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  1. After looking through my stock of Keg Liners and Beer Lines, I have noticed that I have a lot of Beer Lines left but not as many Keg Liners. The reason for this is that if I drink a couple of kegs in a row then I'll use the same Beer Line since it only needs to be changed if it is used more than a few days after first using if it is not kept cool or a week if it is kept cool. Everytime I order 4 Keg Liners from the BrewArt Store, it comes with 4 Beer Lines so I will always have more Beer Lines left over after finishing all my Keg Liners. I think it would be good if the BrewArt Store had the option to order the Keg Liners separately like they have with the Beer Lines so I hope they are able to do this to in the future.