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  1. Hey Guys and Girls , Just speared the first keg of the Narci-Citrus brew. Anyone done this brewprints ? Thoughts of the flavor profile . I am at 4 weeks of second fermentation and might leave the second keg for another 2 weeks atleast . I am not really getting an IPA kind of profile to the beer , more like a carlton dry with a hop hit . Do have almost a banana sweetness though , so unsure if thats normal .
  2. Hey All , Only on second fermentation with my first two brewprints , a Narci-Citrus and a Ruby Porter. I have got a box of the Kremlin I.S. thinking this batch i will do as is . But i love barrel aged stouts ( especially ones that have been in bourbon barrels ) what do you thinl of me doing a second fermentation in a oak barrel i can hold some bourbon in ... or add some bourbon on keg fill to add those bourbon notes ?
  3. Hi, hope this isn't too off topic, if so please delete, kick me in the arse and pour me a beer! yes I'm new here but may i suggest a section of the forum where we can discuss anything beer? helping to keep clutter from other sections?! Yes beer talk should be present always, but a very general section containing such topics as: favorite beers/styles, my first beer, beer company talk, etc.. would be nice. sort of a anything beer "goes" within reason section. perhaps i just need a beer!
  4. You know a person is very excited about brewing again after a long break... when they want to post possible recipes using a new technique. (To me at least, the Brewdroid method!) - Seriously, Even though I've never brewed without at least steeping most ingredients at about 162 degrees 15 minutes (mead excluded) I'd like to post a few, with disclaimers of course! Would that be OK? If nothing else you much smarter folks can tell me where my mad science is going wrong with style! My apologies, BTW - recipes are scaled down from proven 5 gallon recipes adjusted to brewprint ingredients for most part as good as my limited brewprint ingredients info allows me! Friday late night Sat now, and I'm bored. if ok, will post them as attachments (txt files) to keep clutter at minimum. Cheers! Dave
  5. Does anyone know if brewart has an element that is Munich Dry Malt Extract? working on some bock and octoberfest recipes for when i get my droid. Really into super malty beers again! Also I'm seeing quite a few brewprints listed on facebook group that I do not see on USA site. Seasonal thing? surely the same beers are offered worldwide? You would think ALL would be listed, available to view their info online? Perhaps some are customer clones? Anyway is it Ok if I post the info here? includes brewprint ingredients and other brewing info Quite the big list.
  6. What's a good way to use pellet hops to make a tea? Boiling worts is very different on how hops utilize than the brewart method however brewing with the droid is what i want to do, but then just add the teas to it. I want to do bittering, during ferment, then add aroma hops in keg. Figuring amounts is a bit daunting! I'd like the imperial stout I'm working on to be about 60 IBU'S. It will include about 1 lb of specialty grains steeped 15 min. at 160 degrees. of course I must also consider how much bitterness wlll my brewart ingredients add as well? Seems tough but think it can be worked out. Online calculators are no help on my hops since they all involve knowing start gravity, boil amount, etc. Yikes! I think through this forum we will eventually come up with the info we need for better, easier customization. Don't even have my droid yet, but doesn't stop me from studying brewpaks for some enlightenment! Cheers!
  7. So obviously the E elements are pretty much dried malt extract, correct? Ok I'm a bit spooked by this since no boiling involved, always having been a boiler. Read several articles on how DME is produced with spray drying technique, they say it needs boiling to ensure killing contaminants that may infect your wort. The question is, have any of you guys had any infections using these ingredients with no heating or boiling? Just covering all bases, I'm a curious one for certain, ha ha! Brewing without boiling just sounds alien to me since never tried it. Sounds very convenient however! Thanks! ALSO, what about adding hop pellets to fermenter? How clean and safe are they? Perhaps heat 160 degrees for 20-30 minutes, cool down then add carefully to fermenter?
