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Found 4 results

  1. Hi BrewArtists, We wanted to share something really exciting with you. We have just launched our range of BrewArt Dry Hops and our Dry Hop Filter. Using Dry Hops is the ultimate way to craft beers bursting with big, hoppy flavours and aromas! Dry Hops can give your beer everything from piney and resinous flavours to citrus and tropical aromas that jump out of the glass, and they improve head retention! What you need to know: FIRMWARE UPDATE: We’ve upgraded BeerDroid firmware (P016) to include a Dry Hop function that when used on a Custom brew, or when you start a Dry Hopped BrewPrint will send you a push notification when it’s time to add your hops. You’ll have to update your firmware to use this function. BREWPRINTS: We’ve crafted a new range of Dry Hopped BrewPrints and upgraded some existing BrewPrints to include Dry Hops to get the best flavour profile for that beer! DRY HOP FILTER: We strongly recommend the use of the Dry Hop Filter to avoid blockages of kegging or bottling equipment from hop debris. Watch video on Dry Hops Dry Hop Filter Instructional Video So, what are you waiting for? Head to brewart.com and check out the range for yourself! Cheers, The BrewArt Team
  2. Brewart Team, Could we please have an “Off Topic” or “General” main thread heading as there has been and will be discussions not specifically related to existing headings. Eg spreadsheads, top ten brews, types of bottles, priming sugar discussions, hops, what you brewing, fermentation issues, trub, krausen tech issues etc. The forum needs to allow other social discussions. Cheers.
  3. This is meant as constructive critiques /suggestions only: Certainty not complaining. My "To Do Wish List" for Brewart: 1. Videos look nice but are brief .Could do with more information. 2. Store, Ingredients page: Hops, please list what type of hops each product is, much easy to put a recipe together. Need this info. Same goes for elements page. What malts are each product? Yeast, same info needed! Think about it, for a lot of people this is a sizable investment. Providing this NECESSARY info is critical for most I would think, especially those brewer's who already brew their own and want to customize the beers properly! Small example: I'd like to do a weiss bock such as Adventus, or Paulaner Salvator Double Bock, how can i even start without proper ingredient info. Thanks!
  4. After looking through my stock of Keg Liners and Beer Lines, I have noticed that I have a lot of Beer Lines left but not as many Keg Liners. The reason for this is that if I drink a couple of kegs in a row then I'll use the same Beer Line since it only needs to be changed if it is used more than a few days after first using if it is not kept cool or a week if it is kept cool. Everytime I order 4 Keg Liners from the BrewArt Store, it comes with 4 Beer Lines so I will always have more Beer Lines left over after finishing all my Keg Liners. I think it would be good if the BrewArt Store had the option to order the Keg Liners separately like they have with the Beer Lines so I hope they are able to do this to in the future.
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