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  1. Aha! As I suspected then. Thanks. I have hopped away merrily with more-hops-than-specified because that's how I roll 🙂
  2. Interestingly, my Beerdroid prompted me for hops after only 5 days of brewing my latest Mountain IPA batch. This is the first brew I have done with the new v18 firmware. Looking carefully, it hasn't actually told me that fermentation has ended, it simply said that it was "time to hop". I'm wondering if it is calling for hops earlier in the fermentation cycle to improve hop characteristics. If primary fermentation really HAD completed only after 5 days, I'd be inclined to think something was wrong. Time will tell...
  3. Ah, so it's NOT just me that gets those app messages ephemerally on my phone: they appear, and are apparently irretrievably gone before I can completely read them... My p0018 firmware upgrade went ok fortunately. I always worry about things bricking during firmware updates.
  4. Yep, was the story of my life with those PET bottles. I switched over to swing-top glass ones and haven't had the problem since. I put the last (I thought) of my PET bottles in the recycle a few months ago but just found some Baltic Porter under the house in PET bottles: completely flat. I was going to toss it but maybe I'll try re-carbonating one to see what happens. That BP is more than a year old though.
  5. Got that email today too. Yep. I have some pretty serious qualms about Facebook (and its ethics) and I avoid it assiduously. I'd rather Facebook users get pointed here. Do I really have to sell my soul to Mark Zuckerberg just to pick up tips on how to get the most out my Beer Droid? I hope the FB thing doesn't undermine this place. On a serious note, those social media platforms do come and go over time. Consider MySpace.
  6. Sweet... Cold crash it at EOF? It's a lot of hops but I've got a nice stainless steel hop cage just made for this.
  7. I'd like to try the Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA clone on Shem's cheat sheet: Seirra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA 2 x E1, 2 x E2, 3 x E5, 2 x H2, Y1, DH 9-12 Days Ale $118.00 $35.50 $82.50 DH: Magnum 15gm, Crystal 15gm, Citra 15gm I've got the Brewart bits but yet to source the dry hops. Does anybody have any idea about temperatures & dry hopping timing for this?
  8. Yep, this is one of my favourites. I've got a batch on right now in fact.
  9. Yep, well, couldn't let the free shipping on orders over $200 slip by. Let's just say that once this lot turns up, I'll be good for dry hopped beer into the new year :-)
  10. Thanks for the tips. Yes, I did cold crash the brew. This is my third dry hop batch but the only one that created sufficient hop sludge at the base of the fermenter to block the tube leading to the tap. I was definitely thinking of a larger tube. Next up is a crack at the Sierra Nevada "torpedo" look alike which looks to have 95g of hops (2 x "H2" - to be replaced with centennial) and 15g each of Magnum, Crystal and Citra. Or maybe Pirate Life IPA.
