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  1. Ok been a while since I posted but I am still brewing 🤪 I tried some more experimental brewart ingredients brews with varying degrees of success. Managed to brew a 1/2 decent attempt at a NEIPA but still wasn’t totally happy. Also did one with mango juice. Just brewed a Pale ale heavily hoped. Came out pretty good and best Pale ale yet. Just tasted at 14 days and it’s not bad. Thinking it will mature nicely in a month or so. Color and cloudiness is spot on and taste is fruity with a bit of a bitter back end. All in all I am happy and looked forward to to tasting again in about a month. I have a similar pale ale on the go but this time just hopping with Galaxy and double flaked oats. ~Alan
  2. I am about to brew American Pale Ale and I have come across two cylindrical pouches, labeled, "P." what is in this pouch and when do apply the contents to the wort? Also, I have two pouches of dry hops. Do I still apply the hops after the cycles is complete and let it sit for 24 hours. My thanks in advance!
  3. So, I guess we know that BrewPrints will make 10 liters of beer. Many of the extract and other beer kits sold in the USA are in gallons and not liters. 1 gallon = 3.78 liters 2 gallons = 7.57 liters 3 gallons = 11.35 liters So, if using custom ingredients to make beer in the droid, what is the smallest amount of liquid or wort that you can make in the droid? What would be the maximum amount? *Note that I have already done 12 liters without a problem.
  4. Hi BrewArtists, We wanted to share something really exciting with you. We have just launched our range of BrewArt Dry Hops and our Dry Hop Filter. Using Dry Hops is the ultimate way to craft beers bursting with big, hoppy flavours and aromas! Dry Hops can give your beer everything from piney and resinous flavours to citrus and tropical aromas that jump out of the glass, and they improve head retention! What you need to know: FIRMWARE UPDATE: We’ve upgraded BeerDroid firmware (P016) to include a Dry Hop function that when used on a Custom brew, or when you start a Dry Hopped BrewPrint will send you a push notification when it’s time to add your hops. You’ll have to update your firmware to use this function. BREWPRINTS: We’ve crafted a new range of Dry Hopped BrewPrints and upgraded some existing BrewPrints to include Dry Hops to get the best flavour profile for that beer! DRY HOP FILTER: We strongly recommend the use of the Dry Hop Filter to avoid blockages of kegging or bottling equipment from hop debris. Watch video on Dry Hops Dry Hop Filter Instructional Video So, what are you waiting for? Head to brewart.com and check out the range for yourself! Cheers, The BrewArt Team
  5. Hi Guys, I’ve just started my first brew few days ago and I got the notification that it is has concluded the fermentation yesterday and it went directly to storage mode. However, I am unable to move the brew to kegging mode from the App nor the Droid. I went through the manuals and videos as well as the FAQs I couldn’t find anything I am doing wrong can anyone tell me what can I do next ? I know nothing is going to happen if the beer stays in storage mode for quite sometime but I am eager to start the secondary fermentation. Thank you.
  6. Sorry Guys, I somehow moved the whole Hoegaarden Clone post to BrewArt Banter. So I thought I'd repost the recipe here to make it easy for people to find: We can definitely design a beer which will get you close, but there will be a couple of additional steps required to add the coriander seed, and orange peel. The ingredients list is: E5, X2, X2, X2, X2, Y5. - 2gm crushed Coriander Seeds, 3.5gm Dried Curacao orange peel. Brewing Program: Ale Method: Bring 1L of water to the boil in a pot, turn off heat, add the Coriander Seeds and Dried Curacao orange peel. Put lid on and steep for 30 minutes. Add 9L of water to the BeerDroid, strain in the Orange Peel and Coriander seed water, Start the brewing program before adding other ingredients until the water has been brought down to 22c. Then add your Yeast, Elements, and Enhancers. This should get you in the ball park of 5.5% ABV, 12IBU, 11EBC Please let us know how it turns out.
  7. Does water hardness truly affect the finished product? What is recommended for the different Brewprints? Does filtered water have a place in brewing?
