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  1. As Big Pop said even with the chrome coating coming off the function of the machine and taste of the beer is unchanged. I will continue to use the tap as it is not causing any problems. Pursya does raise a good point hopeful the Brewart team are working on a more robust tap design, as there seems to be a few issues coming up on the chat boards.
  2. I have found that my tape has shed its chrome finish in the same place. I too have only done an external wipe down. I have done around 10 brews all being ales and all fermenting at 17 degC. The current brew is a lager (thought a change would be nice) fermenting at 12 degC and the ambient temp in the room has been over 25 degC for the last week. I wonder if the difference in internal to external temp is causing the shedding issue. I also noticed for the first time that there was some condensation on the tape, which has never happened before. Figure the chrome to plastic bond is just weak.
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