  11. Yep, you really need to shove it in and once it's home, it doesn't look like I can get it back out so cleaning will be interesting. Last week I made some Narci-Citrus IPA using the dry-hop version. This calls for THREE sachets of hops. Everything to date has been two. It seemed to work ok, I used the (wrong but close) Y4 yeast. Fermentation was, well, vigorous and it smells great. There was a lot of hops in the beer. I was expecting that the filter might clog. It didn't but I still had problems bottling the beer. Upon examination, it seems that hops had formed kind of a plug in the spigot. I have hop bags somewhere but I'm a bit wary about limiting the exposure of the beer to the hops. I'm wondering if I should invest in a hop tube? Something like: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Stainless-Steel-Homebrew-Beer-Dry-Filter-Hop-Tube-Spiders-Home-Brew-Keg-Bomb-Bag/392877206878?epid=28040131289&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item5b794e6d5e:g:a9oAAOSw3ChfEqo1&amdata=enc%3AAQAFAAACYBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%2Fn%2BzU5L90Z278x5ickkyMJZWL%2BqFSgQ3TOOe%2FNr7m1npaopRR7%2FDnPLZf%2FJ8PrVYrkh7G%2BT4SmsRTrYrNyuwRH9udp4gKR3aKDy%2FMomMqWgrJuwIkX27jbsytVW5L%2BfimOl62563yRu97a5R0vDw3orTQygcfITnNc%2BeolIUY4ng%2FBFbwm%2F8qxEsPh%2BVJ4JuZM%2FvBZjdPCNKd9U%2Fe30ZkY7IJ7tlavXfoUl%2BCgskIL69yV8d941aHGhOojv8RFSMm3%2BRPp8g%2F1DLyMiyFDsSS3dFfPH9uLiX80T8Y8%2FuHweApeT%2FautymI%2FC7Tc98v%2F9T0gMchLpfDD3ULmTIBRWoFv15SUB0vrLSx9pM7Yz6Y0DkZEyLo4u5J2JWGDxbu3IIK%2FrvPmDCEi0UkMnzhxVckXdtAGjC1WasrP9SJsQCqWJ4QgdVHPbCZoFgcNnYfiX3UDe2XI6Y2P0xgmd%2F0ujSnUWzesngAs3SWuXX%2BbZie%2FuqExCb38x1OBHkv5Yd8QQah1QIGeOQ1NbQ5XyXJoa1757t8UVcRDx8O5xP0faKu9h0tQ0lkoep8CVAfRnvDueYarK1t%2BwqqWZcyBcQsQ0F5VXG1cm5aJoKVz4o7cbVA%2FYuH31FogVpcn98jMpKA3ib%2F2IxqzhzLmCOVctS2mmyAfAFZ1FIIoonJtxlyAO8%2BujEUky3TBVfr7DMAkur%2BIn%2B4U4WvBylkkr6sD3L23St3mpqfibX%2Bn8AS4l9VbI%2Fy7CI87oULddvsdbIcpsuSVKf76dXOlXlE658oT%2BNT9|cksum%3A39287720687861340ce5a28247debd273b6c72860cb0|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2334524 Thoughts?
  12. Has anybody tried the Sierra Nevada Torpedo recipe listed on that (very interesting) worksheet? I'm not on Facebook and I had some questions about it. It seems to be using hop oils supplemented by dry hopping. Does anybody know what the hopping cadence should be? I've made Torpedo "old-school" (boiling grains/hops to make wort) and there are progressive hop doses at different points in primary fermentation. Also, could/should we replace the H2 oil with dry hops? Torpedo Extra IPA is one of my favorite beers but prohibitively expensive here in Australia. It would be great if I could make something like it in my 'droid!
  13. So, I'm into my first dry hop Brewart recipe: mountain IPA. The hop notes seem much sharper and the beer holds its head well. Previously, the head would disappear quite quickly it seems. As an early adopter, I had to manually cold-crash with p0016 but it worked good. Consider me converted... I've upgraded my droid to p0017 and I've just moved my first "Point IPA" into secondary. The filter works just great BUT I bottle into swing-tops. The bottle adapter just doesn't seem to fly for me. It leaks prolifically at the junction with the filler pipe to the point where I must manually switch the tap off and on whilst bottling to manage beer loss. Maybe I'm doing it wrong? Love the beer though. dcm
  14. So, just a little something else to watch out for here with the dry hop variants, the sticky labels on the hop sachets denoting what hop type they contain are a little prone to falling off... Sometimes they fall off in the plastic bag they got shipped in from Brewart, sometimes they fall off into your beer as you are emptying them out and you have to fish soggy label out of your beer. ONE label falling off a hop bag is just a thing. TWO labels falling off TWO hop bags is a dilemma because it is no longer possible to easily determine which hop bag is which 🙂 I think I worked it out ok but be careful. Mountain IPA primary ferment finally finished today so I've chucked in the hops and now have to wait for 48 hours + 48 hours at storage temp. Then two weeks in secondary, preferably three. I'm going to have to go out and buy some actual beer... I won't leave it so long between batches next time.
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