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  1. Beerdroid Issues

    I have this problem for the fourth time don't know what to do next.
  2. Beerdroid Issues

    Absolutely gutted set up new Droid last week after waiting for delivery of a new one. 7 days into first brew and my wife has sent me a video, the Droid has leaked once more. Waiting to here back now.
  3. IMG-2129.JPG

    I really enjoyed this one brew was in secondary for approx 8 weeks
  4. IMG-2129.JPG

    Mountain Range IPA Best Pouring Beer So Far
  5. Keg Cap

    Agreed just speak to Ian I threw one out and he sent me a couple in the mail. Just another example of the great customer support
  6. Woot! First brew - mountain IPA

    I found this definition to explain cold crashing. Cold Crashing is the process of rapidly dropping the temperature of your home brewed beer before carbonation. This is done to have yeast, proteins and other solids fall out of suspension resulting in a clearer beer and removing or reducing chill haze.
  7. Woot! First brew - mountain IPA

    I have brewed this one and it has been sitting in secondary for 4 weeks now. I am going to leave it a couple more weeks as I cold crashed it. I am looking forward to trying this one now.
  8. Beerdroid Issues

    Hi Guys, Just spoke to Ian from brewart. I got another replacement Droid coming from brewart. I must say again you can't fault the customer service.
  9. Beerdroid Issues

    The crack is along the top of the Spigot where the tap slides in. I have only managed 5 brews in total. I must say the customer service to outstanding.
  10. Shane McDonnell

  11. Beerdroid Issues

    Hi I am new to this site. I am having the dreaded leaking Droid problem. I have developed a crack for the second time. I was wondering how many others are having these sorts of problems.