  8. As a newbie to brewing I was wondering if the community has any views on whether some beer styles are better kegged and some better bottled (in terms of beer finish, taste etc)? Does it even make a difference? In terms of kegging, I don't just mean using the brewflo system, but kegging more broadly. Cheers Rennce
  9. HI all, New to BrewArt and home brewing in general. I've got four brews done and am impatiently waiting for three of them to hit the 4-5 week mark (the first didn't make it past three). I've chewed through most of the threads on here and still have some questions. 1. Is there a limitation to how many ingredients the BeerDroid or 10 liters of water can handle? I saw someone here add two X5's to the Mountain Range IPA bringing the total up to nine. I actually tried and bottled this yesterday. It tasted great straight out of the droid. 2. On that note I want to try dry hopping but again what is the limit that 10 liters can absorb? Or what's a good starting point for an IPA? 3. Is there a list somewhere of what the elements do to effect ABV? I found IBU here and which hops are what. But when I start playing with the Brew Prints I don't want to make something stupid strong or close to non-alcoholic. 4. Finally, I've seen some mentions of the Facebook group. Like some of the others here I really don't want to get back into that shit show. Would there be any interest in creating a Slack channel? Could someone reading this pose that idea to the book of faces group?
  10. G’day All, just thought I would put up a post to help those brewers out there finding a suitable cube for doing your all grain - no chill cubes. After struggling with finding a suitable 10l container I have found the Primus branded 10l HDPE jerry cans to be exceptional. The blue ones that you find at Bunnings are way too thin and warp out of shape when you have them filled with hot wort. I am currently doing 20 litre batches and splitting them between two cubes and it seems to be working out really well. The only thing that I have found is that you need to empty half the cube into the beer droid then put the lid back on the cube, shake the bejesus out of the cube and then pour the other half in to get enough oxygen into the wort to avoid fermentation lag when pitching dry yeast. Don’t worry too much about pouring from a height as the head room inside the droid while it’s OK there’s really not that much to play with. on another note there’s more than enough space in the bottom of the droid to hold the cold break so you won’t end up transferring that to your kegs or bottles - hope that this helps someone out looking for 10l containers.
  11. Hey guys, With my old brewing setup when I'm steeping grains 160 degrees F 15 minutes I have always used 2 quarts water in 3 quart pot., (lower PH) At end of 15 minutes I remove grains bag and put lid on to cool to pitching temps then dump to 5 gallon fermenter along with wort, fill to 5 gallons, pitch yeast, done. Not sure but perhaps I could steep grains then pour that into a 3/4 full bottle of cool spring water, add to droid, then top up water to 9.5 liters, (9.5 for my big recipes) add yeast and elements, start program? Trying not to get ahead of myself but it's tough, figuring this out now will benefit me down the road, and help with writing out my recipes instructions properly. Cheers!
  12. Hi, hope this isn't too off topic, if so please delete, kick me in the arse and pour me a beer! yes I'm new here but may i suggest a section of the forum where we can discuss anything beer? helping to keep clutter from other sections?! Yes beer talk should be present always, but a very general section containing such topics as: favorite beers/styles, my first beer, beer company talk, etc.. would be nice. sort of a anything beer "goes" within reason section. perhaps i just need a beer!
  13. Does anyone know if brewart has an element that is Munich Dry Malt Extract? working on some bock and octoberfest recipes for when i get my droid. Really into super malty beers again! Also I'm seeing quite a few brewprints listed on facebook group that I do not see on USA site. Seasonal thing? surely the same beers are offered worldwide? You would think ALL would be listed, available to view their info online? Perhaps some are customer clones? Anyway is it Ok if I post the info here? includes brewprint ingredients and other brewing info Quite the big list.
