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  1. I have soaked the bottles as you suggested with terrific results, thanks fellas.
  2. @Rob Courtney lol I have glass bottles as well. @Captain 3 Droids thanks mate what you and rob have said makes seance so I will try that out.
  3. I do what most people here do and rinse my brown plastic bottles immediately after drinking. I have noticed on some of my brews that during secondary fermentation I get a small 3 mm krausen ring on the bottle. The beer is carbonated and tastes amazing especially after 6 weeks in the bottle. So will soaking the bottles overnight in a percarbonate solution remove this Krausen? I don't want to use a brush on the plastic bottles in case they get scratched. What are your thoughts?
  4. I agree with all, what you were looking at may have been a krausen layer, however after 10 hours it is unlikely on that particular brew. The yeast will find the malt and feast! I know as a brewer of over 30 years , we were always taught to stir and dissolve all ingredients. Now I dont give it a second thought and neither will you with time. Keep asking questions on here mate Captain 3 Droids is top notch and is always quick with reliable advise. Enjoy the journey!
  5. So after 7 days secondary fermentation, I whacked a bottle in the fridge just to test it out. The beer is superb! I would highly recommend trying this method out when you are using a really good yeast. Very quick and simple to do as per first post.
  6. Just put them in the keg before filling I would guess. I have not used these yet, but before or after filling should not make a difference mate.
  7. Update on this beer, Primary fermentation just completed after 13 days. Dry hopped last night so will bottle tomorrow night.. Beer smells and tastes as you would expect, no problems detected.
  8. Thanks mate I have used this link and purchased one
  9. The percarbonate seem to be working ok at this stage
  10. Yep I clicked on your link but no good mate. I will give the percarbonate a go and see what happens.
  11. I have some glasses that lack vigor and dont hold a good head. Was thinking of using some gumption paste on them https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/31783/gumption-paste-multi-purpose-cleanser Or do you think soaking in the percarbonate for a few days would do the trick?
  12. Yep I was thinking one more after this and thats about it. After that I am back onto the coopers supplied yeast.
  13. Hi Mark, I had it in the fridge for a couple of hours only. I then just poured the lot back into the droid minus some of the the sludge from the bottom of the bottle. It is fermenting nicely at this stage. I will keep this post updated. I did not want to go the full hog with harvesting the yeast as you have described, it was more about using the existing yeast cake and making it as quick and simple as possible.
  14. Thank you for the feed back @Dustin Frothman and @Barrelboy. I will try the kegs again next batch, 1 keg and the rest bottles. I tried the backwards turn, but nothing would line up those threads, so frustrating!
  15. So I just made a Pineapple Crush IPA using a White labs Pure Pitch liquid Californian Ale yeast, link below https://www.whitelabs.com/beer/homebrewing I have just bottled this brew and currently the droid is sitting there full of warm water with a droid cleanse tablet in it. When I was bottling the beer, my last bottle was only half full. So I removed the lid and tipped it back into the droid and stired it with a steralised spoon. I then got half a bottle of left over yeast and hops out of the droid. I am going to pour this into my next brew that I am making tonight which is a Jolly Roger pale ale. What do you guys think?
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