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  1. Spot on Mark, hops in a bag or hop ball have minimal impact on the EOF determination, loose hops do have an impact. When adding "contained" hops early, take care not to add them within a few hours of when the Droid is due to do a fermentation test, this is approx. every 24 hours from when the you started the brew.
  2. Yes it does make sense and the improvements have been evident. The BeerDroid hit the market in 2015 at firmware version P009, five years later it's on P017; the majority of updates delivering improvements and new features. Kudos @BrewArt Team your customer/product support has been excellent 👍
  3. I wouldn't put the dry hops in before the Droid says so, as it will likely result in a delayed (marathon) EOF detection as Alan discovered. Can you guys keep a secret? 🙊 "Big Brewer" is looking at optimising the timing of the dry hop addition... shhh!
  4. 😉 Totally agree, I have my second batch of Lawn Mower Lager in the droid now and my lawn is artificial.
  5. I'd be a bit wary with such a high concentration of vinegar as it may damage the plastic and the window seal, better check with the @BrewArt Team first. The FAQs talk about a slight smell in the plastic being normal. My go to is to fill the BeerDroid with warm water then add 30ml Unscented Bleach and 30ml Vinegar, let soak for a few hours, rinse and let air dry, if putting the unit away, make sure it's dry and leave the lid off, tap and drain plug out. Make sure you add the chemicals to the water already in the Droid not the other way around to avoid fumes and undiluted chemicals on the plastic. Do the same for the Kegs, not sure about the Flo, perhaps wipe it down and leave open, also you could try putting a little warm water in the bottom (1 cup) and flush it through to the drip tray using the silver button at the bottom front of the unit, repeat as needed if there is gunk coming through.
  6. Hi @Alan Batchelor, That EOF time is quite excessive especially for an Ale, I suggest giving the BrewArt team a call to look over your logs for an insight as to why so long. Did you add the dry hops before being prompted by the BeerDroid? Adding the hops too early could possibly mess with the EOF determination. Either way, sounds like your brew is going to be a winner!
  7. Sounds pretty thorough, consider the following as well from time to time: remove o-rings from the tap and sanitise. remove o-rings from the drain plug (V2 droids) and sanitise. replace o-rings periodically, not really necessary but it's just something I like to do annually. remove seal from lid and sanitise. Always leave everything to thoroughly air dry if not using straight away, e.g. leave tap apart, lid off etc.
  8. If it has the circular drain with the silicon o-rings then it's a V2, the V1 has the crescent drain. Don't forget to update your firmware after you get it hooked up to Wi-Fi and your App. BrewArt have just released firmware P016 which has the full dry hop functionality.
  9. Hi Ausmetal94, Sounds like you have a version 2 BeerDroid. There should have been an extra leaflet in the box outlining a temporary setup procedure, an App update is coming that will fix this. You have two other options to get your BeerDroid onto your Wi-Fi, use the WPS setup method or use the manual setup method where you connect to the BeerDroid using a browser (not the app) both of these methods are detailed in the online manuals. Don't forget to then link the BeerDroid to your BrewArt account in the App. If you have any issues, call the BrewArt Tech support line, they will be able to walk you through this on the phone.
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