  14. What's a good way to use pellet hops to make a tea? Boiling worts is very different on how hops utilize than the brewart method however brewing with the droid is what i want to do, but then just add the teas to it. I want to do bittering, during ferment, then add aroma hops in keg. Figuring amounts is a bit daunting! I'd like the imperial stout I'm working on to be about 60 IBU'S. It will include about 1 lb of specialty grains steeped 15 min. at 160 degrees. of course I must also consider how much bitterness wlll my brewart ingredients add as well? Seems tough but think it can be worked out. Online calculators are no help on my hops since they all involve knowing start gravity, boil amount, etc. Yikes! I think through this forum we will eventually come up with the info we need for better, easier customization. Don't even have my droid yet, but doesn't stop me from studying brewpaks for some enlightenment! Cheers!
  15. Has anyone had experience measuring OG when using brewprints? Is it even practical to measure the OG when using brewprints given you add them without mixing etc? For the brew (Californian steam) I have on at the moment I waited 12 hours after adding ingredients then took an OG that read as 1.020 which doesn’t seem correct. Cheers Terry
  16. I have been using a Keg King temperature controller which does a top job in keeping my freezer within a 18º to 20º range for my second fermenting. But i am finding that the heating element does too good a job and reaches the "Set" limit very quickly, and the created heat is enough to trigger the cooling soon after that, and cycles thru this approx every hour. basically a heat versus cool battle. In the warmer nights +22º, i just disconnect the heating and it is not a problem. Does anyone know if you can set the controller to turn the heating off at a lower temp other than the "Set" temp? I thought of using a 240V timer that has a countdown function, to achieve the same result. https://www.bunnings.com.au/hpm-24-7-slimline-digital-timer_p4420556 I hope that all makes sense, any thoughts would be appreciated.
  17. Whats your favourite Brewprint? So far for me it is Irish Red Ale followed closely by Aztec Cerveza. Tried to poll it, but can't list enough options to cover all Brewprints.
  18. Curious to know if anyone else is trying out different types of brews. I have put an el'cheapo can of cider through on my second brew (happy wife, happy life). It turned out well and is close to being 100% ready. Just another week or so and the carbonation will be up to scratch. Also threw in 2L preservative free apple juice, for a little extra body. Near future will see a higher quality cider kit sourced for a proper crack at it. Just put through a tin of Coopers European Lager. Two brews from one tin at half quantities and dextrose for one and Coopers brew enhancer for the second. They also used different yeasts. Will see how they turned out in about a month. Looking at getting the Brewprint of Coopers Dark Ale and comparing that with the tinned version. Anyone tried a ginger beer or adding other flavour profiles like lime, honey etc?
  19. Has anyone tried anything other than tap water for their brewing in their BeerDroid? Over at Brewers Friend (http://www.brewersfriend.com/water-chemistry/ and http://www.brewersfriend.com/homebrew/water-profiles/) this seems to be quite a detailed topic. I am considering trying this, but wanted to get a few brews done with normal tap water so that I have something to compare too. I also seem to remember this being discussed on a tour of the XXXX factory I went too a couple of years ago.
  20. Welcome budding BrewArtist! If you are new to brewing with BrewArt we recommend that you checkout BrewArt 101 as your first point of call. Here you will gain access to in-depth instructional videos, FAQs and other helpful downloads. Here are some direct video links you may find useful: BeerDroid: Making a BrewPrint BeerDroid: Starting a Brew with the App BeerDroid: Starting a Brew with the BeerDroid Cheers, The BrewArt Team
  21. Welcome budding BrewArtist! If you are new to brewing with BrewArt we recommend that you checkout BrewArt 101 as your first point of call. Here you will gain access to in-depth instructional videos, FAQs and other helpful downloads. Here are some direct video links you may find useful: BrewArt: Brewing Using BrewArt Ingredients Cheers, The BrewArt Team
  22. Welcome budding BrewArtist! If you are new to brewing with BrewArt we recommend that you checkout BrewArt 101 as your first point of call. Here you will gain access to in-depth instructional videos, FAQs and other helpful downloads. Here are some direct video links you may find useful: BrewArt: Brewing Using BrewArt Ingredients Cheers, The BrewArt Team
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