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  1. So, I'm into my first dry hop Brewart recipe: mountain IPA. The hop notes seem much sharper and the beer holds its head well. Previously, the head would disappear quite quickly it seems. As an early adopter, I had to manually cold-crash with p0016 but it worked good. Consider me converted... I've upgraded my droid to p0017 and I've just moved my first "Point IPA" into secondary. The filter works just great BUT I bottle into swing-tops. The bottle adapter just doesn't seem to fly for me. It leaks prolifically at the junction with the filler pipe to the point where I must manually switch the tap off and on whilst bottling to manage beer loss. Maybe I'm doing it wrong? Love the beer though. dcm
  2. So, just a little something else to watch out for here with the dry hop variants, the sticky labels on the hop sachets denoting what hop type they contain are a little prone to falling off... Sometimes they fall off in the plastic bag they got shipped in from Brewart, sometimes they fall off into your beer as you are emptying them out and you have to fish soggy label out of your beer. ONE label falling off a hop bag is just a thing. TWO labels falling off TWO hop bags is a dilemma because it is no longer possible to easily determine which hop bag is which 🙂 I think I worked it out ok but be careful. Mountain IPA primary ferment finally finished today so I've chucked in the hops and now have to wait for 48 hours + 48 hours at storage temp. Then two weeks in secondary, preferably three. I'm going to have to go out and buy some actual beer... I won't leave it so long between batches next time.
  3. Ok, Brewart helped me out on this. It is true. For a short while, brews weren't getting flagged as "dry hop". The resolution is to throw in the dry hops at EOF then wait 48 hours until the 'droid automatically pulls the brew down to storage temperature and then leave it at storage temperature for another 48 hours before kegging/bottling. Apparently this will auto-magically fix for my next brew. They can also see what's happening on the fermentation front on my 'droid, presumably they can see more data than I can. The fermentation is winding down normally and I should see EOF in a day or two so it was just a bit of a slow burn yeast. Awesome support as usual from Brewart.
  4. Yep, not so worried about EOF just yet, I have had brews run on a little before and suspect yeast. I'm more concerned that I've missed some milestones for dry hopping. I just sat back and awaited the app to ask me to do something. By day 11, I thought I would have been throwing in some hops.
  5. Ok, for those of us who for various reasons, cannot open up our personal lives to facebook, what should we do? Any clues?
  6. I've long since ditched the plastic screw bottles and gone to swing tops which appear to hold onto carbonation a whole lot better. I've never had a glass bottle fail like that and I *have* dropped one whilst loading it into the secondary ferment fridge. They get a soak in sanitiser, a quick rinse and a dry on the bottle tree. I've got about 3 dozen that rotate around. I've been using them for over a year and no dramas. I haven't even replaced the swingtop seals yet as they look good and work ok. I am going to chuck all my plastic bottles - the beer invariably goes flat after a few weeks in them.
  7. Mmm... 11 days into fermentation and STILL fermenting. That's a bit of a record for me with mountain IPA. Haven't had any messages to dry hop as yet. I hope all is well.
  8. Having been experimenting with modifying Brewprint recipes to include dry hopping (complete with clogged bottle fillers, switched to stocking-derived bags weighted with marbles) for a while, I ordered my filter, bottle adapter and a whole bunch of ingredients (including hops) the day the email hit my inbox. In my haste of course, I ordered Y4 instead of Y1 yeasts but @Barrelboy reckons I should go for it anyway. My firmware is upgraded and I'm going to give one of my favorites, Mountain IPA a go on the dry hop variant (albeit with Y4). I'm looking forward to some punchier hop flavors and some better head retention!
  9. I went a bit nuts when the dry hop recipes came out and ordered ingredients individually to make a 3 IPA and a pale ale. And, I stuffed up the yeast order. I meant to order 4 x Y1 but ordered 4 x Y4. I'm not super-keen on waiting 4 days and paying another $15 for Y1 yeast. My choices are to run with Y4 yeast (hmm...) or, the local brew shop as Safale US-05 which on the face of it, looks like it might do the same thing anyway. Thoughts? I'll be more careful next order...
  10. I agree with Barrelboy. There are some very good reasons why some of us can't really afford to open up our lives to Facebook. I won't be joining Facebook and if that's where Brewart choose to hang out then great - their choice, count me out...
  11. Mmm... Where does one find "FortNight" hops and what kind of dose? I'd love to hear how that works out. With my 'droid down - I'm consoling myself making a Torpedo IPA clone 'old school' (read: 'mess everywhere, every kitchen utensil dirty, stove top covered in sticky wort and wife unhappy'). It's definitely a lot easier using the 'droid.
  12. Thanks to the miracles of NBN, my internet connectivity has been dreadful right across Christmas. It was actually the Brewart app that first clued me in to something going wrong with the 'net because it kept repeatedly telling me that it lost (and subsequently re-found) my 'droid. Then the kids started complaining. Then the internet went away entirely for weeks. Then I got bored.. https://imgur.com/a/EBPOO BUT, after about a zillion cycles, my 'droid unfailingly reconnected with wifi and the Brewart server whenever it was able and my brew completed. That piece of functionality looks pretty stable to me after NBN tested it to hell and back. My money is on your wifi router.
  13. I can say that notwithstanding the further 'droid problems now plaguing me, the Julebryg is quite nice to drink!
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