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  1. Hi, my first attempt at brewing beer prints hasnt gone well. I brewed a california steam ale and was overwhelmed with a chemical taste when I tried it on the weekend. The fermentation process was approx 5 days and I kegged 2 days later (so 7 days in droid all up). I force carbonated at approx 30psi for 5-10 mins then left to rest for 7 days at approx 10-15 psi. I tasted on the weekend and was hit with a chemical infused undrinkable and flat disaster. Im not sure what I did wrong but Im sure plenty. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. I am using 19l cornelius kegs and did not add any primer to them given I was force carbonating. It is possible that I didnt let the beer mature enough (2 week process only) however that should not explain the chemical taste. I still have the beer but will need to throw it out. I have my 2nd brew (US Chiller) now ready to keg but I have put it into storage mode until i know what Im doing. This is my first attempt at brewing anything (can barely use an automatic coffee machine) so pls bare with me. Thanks Danny
  2. Hello! So beer finally finished fermenting and went to “ready to keg” mode. I was just informed that the program was cancelled accidentally by my child. I won’t be kegging for a few days. Is there anyway to manually place the droid into storage mode? Are there any alternatives if not. Thank you!!
  3. Has anyone got advice for this poor Beerdroid owner? I noticed discoloration behind the seal where the light is situated on the inside of the droid. The droid is over two years old and I dont have the receipt so Brewart dont appear to be able to help. So I added a bead of food grade silicon around the discolored area and now I can see liquid half way up the window? As if the silicon made it worse?? I have now taken the silicon off and the liquid has not disappeared. Any thoughts or ideas to assist would be greatly appreciated as I am drowning my sorrows that there may not be too many brews left in this baby.
  4. I’ll finally be joining the club this week when droid 2 arrives in the post. It’s quite exciting. Is there some sort of initiation ritual or coronation I should start preparing myself for? Will I be renamed Dustin “2 Droids” Frothman? Captain is already taken ... Finally looking forward to upping my production beyond the brews we enjoy each week. 😍
  5. As written in the title...I received an American Pale Ale kit, but don't own a Beerdroid. My mate doesn't enjoy beer, and purchased his Beerdroid for honey meads. Are there any instructions for an old school brewer out there, or must I interrupt my mate's schedule? Step-by-step, detailed time/temp instructions would be very welcome. Turning Summer in my area, so I doubt I need to write more. Thanks in advance for any assistance. Hank
  6. Hi all, update firmware tonight and the droid itself went through the process and appeared be be complete but the app is just stuck spinning showing the “updating” message. Been like that for a couple of hours now. I got a notification to say “to complete the upgrade you will now need to....” but is disappeared before I could reads it...! any ideas? cheers
  7. Hi, can you put carbornate drops in the beerdroid to keep it carbonated and drink directly out of it like that ?
  8. Who has had much success experimenting with using the 1.7kg tins? Do you halve the tin of go the whole hog? I have done the Mexican Cerveza with 250 grams of Enhancer 2. Came out alright. One of the blokes at the Brew store told me that it's the 1kg Enhancer that brings it up to the required ABV for the 23 litre systems. I am trying a Full can Coopers Draught with same amount of enhancer, it's been brewing for about 8 days now. With this one I tried breaking the Wort mix down in 2 litres warm water, then added 8 litres of cold. I would love to be able to just load up on Brewprints but my surname isn't Packer unfortunately. Who else is using cans as well as Brewpints?
  9. Ok been a while since I posted but I am still brewing 🤪 I tried some more experimental brewart ingredients brews with varying degrees of success. Managed to brew a 1/2 decent attempt at a NEIPA but still wasn’t totally happy. Also did one with mango juice. Just brewed a Pale ale heavily hoped. Came out pretty good and best Pale ale yet. Just tasted at 14 days and it’s not bad. Thinking it will mature nicely in a month or so. Color and cloudiness is spot on and taste is fruity with a bit of a bitter back end. All in all I am happy and looked forward to to tasting again in about a month. I have a similar pale ale on the go but this time just hopping with Galaxy and double flaked oats. ~Alan
  10. Ran into my first issue with the second hand kegs setup I have. The setup has the older style caps and black valve. I purchased new keg liners but do I need to buy the new keg caps, black valve and spear (aka the keg spear pack) to use these? If so how do you buy them as I can’t see them on the BrewArt shop site? Appreciate any assistance. Thanks Terry
  11. Hi all, After purchasing my beerdroid and brewprints in Nov '19, I'm yet to begin a brew as I had to complete some house reno's and then find the best location to place the beerdroid. In any case, stupidly I didn't open up my 3 brewprints and refrigerate the yeast sachets for 2-3 months, so whilst they're now in the fridge, I'm wondering if the yeast will have survived or if I should just go out and buy some more to ensure a good brew. Anyone have any experience, advice or thoughts on a way forward?
  12. Have brewed three brews of late and at least one keg liner leaks into the keg. I am aware of the inherent problem that can occur when threading the liner onto the holder. I make sure it is not cross threaded and I don't hold the liner, only the white plastic tip. I have checked all o-rings for wear etc. Has anyone kegged without using a liner. In general physics, the system should still work without a keg liner. Thoughts?
