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  1. Have this in the Keg as I am typing this. The beer while fermenting in the droid will foam up and spill out the escape hatch as is to be expected, so if you are going to brew this, lay down some paper sheets or cloth to catch the foamy goodness. Do try to use the best pineapple juice you can get. Read the label and if you can get a juice not made from concentrate all the more better, oh and preservative free with no added sugar as well would be the go. If you have a local juice bar, see if they will juice you some fresh pineapple. At just on 14 days in the keg it is still pretty green but you can taste the quality there and know that given another 2 weeks in the keg this beer will be great. Pours with a great creamy head, and the flavour even at this early stage is becoming balanced and easy drinking. The pineapple doesn't hit you in the face, rather it intermingles with the hops and builds a great flavour profile. Definitely recommend giving this a go.
  2. Try boiling the hops for 60 mins next time mate, that will definitely get your bitterness level up. I have just placed a keg of this in the brewflow so looking forward to trying this on tap. I have to say I am really impressed with this beer. I have been brewing for many years in the traditional way and must say that the beer droid makes a tremendous difference to the finished product.
  3. The beer turned out excellent. It was straw in colour with a nice bitterness on the back end. it was both hoppy and malty. I think I flocked it but I am very happy with the beer. I have only cracked open the bottles so far and will do the keg soon The improvement in 3 weeks conditioning was remarkable, this is definitely an early drinking beer and not one to store.
  4. Had a couple of spicy indian curries last night and drank the Mountain Range IPA with it. I thought it went exceptionally well.
  5. yes mate that's right let us know how it went
  6. Up date I ended up cold crashing (storage mode) for 5 days. I have kegged half and bottled the rest. I got 12 Grolsch bottles. The beer from the droid looked like Feral Brewing's Sly Fox. A very pale cloudy beer. A taste from the droid before bottling was very good and I am looking forward to the finished product. Dan Murphy's has sly fox on sale for $13 a 6 pack for members. Its free to join and you can join up in store.
  7. I would put all of the hops into the droid and wait 24 hrs. Are you using brewart hops sachets?
  8. I'm about to dry hop with cascade it has been brewing for just over 9 days now. I will probably cold crash / store the beer for 3 or 4 days before kegging and bottling.
  9. Sounds nice Banjo, I take it that your LME was not hopped? Apparently 1 kg of LDM is equivalent to 1.3 kg of LME. All up I guess it cost me less than $25 to make, Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.
  10. 1kg Light dry malt. 300 grams beer improver - malt, dextrose & malt dextrin. 11 litres of water US 05 yeast. Cascade hops & centennial hops 14 gram centennial 60 minute boil 13 gram centennial 40 minute boil 14 gram cascade 5 minute boil 14 gram mix cascade & centennial at flame out. Method - 2 litres of water were bought to the boil with 300grams of coopers beer improver. then the hops were added and boiled for the specified times above. The mix was then bought down to room temperature and tipped into the beer droid, Didn't realise the tap was open and lost some hoppy wart all over the place! I was quick enough to react not to loose too much. I then topped the droid to eleven litres, put the US 05 yeast in followed by the LDM (light dry malt) and started an ale program. I like hoppy beers and was aiming at an American Pale Ale style. Anyone else done this sort of thing yet?
  11. Ok hops added directly to the beer droid. Question is now how much dextrose and water needed to prime a 5ltr keg? I don't have any brewart primers Duffman.
  12. I am going to bottle half of my brew. How much hops do I use per bottle? 500ml bottles and I have a syringe. I have the liquid hops from brewart. In the keg I need to add primer. How much dexstrose do I need and how much water do I use to dissolve it? The beer is Mountain high IPA.
  13. There is no link here for a video on sanitising kegging equipment, I don't get it, the topic says sanitising kegging equipment and leads to a link on sanitising your beerdroid!
  14. Brad I have 2 more days to wait until my brew is ready to try. It is a West Coast Pale Ale and not the Mountain Range IPA. I added about 50 grams of Cascade hops as a hop tea in about 250 ml of water. I know this seams like a lot of hops but I like my beers hoppy and they were not on the boil for long at all maybe a minute or 2 maximum. I have 2 kegs with the additional hops and 1 5ooml bottle with out the hop tea as a comparison. I now have the Mountain Range IPA in the Droid it is up to 9 days and 7 hours and still going strong fermenting.
  15. It was the APA only poured one beer so far but have another 2 kegs full and another batch in the droid. No I don't have a keg caddy. Seems easy enough to fill a keg with out it.
  16. Damian Ryan

    First pour!

    If the misses is impressed your onto a winner mate
  17. A complete keg cap arrived today from Brewart. Outstanding customer service!
  18. Yep sent off an email, and true to there reputation Ian has sent me out a replacement. Great customer service.
  19. I noticed one of my kegs had beer between the liner and the keg. Not sure if this was because of the high temps lately. Anyway I had a quick look on this forum and earlier ones for similar problems but could not find any. I became impatient as the keg was pre chilled and was due to be dispensed into my schooner glass post haste! I am delighted to report that the beer was carbonated perfectly down to the last drop, not a problem at all even though the keg was consumed over a few days. so not sure how the beer leaked out but it was not the end of the world as I first thought.
  20. Clean glasses make all the difference as well. I use a brewery cleaner on my glasses now it is a pink powder, then I rinse them 3 times and then they go into the fridge or freezer, obviously every one else's comments about conditioning beer is just as important. One more thing, I have some knowledge of the Baking industry and was very well aware that yeast would die if the temp became too hot. Not sure if this is the same for the strains of yeast used in brewing.
  21. I have some how thrown out the keg cap. It is just the piece that screws into the keg liner, I have the valves, collar o rings etc. Any one else done this? And do you know if you can buy them separately?
  22. The "next unread topic "at the bottom right hand corner of the page is a terrific idea as has been mentioned.
  23. Maybe at some stage Big Pop leave the beer droid full of sanitiser for a full 24 hours to enable it to soak into all nook and crannies if you don't intend on dismantling it
  24. I made a nice American chilli yesterday with some Habanero chilli's I have grown. The only beer I have on tap so far is the APA so I'm hoping this goes well.
  25. If you are using the Droid cleanse tablets, I suspect that these are a phosphoric acid base just like a product called "Star San" The manufacturer of star san states that the product can be reused several times. Maybe some one else can verify this or has a different opinion, but I think you would be fine to do that.
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