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  1. I agree with Barrelboy. There are some very good reasons why some of us can't really afford to open up our lives to Facebook. I won't be joining Facebook and if that's where Brewart choose to hang out then great - their choice, count me out...
  2. Mmm... Where does one find "FortNight" hops and what kind of dose? I'd love to hear how that works out. With my 'droid down - I'm consoling myself making a Torpedo IPA clone 'old school' (read: 'mess everywhere, every kitchen utensil dirty, stove top covered in sticky wort and wife unhappy'). It's definitely a lot easier using the 'droid.
  3. Thanks to the miracles of NBN, my internet connectivity has been dreadful right across Christmas. It was actually the Brewart app that first clued me in to something going wrong with the 'net because it kept repeatedly telling me that it lost (and subsequently re-found) my 'droid. Then the kids started complaining. Then the internet went away entirely for weeks. Then I got bored.. https://imgur.com/a/EBPOO BUT, after about a zillion cycles, my 'droid unfailingly reconnected with wifi and the Brewart server whenever it was able and my brew completed. That piece of functionality looks pretty stable to me after NBN tested it to hell and back. My money is on your wifi router.
  4. I can say that notwithstanding the further 'droid problems now plaguing me, the Julebryg is quite nice to drink!
  5. Yes, well after Brewart sent me a new tap and bung which got caught up in Christmas post, yesterday I thought I'd put my second brew onto 'droid #2 but filled it with water first to test it and then sanitise. It turns out that regardless of whether the bung was the problem (it had indeed developed a small crack), there's a bigger leak problem. There is a hairline crack in the spigot of the 'droid itself :-( This is only the 2nd brew for this 'droid (the first having succumbed to a faulty sensor after quite a few brews with quite a few taps). Needless to say my modified westcoast pale ale is currently on hold... If you fully install the tap, you can't see the crack and the water tracks down below and appears to be leaking back past the bung. droid2_leak.mp4
  6. And the answer was: 16 days... EOF detected yesterday. Thanks!
  7. Sigh, mine is doing it too... First time I used the 'droid in a few months. I'm on tap #4 but to date, the bung had been well behaved until now... It's a fairly slow leak so the brew is still going with a paper "beer nappy" under the 'droid. After 14 days, I've probably only lost half a cup or so. It's been suggested to me that coating these with olive oil might actually be doing more harm than good.
  8. Thought I'd break out the 'droid and try some Julebryg. It's allegedly a 9 - 14 day lager brew at 12C but i'm at day 15 with no EOF detected. Before I start messing around with hygrometers though, it seems to me looking at the yeast, the temperature and the ingredients that 9 - 14 days might be a little optimistic. Similar brews seem to be listed at 9 - 20 days. I was wondering if anybody else had some thoughts/experience?
  9. I didn’t even have to do that. The temperature gyrations as the fault progressed defied the laws of physics and once Brewart support knew my ‘droid serial, they could check it at their back-end and could see that for themselves. The reported temperatures and time were simply not possible. After the “turning it off and on again” test failed, I was informed that a new ‘droid and Brewprint was to be despatched. Again, the questionable reliability has been neutralised by good support. No clue what happened to it. I’d been brewing back-to-back for 5 batches and that was the 5th. Maybe it got bored. I just hope that the later hardware is a little more robust (my first droid has a very small serial number). I don’t want to be looking at more dead droids outside my warranty.
  10. So, a couple more E1 errors and not much cooling and yet the case feels much less than the 22C the Droid is telling me. I grab my contactless IR thermometer, open the droid lid and measure the temperature on the unfermented stuff floating on top of the future-beer. 6.5c... I guess the problem is my temperature sensing.
  11. Manual says: "Cause 1: The unit has failed to heat or cool your brew to the target temperature within an acceptable time limit." I'm wondering if that is it. When I've over-ridden the error messages, the compressor has started immediately but run for a long-ish time without dropping the temperature more than 1 degree or so. The exhaust fan is blowing curiously tepid air. I'm wondering if the heat pump unit has packed up. I think it IS working but it seems very slow to cool.
  12. My latest batch of Polski Baltic porter is in trouble I think :-( My 'droid has thrown no less than three "E1" errors in 24 hours. Each error resulted in a cessation of refrigeration and a large temperature spike (not sure if this is because of fermentation or extraordinarily warm August weather here in Brisbane). This morning another E1 error and my brew idling at 22C (should be 12C). The temperature graph looks like the plot of a yo-yo. I had 9 liters in the 'droid as per usual for this mix. This would be my 3rd batch but the temperature is so out of whack with this one I fear it may be lost. Any theories or is my droid busted :-(
  13. I'm trying to work out if there are some white floaties in that 'droid (some kind of mould?) or it's just a trick of the light. I've made a few ruby porters: I've never had white bits. There is yeasty sediment that will fall to the bottom of the glass. My RP's have always benefited from way more secondary fermentation than Brewart suggest: 6 weeks seems good. Having said that, an RP that hasn't been in secondary long enough has (in my experience) a little yeasty or sweetish flavour: nothing sulphur. RP has (as you have observed) volcanic fermentation, literally "hitting the roof" of the fermenter. Is it possible that you had some muck up under the rubber seal and it's gotten back into your beer?
  14. This works I tell you! Tried one last night, 3 weeks in secondary. Not bad! You can smell the Amarillo and the bitter and extra ABV are there. I'm calling it "Westcoast IPA" :-) First glass out of the 750ml extremely good. Second glass was *slightly* more sweetish so there still might be some secondary fermentation to happen - guess it's been cold lately but I'm going to do another batch of this.
  15. dcm


    Also affected. Came back from a trip interstate with a brew on. Fired up the app (my Android device stayed at home) and it spun its wheels for a while and now is stuck asking me if I want to setup a new beer droid (having apparently forgotten my old one).
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