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  1. Check out the Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/510017639207765/?ref=share) and select “files” for the latest version of the file. It’s now regularly updated by the page members
  2. Hi Guys, Here is a simple, easy to use spreadsheet I created a little while ago for my own use, and have now seen this and thought others might like it. I recently shared it on the Facebook group but maybe not everyone here is on there. This spreadsheet has 3 tabs, one for all the BrewPrint data, one for printing out and keeping with the droid for referencing recipe on brew day and 1 for online ordering - online order helper tab is a very simple process, select all the brew/s you want from the drop down list and it will give you the totals for everything you need at the bottom - making ordering super easy, no excel experience is needed, I believe this is fool proof. Hopefully it helps someone... Cheers, Shem Brew Prints Ingredients List - Jun 17.xlsx
  3. Yeah they are in research and development stage at the moment. Will be a few months away in the GB and Cider Prints apparently.
  4. I've do this, I bottle used asahi bottles and use a bottle valve with a small piece of 10mm clear pvc hose (cut down from a long piece I use for cleaning and draining the droid) which connects the bottling valve to the droid tap. I purchased everything from a home brew store, but if you just need the small piece of hose the home brew store usually sell these connectors also.
  5. I've now named my Droid "HOPTIMUS PRIME".
  6. Is anyone labeling their bottles? What style of labels do you use - a simple hand written label or a custom made printed label? I think it would be great if coopers made available the labels and or label designs they already have for their brew prints for us to download or purchase in the online store. Would love to hear what everyone is doing.
  7. I've purchased a ginger beer kit from a home brew store (Morgan's ginger beer kit) and also purchased the additional dextrose and some extra yeast to make it work when I halve the recipe from 20 litres to 10 litres. I am also planning to bring the alcohol content up to about 6% from the 3% of the recipe kit I will post an update in a few weeks when it is ready, and will then have an opportunity to adjust the second batch based on the flavor/results of the first. I'm interested to hear how the cider brew turns out Stuart.
  8. I have recently purchased 4 x brews for $87. Saving $48 on the brewprint purchases for 4 x brews by purchasing the elements individually - I am bottling so don't need the extra kegging glucose and substitute the droid cleanse for a brewers no risne sanitiser - the cerveza works out to be about $17, you save approx $11 + per brewprint. Might be worth it for those that like the brewprint recipes but want to save $$$.
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