?
  11. Yes I have to say they are excellent, both from sales and the technical departments. Glad all sorted for you and the items will be sent pronto.
  12. Your on the go now. From the start time (propagation zero time) the droid every 24 hours goes into a test mode (this will be indicated by the word “test” where the temp reading normal is on the brew status app) This test can be short or a couple of hours so don’t be concerned. The check is about fermentation, temperature and the possible need for temperature adjustment for the yeast to clean up or in accordance with the programme. It does this automatically. It also does other checks to ensure all is well.
  13. Your hiding of a few bottles is a good one. There is nothing better than finding a brew you throughly enjoyed.
  14. The consumption of beers in the sacrificial endeavours of science is extremely important. (🍺) Yes some styles need that extra time to mature so I guess it is imperative that we have both in stock, those that need maturity and those that can be drunk early, fresh. That’s my theory of success and failure 🙂. When I was bottling I liked to have a couple every 2 weeks to see how a brew developed and ascertain a good time for that particular style/recipe. That was when you were bottling 30 long necks from a 23l batch, so was not so hard. When I get my 2nd Beerdroid I have will different recipes in each but with some brews I extend to do a batch in each with the intention of keeping some aside (ha we can only hope)
  15. Looking good, will be trying the London’s Own Ale myself after a couple of other brews. The system is great for the wifi set up, you’ll get a message after 12hrs telling you it has change to fermentation. It will then cool to those temperature settings.
  16. Did you get a chance to put your first brew down? Was it the Californian Steam?
  17. Keg this today (27/7/19) so 11 day ferment. Dry hopped 5 days ago. Will report when being consumed and crackers and cheese just sounds great Rob. Put down my second Highlands IPA.
  18. Great stuff. Don’t for get the yeast goes in first, sprinkled on the surface of the water then the other ingredients (spread them around on top of the surface slowly as if you tip too fast you will have a cloud of the stuff in the room 🤭. Is the fridge water really cold? If so can you add some hot water so it is near the target temp? It just saves a bit of time in the unit having to heat the wort up.
  19. Just use filtered water Terry. Been doing that for years. The main thing is to get rid of the chlorine in the water and your filter will do that. I have a single filter that attaches to the kitchen tap with a control lever, works well. Mark
  20. At 8.5% you’d better have a few at the end of your birthday celebration, if too early you wont remember 🤪😴. And the next day 🤕🤢. I wonder if you’ll get excessive activity and overflow? Better put some cloth down by the outlet if you haven’t done already.
  21. Great value, that’s 13 x 375mm stubbies for $9, ha can’t get that a Dan’s.
  22. Sorry Rennce but I don’t have a beerflo as I keg into stainless ball lock kegs. Hopefully someone will responded but in the meantime send an email to the Brewart tech support. They are great and reply fast. let us know how you go.
  23. Interesting. Can’t find on eBay or gumtree so another selling site?
  24. Great bargain with the beerflo plus the accessories. You will throughly enjoy and be amazed at the quality results you will get from the Beerdroid. Good info on this forum and if you need info etc then feel free to contact. I’m looking for a second unit, no second hand ones here in SA and most interstates won’t post. I do prefer new so will await a brewart special. What brews/styles are interested in? Have you brewed before? (Checkout here and Brewprint reviews for some responses.) Cheers Mark
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