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  1. Additional Hops

    Sounds delicious. Amarillo are some of my favourites.
  2. Beer line failure

    I wouldn't pull on the beer lines. I always do the opposite - push the loop in a bit further each way. My understanding is the zip ties will hold it but they can get nudged out of place, then the pressure of the beer can cause a failure. I hear they're working on a new design.
  3. Indian curry

    If I could only eat and drink curry and IPAs for the rest of my life, I'd be very happy with that!
  4. Brewing using Coopers cans?

    Make sure you use the whole yeast sachet rather than half it. 3.5g is way too little - you'll get funky flavours from the yeast being underpitched
  5. Adding Nitrogen to your beer

    Photo or a video would be amazing Derren - this is one of the coolest/smartest things I've heard of
  6. Custom Brewprints

    I've had success throwing a bag of Cascade pellets into my American Pale Ale. It tastes similar but has more nose. I'm going to try throwing Amarillo into my West Coast Pale Ale next.
  7. Custom Brewprints

    How did you work out the alpha acid level for H4 Gibbo?
  8. Custom Brewprints

    Looks like a winner!
  9. All Head from pour

    I've had success giving my kegs a vigorous 10-20 second shake, then leaving them back in the BrewFlo for about 24 hours.
  10. First time Brewart Brewer

    Not sure about the wifi interfering with it. I only know of power cuts doing it (you become very familiar with how power cuts affect the BeerDroid when you live in Adelaide). The BeerDroid always shows 'Custom' when you choose a program from the app, even if it matches up completely with the Lager or Ale program defaults.
  11. First time Brewart Brewer

    I heard that there's a difference in the programming on the BeerDroid and the app. The BeerDroid will show how long it's been powered on for, but the app shows time since the brew was started. You probably had a little power cut in your shed for a bit. Don't worry - the beer should still be great!
  12. BrewArt App Updated

    Awesome - thanks guys!
  13. Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

    Traditional Irish Stout
  14. 2 questions

    Add both the hops sachets directly to the BeerDroid 24 hours before you keg and bottle. Definitely stick with the primer sachets for the keg. If you try with your own sugar you may put too much in, which could deform the keg as there's too much pressure inside.
  15. Favourite Brewprint?

    West Coast Pale Ale!