  13. I'm keen to bottle my first brew but we have a 41 degree day coming up. I won't be able to keep my beer under 30 degrees, and will often have them stored at 30 degrees on hot days. Is that going to be a problem?
  14. Hello, Can someone please explain how to pull the beerdroid 2 piece tap apart? I’m assuming it’s the black piece with gaskets from the nickel coated tap but my unit is completely seized there... what am I missing? I watched the tutorial and it’s only mentioned once and you can’t actually see the tap coming apart... I’m convinced I’m going to destroy this thing if I try to be more aggressive with the removal...any tips??
  15. Hi All, Winging it with an attempt at a RYE IPA. Briess RYE LMA and Safale-04 yeast. Will dry hop with small amount of Cascade 4 or 5 days in. At EOF 25g of Amarillo and Cascade each. Decided to use the whole can rather than 1/2. Added a little extra water, around 11l. 🤞 ~Alan
  16. Hello I’m new to the beerdroid and this forum. just wondering if anyone has had issues with fermentation. Mine was suppose to take between 10 - 12 Days. I’m now heading into day 16. I have noticed the droid has been testing for finish of ferment, but is still fermenting. Should I be worrying or just leave it.
  17. Hello @BrewArt Team I have a suggestion for the Brew Journal area in the app. It is great to know my history of what was brewed and on what date . But any chance you can add pertinent data like date ended, start of fermentation, end of fermentation, temperatures, temperature ramps, storage time etc. I see there is an info link but that just goes to the store. I think it would be really helpful to check back on previous brews to get an idea of when various actions happened and when I can expect my brew to end. Just a thought. ~Alan
  18. So, I guess we know that BrewPrints will make 10 liters of beer. Many of the extract and other beer kits sold in the USA are in gallons and not liters. 1 gallon = 3.78 liters 2 gallons = 7.57 liters 3 gallons = 11.35 liters So, if using custom ingredients to make beer in the droid, what is the smallest amount of liquid or wort that you can make in the droid? What would be the maximum amount? *Note that I have already done 12 liters without a problem.
  19. Hi BrewArtists, We wanted to share something really exciting with you. We have just launched our range of BrewArt Dry Hops and our Dry Hop Filter. Using Dry Hops is the ultimate way to craft beers bursting with big, hoppy flavours and aromas! Dry Hops can give your beer everything from piney and resinous flavours to citrus and tropical aromas that jump out of the glass, and they improve head retention! What you need to know: FIRMWARE UPDATE: We’ve upgraded BeerDroid firmware (P016) to include a Dry Hop function that when used on a Custom brew, or when you start a Dry Hopped BrewPrint will send you a push notification when it’s time to add your hops. You’ll have to update your firmware to use this function. BREWPRINTS: We’ve crafted a new range of Dry Hopped BrewPrints and upgraded some existing BrewPrints to include Dry Hops to get the best flavour profile for that beer! DRY HOP FILTER: We strongly recommend the use of the Dry Hop Filter to avoid blockages of kegging or bottling equipment from hop debris. Watch video on Dry Hops Dry Hop Filter Instructional Video So, what are you waiting for? Head to brewart.com and check out the range for yourself! Cheers, The BrewArt Team
  20. With my last brew I notice that beer had leaked into the viewing window of the droid. About 5mm of liquid which is showing a bit of mould as well. Has anyone experienced this or know how to fix this ? Thanks
  21. Hi all, my first completed brew using LME. I used 1/2 can but think for all future brews will use the whole can. Pale Ale dry hopped with 50g of Citra. A very nice drop but I think I over carbonated. I went away from the brewart carb drops because a box of grain sugar cubes are damn cheap. I used 3 per brewart PTE bottle. Think 2 is sufficient. It came out very good and finally the odd after taste is gone, just a whole lot of fizz on the tongue. Think I will rename this Prosecco Pale Ale 🤪 I will be bottling the RYE pale ale in a few days. Very interested in how this turns out. ~Alan
  22. Hi All, my beerdriod shows ambient temp of 32f that’s freezing in new money 🤪 Anyone seen the outside temp of Driod be so far off. It’ s 70f in the house right now. I have seen it differ a few degrees but nothing like this. sensor damaged? ~Alan
  23. Hi Guys, I’ve just started my first brew few days ago and I got the notification that it is has concluded the fermentation yesterday and it went directly to storage mode. However, I am unable to move the brew to kegging mode from the App nor the Droid. I went through the manuals and videos as well as the FAQs I couldn’t find anything I am doing wrong can anyone tell me what can I do next ? I know nothing is going to happen if the beer stays in storage mode for quite sometime but I am eager to start the secondary fermentation. Thank you.
  24. Hi All, Just to let you know there is a current discount on Keg refill kits, a $20 dollar saving, use promo code KEG20, ends 13th march Enjoy Stuart
  25. Hello All, Sorry if this topic is somewhere else but I couldn't find anything. So I purchased a can of Briess Pale Ale Liquid Malt Extract (LME). The can is 3.3 lbs but instructions do not really tell me how much to use for 10 liters in Beerdriod. I am think 2/3 of the can (2.2lbs) and top up to 10l with spring water. I have never used LME, I assume add to water and warm gently until melted/mixed. Let cool. Add to beerdriod, add yeast and start pale ale manually. Drop hop with what ever I feel like. Anyone have any thoughts? ~Alan
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