  8. Has anyone had experience measuring OG when using brewprints? Is it even practical to measure the OG when using brewprints given you add them without mixing etc? For the brew (Californian steam) I have on at the moment I waited 12 hours after adding ingredients then took an OG that read as 1.020 which doesn’t seem correct. Cheers Terry
  9. Hi brewers, I'm in my first batch now brewing an american pale ale, and I just received the notification from my Beerdriod that fermentation is complete. My kegs will arrive next week and I was wondering if I can move to store mode and add the hops extract to the Beerdriod so it can ready by the time the kegs arrive. I'm planning to force carbonate the beer as soon as I get the kegs. Will this ruin the batch? Should I only add the hops before kegging? Your help and advice is much appreciated.
  10. Hi Guys, I hope today finds you all well. I'm a long time home brewer looking to downgrade my home brewery operation. At the moment I brew all grain with a Braumeister 20L. I'm seriously considering purchasing a Beerdroid and scaling my operation back to 10L due to the variety of beer I like to consume and the time it takes to put down a batch of all grain. I've been involved in a long term fight with my all grain friends that with the standard of todays extracts and speciality grain it is entirely possible to brew just as good of a quality beer through extract brewing than it is with all grain. In fact most commercial breweries do this already. My question is this, has anyone used anything other than brew prints to brew in the beer droid? Is it possible to brew extract cans in the beerdroid or something like a full wort kit in the beer droid? A yes to any of these question would all but make up my mind. Kind Regards Dave
  11. BeerDroid and BrewFlo for sale (18 mths old) $900 for the lot I regrettably don't have the time anymore to run the brews anymore. Changed family circumstances. I brewed two pale ales that both turned out really well. Prefer to sell as a package but for the right offer I'll split the items. Can freight domestically but the postage isn't included in the purchase price. Otherwise, pickup in North Coburg. All items: - 1 x BeerDroid with damaged spigot - 1 x BrewFlow plus drip tray- 1 x brew print for US pale ale (sachets: 2 x E5, 1 x E2, 2 x X1, 2 x H1, 2 x P, 1 x Y1)- 1 x kegging kit (2 x 5L kegs stands, 2 x keg liners, 1 x draining line, 1 x draining cap, 2 x elbows, 5 x sanitiser tabs)
  12. Rum and Raisin Stout Ingredients 1 x Coopers Special Old Stout Brewprint 300g Raisins or Dates 1/2 Vanilla pod 175ml of a Dark of Spiced Rum (Kraken Rum used in this recipe) 200g Lactose 40g Dutch Cocoa Powder 50g Cacao Nibs 1 tsp Vanilla Paste 11.5g Fermentis US05 yeast Method 1) In 1L water bring to boil Lactose, Cocoa Powder and Vanilla Paste and simmer for 5 mins. 2) Allow liquid to cool and add to sanitised Brewdroid. 3) Set Brewdroid up for Coopers Special Old Stout recipe add ingredients to Lactose, Cocoa, and Vanilla solution and Brew as per Brewprint instructions 4) Steep raisins and 1/2 Vanilla pod in a Sanitised Jar with Dark Rum until Brewdroid reaches End of Fermentation notification. Between 9 to 15 days. 5) Once Brewdroid has reached End of Fermentation notification set Brewdroid to Store mode at 3° celsius for 24 to 48 hours. 6) With a sanitised strainer, strain Rum and Raisin solution to Brewdroid. 7) Keg or Bottle as per usual Brewdroid practises. Notes This is a brew that benefits greatly from conditioning. Anywhere from 6 to 12 months in the bottle or keg is highly recommended. Drink sparingly. This is a brew to be savoured and drank slowly. Your favourite Cuban cigar pairs perfectly.
  13. Lemongrass Lager Ingredients 1 x Aztec Cerveza Brewprint 12 x Stalks of Lemongrass or 12 x Drops of Lemongrass Essential Oil (Cooking Grade) 500ml Water Method 1) Set Brewdroid up for Aztec Cervesa and Brew as per Brewprint instructions 2) Once Brewdroid has reached End of Fermentation notification set Brewdroid to Store mode at 3° celsius for 24 to 48 hours. 3) Sanitise a Pot and all associated equipment with a non rinse sanitiser such as Star San. 4) Bring 500ml water to light simmer. 5) Trim and Bruise 12 stalks of Lemongrass. 6) Simmer Lemongrass in the 500ml water for 30 mins. 7) Strain liquid and refrigerate covered until Aztec Cervesa has reached the end of 48 hours under "Store" mode. 8) Add Lemongrass Liquid to Brewdroid and Keg or Bottle as per usual Brewdroid practises. Notes If available Lemongrass Essential Oil can be replaced with the Lemongrass Liquid solution. The Essential Oil must be cooking grade and can be added directly to the Brewdroid prior to Kegging/Bottling. I've used Young Living Essential Oil in this recipe with great success. No more than 12 drops per 10l Keg.
