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Cleaning Tips for Beerdroid

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Get one of this cooking spatulas with a soft head, this one comes apart but you can cut the head off if it is one piece. By just using the head it is easier to get in and scrape around the sides and push the sediment (trub) at the bottom through the tap and drain holes.




To help flush out, this spray unit (5 litre) I got from Mitre 10 for under $10 however I’m sure Bunnings would have something similar. It has a spray nozzle on the end but you can also remove the shaft and water then pumps out just past the triggers. Great for “washing” the droid out and cleaning up the tap and drain holes.

Note:-  should still be using a soft cloth to finish off and use a torch (it’s dark in there) to ensure all Krausen, trub etc is removed. Once clean, sanitise and don’t forget to do the tap and drain plug.

Hopes this helps.


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