  14. Have a true BrewArt Christmas indulgence and bake our Chocolate Stout Pudding with Stout Cream recipe. Enjoy with one of these BrewPrints: Traditional Irish Stout Polski Baltic Porter Four Leaf Stout Coopers Special Old Stout Coopers Best Extra Stout Download recipe PDF below. CHOCOLATE STOUT PUDDING.pdf
  15. My first brew, American Pale Ale - not too shabby at all.
  16. Just kegged and bottled an experiment. I really liked the Lighthouse Pacific Pale Ale, even though it was a low on ABV for my taste. So I had a situation where I was going on holidays for a couple weeks and wanted a brew to run while I was away. Since lagers have taken me around 12 days to complete, I hatched a cunning plan. So I did the following: 2x E5 2x X2 500g Dextrose - to boost ABV Y9 H6 Ferment at 11 degrees (instead of 12) The dextrose was what you can buy in the bag from Big W. I just dumped it in on top with the other ingredients. All seems to have turned out well. 15 days for fermentation and I cold crashed for a few days.
  17. Whats your favourite Brewprint? So far for me it is Irish Red Ale followed closely by Aztec Cerveza. Tried to poll it, but can't list enough options to cover all Brewprints.
  18. Pursya

    Four Leaf

    I've never ever had stout in my life. So the opportunity to brew my own was a leap of faith. but it tastes as good as it looks. Very happy.
  19. I have recently purchased 4 x brews for $87. Saving $48 on the brewprint purchases for 4 x brews by purchasing the elements individually - I am bottling so don't need the extra kegging glucose and substitute the droid cleanse for a brewers no risne sanitiser - the cerveza works out to be about $17, you save approx $11 + per brewprint. Might be worth it for those that like the brewprint recipes but want to save $$$.
  20. My Aztec Cerveza has aged for just over 4 weeks and I am finding it is hitting me with strong notes of nutmeg. Any meals with eggs or pork as the main component or even a meat stew, would shine with this drop. Have to added lime to the beverage, but as the flavour profile is far more enjoyable than a Corona, I find the lime unnecessary and even detracting.
  21. Is anyone labeling their bottles? What style of labels do you use - a simple hand written label or a custom made printed label? I think it would be great if coopers made available the labels and or label designs they already have for their brew prints for us to download or purchase in the online store. Would love to hear what everyone is doing.
  22. Welcome budding BrewArtist! If you are new to brewing with BrewArt we recommend that you checkout BrewArt 101 as your first point of call. Here you will gain access to in-depth instructional videos, FAQs and other helpful downloads. Here are some direct video links you may find useful: BeerDroid: Making a BrewPrint BeerDroid: Starting a Brew with the App BeerDroid: Starting a Brew with the BeerDroid Cheers, The BrewArt Team
  23. Welcome budding BrewArtist! If you are new to brewing with BrewArt we recommend that you checkout BrewArt 101 as your first point of call. Here you will gain access to in-depth instructional videos, FAQs and other helpful downloads. Here are some direct video links you may find useful: BrewArt: Brewing Using BrewArt Ingredients Cheers, The BrewArt Team
  24. Welcome budding BrewArtist! If you are new to brewing with BrewArt we recommend that you checkout BrewArt 101 as your first point of call. Here you will gain access to in-depth instructional videos, FAQs and other helpful downloads. Here are some direct video links you may find useful: BrewArt: Brewing Using BrewArt Ingredients Cheers, The BrewArt Team
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